Smart TV Doesn’t Connect To WIFI? (Solved!)

Suppose you have invited your friends to binge-watch a game or a series on the new Smart TV, but the system konk offs unable to connect. Well, that means there is some connectivity issue with your Smart TV. There are numerous solutions to solve the issue, yet it often depends on the problem and the smart TV model you own.

If the Smart TV is not connecting with your WiFi, then begin by resetting the TV settings. First, confirm if the information and password entered into your router is correct. If you fail to connect, then ensure to check if the router is working properly.

Perhaps, foremost you need to understand the problem with your Smart TV to check its connectivity well.

Commonly experienced smart tv connectivity problem

Irrespective of the Smart TV you own, many problems routinely affect the connectivity. It includes:

  1. Connectivity loss with WiFi
  2. Loss of internet
  3. internet connectivity loss

Although not a major issue, if you face a sudden loss of internet connection while streaming, it can get quite arduous, turning you into a rage.

The issue can be resolved quite easily. Here are few tips recommended by Smart TV manufacturers, which are:

  • Reduce using other devices when you are using your TV
  • Ensure the router is close and not away more than 30 feet from your Smart TV
  • You can use a wireless extender and connect it with your router to increase the strength of WiFi signals.
  • Link your Smart TV to your router using an ethernet cord from Amazon.


Unable to connect with wi-fi

It is yet another issue that reasons to dysconnectivity of your Smart TV. It can happen commonly if your smart TV doesn’t connect with your WiFi or have entered the wrong password; if your WiFi is offline and you failed to check it.

Tips to follow if your smart tv is not getting connected

As per popular Smart TV brands, it is important to follow some important points that can help you resolve the connectivity issue. (Irrespective of whether you own any of the listed Smart TV brands, you can try out these steps to ensure appropriate troubleshooting. However, you may witness a slight difference in the TV menu and its configuration.

When you are unable to connect your Samsung smart tv with wi-fi

Foremost check the TV settings and rest it to confirm all data is accurately entered. It is best when your Smart TV can find a network but is not connecting to it.

In the case you still find it difficult to connect to the Samsung Smart TV, here are few steps to troubleshoot it quickly:

  1. Remove the plug of components in your Smart TV
  2. Unplug your router for a minimum of five minutes and let the system reconnect.
  3. Now replug and try rebooting it
  4. Restore the settings to the “default” option
  5. Scan your WiFi network from the list and enter the password.


If you are unable to solve the issue, here are few more steps explained in detail:

  1. Remove the modem plug for 5 minutes
  2. Replug it
  3. Remove the power from your router for approximately 5 minutes and replug it again
  4. Now unplug your smart TV for a minimum of 5 minutes before replugging the power back
  5. Navigate to the Smart TV menu
  6. Choose settings – go to General – select Network – Network status, and press at Network Reset.
  7. Change the IP settings on your smart TV menu to DNS Server to
  8. Do update the firmware of your smart TV to the latest version.
  9. Now, turn off the firewalls for testing if there are any more issues with the system.
  10. Now reconnect your system with WiFi. (If your system works back, then stop here, if the issue persists, follow the below-given steps. Enter the right password. You can find the password at the back of your router unless you have not reset it.
  11. Now reconnect it using a different network, either guest SSID, 2.4, 5, or any WiFi direct if the network is not reconnecting well.

What to do if your Vizio smart tv is not connecting with wifi

 Below-listed at the top-recommended steps for connecting your Vizio Smart TV as suggested by VizHDTV.

Check internet connection with Vizio smart tv

  1. Go to the menu button on the Vizio Smart TV remote
  2. Navigate to “Network.”
  3. Click on OK in the remote
  4. Choose the “Test Connection” option
  5. Click OK

If you see the “download unavailable” option flashing on the screen and cannot connect with the system, then try out the below-listed techniques for troubleshooting.

Can smart tv work wihtout internet


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Settings for toggle dchp

  1. Navigate to the menu on the remote
  2. Navigate to “Network” and select OK
  3. Go to “Manual Setup” and click OK
  4. The DHCP is enlisted at the top and will highlight “On” placed close to it
  5. Select the right-pointing arrow button.
  6. Now click on the left-pointing arrow button to switch it on again.
  7. Recheck the network connection once again.

Reset your smart tv

  • Select the menu option from the remote
  • Navigate to “Network” and click on OK
  • Choose “Manual Setup”
  • Click on OK

If the above-listed steps fail to work, we advise you to recheck your WiFi connection with other devices to ensure there are no issues with the router.

What to do when your LG smart tv is not connecting with wifi

For LG Smart TV, we decided to take assistance or connectivity issues with LG. So here are few steps recommended:

Turn off the quick start

  1. Navigate to the settings on your LG remote
  2. Select “All Settings” and then click on “General.”
  3. Navigate to “Quickstart.”
  4. Now move to “Off.”

Power Cycle the TV

  1. Switch off your Smart TV
  2. Unplug it
  3. Press and keep holding the power button for approximate 3 seconds
  4. Now replug the TV and press the power button
  5. Try reconnecting your WiFi

If the above-listed steps fail, connect to the call customer care to gain extra assistance.

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Wrapping it up

Irrespective of which smart TV you own, certain features will not work well with the WiFi signal. If your Smart TV is failing to reconnect and loses signal, try the tips mentioned above.


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