5+ Ways to Secure Your Apartment for Under $30 (CHEAP & EFFECTIVE!)

Most of the time, especially apartments, are not protected. You might have security that protects the buildings from non-residents. However, something is completely getting overlooked here, your apartment. And your apartment might not have such sort of protection. So how can you make your apartment safe and secure?

The simplest technique to keep trespassers out of your apartment is to let them know that the risk of crashing into your place is much higher than the reward. This way, they will believe that they might get caught and will probably go somewhere else.

So, to keep your apartment secure from intruders and other elements, I’ve mentioned some great tips. And on top of that, all these tips are just within $20!

Window Locks

Price: Under $10

Most of the time, it’s the windows that are generally the most exposed way of breaking in. If you have a ground-level apartment or a fire escape, then it is easier to access your apartment by using a window. You can’t even put bars on the windows, as they are a dormant escape in the cause of a fire.

So, for that, you can get another lock for your windows. Some of you might already have locks on your windows, but if they are old, they might be broken and could be easily unlocked. That’s why you should get an additional lock for your windows. It will take only 1-15 minutes to install.

I’ve mentioned some of the choices below.

  • The Window Wedge– This one keeps your window shut by working as a tool doorstop. It just slides in the window track and will keep your window shut.
  • Sliding Window Lock– If you have a sliding window, then this is for you. It stays secure in the track and doesn’t let someone open the window from outside. However, it is easier to remove from the inside. So, you can easily open your window, whenever you want.
  • Burglabar– This one is for the glass windows. So, it sticks on the glass. Basically, it’s a small hinge, which drops into the track when you shut your windows and results in locking it automatically. It is intriguing for sure, however, it isn’t strong in comparison with the sliding window lock.
    There are many options from which you can pick your choice of locks. Some locks even need a key to open. However, the easily openable ones are much better.

Window Alarms

Price: Around $20 for a set of 4

You can also go for a window alarm.

The window alarm works in the same way as the door alarm. However, with window alarms you get an inbuilt feature of the siren within the sensor, so you don’t have to spend on monitoring. One of the sensors comes with a keypad to disarm/arm the system. So, when you’re staying in and you want to open your windows, all you’ve to do is disable the system and you’ll have your windows open.

It only takes about 5 minutes to install. You will have one side of your window attached to the other side, and when someone tries to open your window, the siren will turn on. This will alert you that someone has tried to unlock your window. And on top of that, it will scare off the intruders. Check the current pricing right now!

Glass Break Alarms

Price: Around $12 (or get 4 for nearly $25)

There are chances of intruders trying to break your windows. For that, you might think of getting shatterproof films or bars, but you are getting these for an apartment complex. Sometimes, these options might not be feasible for you. If you want the film then check this film from Amazon!

So, you can get the Doberman vibration alarm. It sticks directly to your window and detects any vibrations that are happening. If an intruder tries to break in through the window, the alarm will detect the vibration and will alert you and your neighbours.

However, if you want to open the window, simply flick the switch and it’ll be off. It takes just 2 minutes to install. See the latest pricing of the Doberman vibration alarm from Amazon!

Door Barricade

Price: Around $30

After windows, doors are the easiest way to break into your apartment. Locking them isn’t enough if you don’t own a deadbolt lock. However, even with the deadbolt lock, your door is an easy way for an intruder to break into your place.

Now, you can get a door barricade to make it more secure. It physically keeps the door shut. If your management doesn’t allow you to drill holes in the floor, then this one is the best pick for you. However, you can also go for the bolted-down barricades. It only takes a minute to install and is affordable as well. Check the pricing from Amazon!

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Door Stop Alarm

Price: Around $7

If the barricade is not your thing, then you can go for a door stop alarm. It simply remains on your floor, and when the door opens, it presses down a lever, this lever will set off an alarm. These alarms are just like the window alarms, and they take just a minute to install.
So, they’ll let you know that someone tried to enter your house. Get it from Amazon right now!

Duplicate Security Camera

Price: Under $8

One of the best ways to keep off the intruders is to make them believe that your apartment is secure, and it’s a high risk to break into it. One way to do this is by getting a duplicate security camera that looks just like the real one. It comes with a flickering LED light which indicates that it is “on”.

surveillance camera

Additionally, its battery serves for months. Of course, it won’t do the job of a real camera, but it has an equal effect on intruders. And it takes only 15 minutes to install it. Get this Wali dummy camera from Amazon for very cheap!

Security Stickers

Price: $8 for a complete set

Just like duplicate cameras, you can stick security stickers on your windows or doors. This one will keep off the intruders as well. Adding stickers along with a duplicate camera will be a real deal and will keep you secure. It will just take a minute to stick them in places. I use these amazing security stickers that I bought online!

Wrapping it up

As I’ve mentioned some real affordable tips to make your apartment more secure, I hope this read was beneficial for you. Now, who’s keeping intruders away? You!


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