7 Best Apps to Download For Your Smart TVs

Smart TVs are the new in-thing and anyone who is keeping up with the world owns one. You can access the web with these TVs and, honestly, it is super convenient. It only gets more entertaining to have online access to the world via a smart TV, especially if you are connected to CenturyLink WiFi for the seamless connectivity that only makes the experience better. You can download apps on your smart TV to make it more efficient and personalize it according to your liking.

We have gathered a list for you of the apps that you must download on your smart TVs and get an extra boost of fun. So dive in to find out.

1.     YouTube

YouTube is the home of a variety of content, including documentaries, reality TV shows, and scripted comedies. It’s a platform whose shoddy production values are no longer what characterizes it. Today, content producers produce a staggering volume of content that targets every conceivable niche using teams of skilled video production workers. It would make an excellent addition to your smart TVs so you can watch your preferred content at your convenience.

2.     Netflix

Since it created the idea for internet video streaming about ten years ago, Netflix has been the industry standard. In addition to offering a wide range of currently airing TV series and movies Additionally, Netflix is spending a lot of money on its original projects and is attracting audiences due to their blockbuster quality, such as Squid Game, The Witcher, Stranger Things, You, The Crown, and the list goes on.

3.     VUDU

Another video streaming service is VUDU, but unlike Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, this app for smart TVs doesn’t provide unlimited access to streaming content each month. Instead, individual copies of the games can be purchased or rented, and the website frequently has deals where you can save money.

However, VUDU does have a smaller selection than Netflix, but its business strategy entirely depends on making titles available for streaming as soon as they are available for home viewing, hence the attention grabber. Netflix, on the other hand, favors including older movies in their selection after they have been released for some time.

4.     Spotify

The pioneer of music streaming and the app that everyone uses to play or search for music on their TV. By logging into your Spotify account, you can access the same songs, playlists, and collections that you would play on a computer or mobile device. This is the most comprehensive music streaming service available, with over a thousand songs being added daily and over 40 million available already.

5.     PLEX

Not everyone must have heard about this application, but trust us when we say this; you need to have this on your smart TV. You might think it is just another streaming platform on the list, but it is not. With PLEX, you may curate your collection of videos on a media server and stream it to whatever device you like rather than streaming videos from a service. The base edition of the program, which enables you to create and operate your local video server, is free!

6.     Disney+

Disney Plus is a streaming service where you can view 20th Century Fox productions like Marvel, Pixel, and even old Disney animated classics. Disney Plus is well-positioned to compete with its major rivals, like Netflix and, even Apple TV Plus, thanks to the abundance of unique content from Marvel, Star Wars, and, Pixar.

7.     HBO Max

HBO Max is relatively new in the game of streaming, with it only being 2 years old, but with the exclusive HBO, and Warner Bros. content, it has made its way to one of the best streaming platforms. Even though you can get several HBO shows on Prime Video, HBO Max gets all the originals almost immediately. You can get the cult-favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S and also Game of Thrones.


Download these apps now on your smart TV and enjoy your favorite content on the big screen for better entertainment.


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