Best Automatic Water Shut Off Valves 2021 [Buyer’s Guide!]

We bring you some of the best motorized and integrated Valve controlled, including the LeakSmart and Moen.

A leaky tap or damaged pipe and faulty appliance can create an immense menace to your home. Herein, it can affect the home’s leak, thereby causing damage of thousands to repair and causing disruption.

Many are looking for sensors such as smart valves and water monitors to detect and mitigate the impact of leaks at your house. You do not need any professionals to set up the system. With the era of the smart home, many new products are making their way into the market. Herein, we provide you with tools that can eliminate leaks in the bud itself.

Types of Automatic Water Shut Off Valves

Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

There are majorly two types of products chosen widely when opting for automatic shut-off water flow. These include:

  • Motorizing Existing BullDog Valve can be installed along with the existing bulldog valve, which is easy and does not require professional assistance.
  • Integrated Valve Controller can be installed over or with the main supply valve and requires a professional plumber.

Flow by Moen Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

The Flow by Moen comprises a smart water monitor that tracks the overall flow and detects leaks. Herein, if there is any leak detected, the smart Valve will automatically close the water inside the house.

Best Features

  • The leaks can be identified across the home plumbing system using the MicroLeak Technology
  • Monitor and control your whole water system remotely via the mobile app
  • You can total water consumption and also set the daily conservation goal
  • It contains features that help in monitoring water, tracking the flow, and detecting leaks.
  • On detecting a leak, the smart Valve will shut off automatically, thereby limiting the damage.


  • Before installing, you must drain the entire system and use the adapter with the main water line. Herein, ensure the water meter is placed to check the water reducing Valve.
  • Connect the nearby outlet of the power and carry out a health test using the mobile app.
  • We recommend you to take professional assistance for installing the system.

The working

  • The Automatic Shut Off Valve for water includes three sensors that monitor the flow rate, water pressure, and temperature.
  • They work with MicroLeak technology that allows them to monitor the home’s water system to know about the damage and leaks.

Mobile App

  • After installing the Flow by Moen mobile app, it will allow you to control the water system and alert you when any damage or leak is detected. It includes the dashboard where you can see the daily usage of water and setting consumption.

Compatibility with Smart Hub

  • It is compatible with voice controls like IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Alexa. You can run using a mobile app or without a hub.

Brownie Points

  • You can shut the water automatically to prevent leaks or damage
  • Is compatible with Google Home, IFTTT, and Alexa
  • It can detect leaks per minute


  • You require a power outlet for the device
  • You need a professional to install the system.

EcoNet Controls

The EcoNet Bulldog Robot valve is the perfect smart home management for water.

Best Features

  • It is compactable and durable
  • You do not need any additional tool and fits existing Levered Ball Valve
  • It creates torque for shutting the toughest valves
  • It is a Z-wave certified valve that is integrating with a smart hub and works with different water sensors
  • You can create the torques to turn the valves


  • Installation is quite easy, and you do not need any professional assistance.
  • You have to position the bracket over the valve collar for mounting the tab
  • You later have to attach motor assembly and attach it with the pivot point over the valve pivot point
  • After completing the test stroke on your smartphone, you can integrate it into the Z-Wave hub.


EcoNet’s Bulldog Valve Robot helps automatically detect the shut-off system and water leaks that will leave in alerting you through the smartphone on the smart hub.

Mobile App

EcoNet’s Bulldog Valve Robot doesn’t have any dedicated app. Instead, it is compatible with a wide array of existing smart hubs and their apps.

Compatibility with Smart Hub

We recommend EcoNet’s Bulldog Valve Robot with Z-Wave Certified devices such as SmartThings, Homeseer, Vera, Ring Alarm, Wink, Control4, Nexia, and other DIY controllers.

Brownie Points

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to detect water leaks
  • Automatically shut off the system
  • It has the best customer support
  • It can be integrated with many smart home hubs


  • There is an issue with connecting it with the water sensors
  • It lacks a dedicated app

LeakSmart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

The Leak Smart Automatic Water Shut Off Valve protects the home from water damage and total consumption.

Best Features

  • The sensors help in auto-detecting water leakages
  • It will thereby instantly shut off the main supply of water using the automatic shut-off valve
  • Easy indicators. The Green color indicates the Valve is open, while the red LED indicates it is closed.
  • Includes 100% backup for battery, thereby assisting in the case of power outages
  • It detects leaks and automatically shits the main supply
  • Sends notification on smartphone using the LeakSmart app


  • For installing, first, begin with placing the LeakSmart Snap Valve controller on the main water supply valve
  • Herein, first place it horizontally or vertically
  • Push the U-bracket to tighten it
  • Now tighten the T-handle crank into the snap to clamp the system
  • Connect the AC power supply with the controller

How it works

  • It combines four devices
  • It connects the main water line and gets signals from the sensor to detect any leaks
  • Besides, it helps in monitoring temperature
  • It communicates between Valve and sensors
  • Users are notified through the LeakSmart App

Mobile App

Through the app, you can monitor the water pressure the temperature and view the overall battery backup. Besides, you will immediately receive a notification whenever there is a leak.

Smart Hub Compatibility

It is compatible with voice assistants like Google Hub, Wink, Google Assistant, Control4, and Amazon Alexa.

Dome Water Shut-Off Valve

It provides perfect fitting for pipes that are 1 and a half inches and quarter-turn of ball valves.

Best Features

  • It can be integrated with Z-Wave hubs like Seer, Nexia, SmartThings, Wink, Harmony, Vera, etc.
  • Works well with water heaters and radiant heat systems
  • Offers easy usage and installation

Grohe Sense Guard Water Shut Off Valve

The Grohe Sense Guard Water Shut Off Valves comes with a WiFi-enabled system to connect with the water controller. It is located on the main pipe for the water supply.

Best Features

  • You allow manual, automatic, and remote switching on and off of the system to limit the overall water damage
  • You can detect pipe breaks, unusual water flow, micro leaks, and frost temperature
  • Indicates the position of Valve, i.e., if it is open or closed through its LED light indicator.

The system helps monitor the water system and detect each anomaly, including major bursts to minutest leaks. In the case of any deviation, it will automatically shut off the water system.


We recommend you to take the assistance of professionals to install the system with the main water supply pipe.

How it Works

The system monitors the water pressure inside the pipes. Besides, with the help of the Aqua self-learning algorithm, you can understand the overall water consumption pattern. If the water consumption is more than normal, or there is any minutest leak, then the system will shut off automatically by alerting you on the smartphone.

Mobile App

The Grohe ONDUS app can be integrated with Android and the iOS system. It includes automatic and remote controlling of the water system that helps in developing the daily usage stats.

Smart Home Compatibility

It is not compatible with smart home hubs.

Phyn Plus Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

The Phyn Plus Automatic Water Shut Off Valve is a unique system that offers protection for the entire water system in a single location.

Best Features

  • Get instant alerts on real-time
  • Understand the overall usage of water on your smartphone on the free Phyn app
  • It detects water leaks and monitors the system
  • Helps in shutting off the water whenever any problem is detected.

It helps in connecting your WiFi network and thus doesn’t require any additional hub to connect.


You can install the system with the main water supply pipe by shutting off the Valve. It has to be connected before the line starts to branch. Later, pair it with your WiFi. With the installation being a little tricky, we recommend you take the assistance of a professional plumber.

How it works

It assists in measuring the little changes in water pressure up to 240 times per second. Besides, you can generate a fingerprint based on the unique pressure profile you get for each fixture. Thus, as you run the faucet, the system will identify it, and if there is any leak and instantly notify you about the same.

Mobile App

The application is available on Android and iOS. Thus, when any leak or damage is detected, an alert will be sent to the smartphone stating the need for immediate help and fixing by a professional. Besides, you can also turn off the water system using the Phyn app.

Smart Hub Compatibility

It is compatible and can be integrated with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Brownie Points

  • Know overall consumption of water
  • Get statistical data shared on your smartphone
  • Detect plumbing issues related to leaks, pressure levels before the issue gets escalated
  • Since the formation of ice crystals on the pipe
  • Get notification before they freeze and burst
  • No extra costs on subscriptions


  • Require professional assistance from plumbers to install
  • The overall setup is restricted to below 1 ¼ inch of the water supply line
  • There is no feature for battery backup.

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Other Automatic Water Leak Sensors

Guardian Leak Prevention System

The Guardian Leak Prevention System helps instantly shut the water system automatically in the case of any leak, earthquake, or frozen pipe. Herein, it will shut off the supply immediately.

Best Features:

  • Includes optional battery backup to run during blackouts
  • The battery can run up to 12 hours
  • You can detect temperature, sense leak or earthquake
  • Get instant notification
  • It includes three types of automatic leak sensors for detection.

You can place the detector over thousand feet far away from the Valve. It will enable a device that covers larger homes.


You must locate the water shut-off valve and later close it. Herein, align forks for fitting the valve handle and tightening the clamps. Later plug them inside the main power outlet and manually check it. Connect your phone using the WiFi network and Guardian App. Then calibrate the controller using the smartphone.


It helps in detecting water, vibration ad low temperatures. Herein, the valve controller tends to shut off automatically the main water supply, preventing any damage by sending notifications on the Guardian App in your smartphone.

Mobile App

Get a notification for problems related to earthquakes, leaks, and extreme cold. Besides, you can also access it remotely to shut the entire system and view the backup battery.

Compatibility with Smart Home

It is not compatible with any other smart home hubs as it is a standalone product.

Brownie Point

  • Easy installation and no need for professional assistance
  • Shuts off the system in the case of leaks even when the WiFi is down
  • You can add leak detectors for protecting your building
  • Switch on or switch off the valve controller from any part of the world
  • Check the status for leak sensors
  • Works well with PVC, Copper, and PEX pipes


  • It cannot be calibrated or configured with the app
  • Not compatible with any smart home hubs

Fortress Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve

You can integrate it with the Samsung SmartThings.

Best Features:

  • Provides robust performance
  • You can pair it with flow meters and sensors
  • Once connected with the primary water line, the flow will automatically get blocked when a leak is detected.
  • Best suited for large houses that need 2 to 1.5 inches of plumbing.
  • It includes Lead Brass of standard NPT size.

The Water Valve by FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave enables you to keep your house leakproof. The overall setup is easy, and you may require a professional plumber to carry out the process. Besides, you can also perform DIY by connecting the main water line with the Z-wave water network, which is simple and easy.

It is manufactured by a USA-based company and packaged from the same place. Besides, it ensures complete durability and reliability as it is tested using 25,000 cycles. Two buttons allow opening and closing in addition to that of a manual override handle. You can use it remotely, too, using a handheld remote of Z-Wave or your smartphone app.

Brownie Points

  • Includes a water-resistant enclosure
  • Available in different sizes and pipe types like ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, and 1 ¼ inch.
  • Easy to pair the flow meter and leak sensors to offer complete prevention.


  • Not compatible with storing potable water
  • It is expensive
  • Need the assistance of a plumber to install the system.

If the water starts to leak when no one is at home, the FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wace Water Valve will help with its local wired leak probe. Besides, it also includes a WV-01 motorized ball valve which will help detect overflow or leaks if there is any block in the line. Once you program the Z-Wave network for supporting multiple valves, you can go on to add extra WV-01 Valves.

It is available in three standard pipe sizes, which include ½ inches, ¾ inches, and 1 ¼ inch, which are best for houses.


  • Includes battery backup
  • Has three light indicators
  • Use tactile switches to activate it manually
  • Automatically trigger the alarm system,
  • Control it remotely through a smartphone or internet

HomeSeer Z-Wave Plus Water Valve Controller

It helps you control the water flow automatically and remotely.

Best Features:

  • Best for using indoor, outdoor, sinks, irrigation, and showers
  • Helps in detecting overflows and leaks and to shut off
  • Includes Universal Power Supply and Plug Adapters, HomeSeer Water Valve Controller and User Guides

It includes a wireless Z-Wave which can be used with various water sensors. On detecting a leak, it will shut off and block the water flow immediately. Thus, you can use the remote control for the Valve.

It is best suited for indoor and also irrigation equipment, outdoor shower, spigots, and sinks. The overall robust IP67 enables its power to use it outdoor too. Besides, you can detect leaks and close the Valve and water supply within seconds.

Brownie Points

  • Integrate it with home automation systems
  • Includes an IP68 enclosure to use it outdoor
  • Includes Z-Wave and NSF Plus Certifications


  • It is heavier than other models.

It comes with NSF and Z-Wave Plus Certification, which can be used with a 908 MHz Z-Wave frequency and ZDK v6.5x Z-Wave. Moreover, you can pair it with other types of Z-Wave smart devices. The overall pairing is easy and works quickly.

You can purchase the ¾ inch or 1 inch Water Valve Controller, which gives power through the 100-240 VAC of the power socket in a 50/ 60 Hz. You also get a Universal Power Supply and Plug Adapters, HomeSeer Water Valve Controller, and User Guides.


  • It is best for 1 inch and ¾ inch pipework
  • It is Certified with Z-Wave Plus
  • Best suited for equipment that requires heavy water irrigation
  • You can control it automatically and remotely
  • Integrate it with HomeSeer and other home automation systems.

Vatican Smart Water Valve

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It can be integrated with systems like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Tuya Smart.

Best Features:

  • It is compatible with hub apps like Smart Life and Tuya Smart
  • Set a schedule for your water tanks and heaters using the app
  • It is compatible with detection sensors and water immersion

Is it worth purchasing an Automatic Water Shut Off Valve?

There are numerous reasons for investing in a smart water valve which is as mentioned below:

How to reduce the overall repairs?

They are best in detecting leaks, and when combined with a smart valve controller and leak detectors, you can know if there is any burst pipe, was there an earthquake, etc. Herein, the water system will automatically shut off to prevent any damage or incurring costly repairs.

Get Instant Alerts

You will be sent notifications and alerts instantly on your smartphone in the case of damage or any detection of a leak. Thus, you can perform the required repairs accordingly.

Save on your Utility Bills

You can set water consumption levels using your mobile app that enables smart water management. Besides, you are not required to pay any additional costs for the utility.

Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

Best Features to look out for in an Automatic Water Shut Off Valve

What are the Installation Costs?

The overall cost will range between USD 300 to USD 600 depending on the features you are looking for. Besides, the cost also includes the need for professional installation.

Instant Alerts or Action

Herein, you need to pick what you expect from your smart water system. Are you looking for a system that will notify you with alerts or want a system that will automatically cut the water supply in the case of any issue or leaks?

The monitors and sensors assist by providing smart alerts either through an app or email. However, we recommend you purchase an automatic water shut-off Valve to tackle the issue.

Professional assistance or DIY for installation

If you are fond of DIY, then the motorized bulldog valve will be the best pick as it avoids hiring a professional plumber. On the other hand, other devices will require professional assistance to change the main supply line while installing the system.

Detection of Micro Leaks

Few devices tend to be sensitive when detecting leaks. Thus, we recommend you review the granularity of the overall leak detection to know if they can identify leaks as low as one leak or drop per minute.

Best systems to integrate your Smart Water Leak Detector

You can integrate your Smart Water Leak Detector with Amazon Alexa. Besides, if you want to avoid using smart home apps, you can pick devices to integrate your smart home hub or a gateway like Zigbee or Z-Wave, or an IFTTT.

Availability of Power Outlets

You will need a power outlet to fit the automatic water shut-off valves. It also comprises backup batteries that deem to be useful during a power outage.

Common Questions relating to Water Shut Off Valves

How do valves help in water leaks?

The Valve will help detect any water leak automatically and immediately by monitoring the water flow through the pipe or sensing the amount of water on the floor. If the flow is irregular or there is any moisture, the Valve will shut the water flow immediately through the internal ball valve. It thus allows preventing the overall water damage.

How can I install the water leak shut off Valve?

It is easy to install a water leak shut-off Valve by integrating the device with the main supply line. Besides, you can also motorize it with the existing bulldog valve. Moreover, you can power it with the nearby power outlet or connect with the smartphone using a Smart Hub network or a local WiFi connection.

Reasons that lead to water leaks

There are plenty of reasons that lead to water leakages. These include broken seals, excess water pressure, corrosion, clogged lines, temperature fluctuations, and loose water connectors.

Do I require more than an automatic water shut-off Valve?

You require only one system which can be placed near your main supply valve. It will help to shut off the overall main supply line whenever there is any leak.

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The Verdict

We give the Flow by Moen Automatic Water Shutoff Valve brownie points for its best service of integrating automatic water shut off. On the other hand, we pick EcoNet Controls as the best-motorized bulldog valve.


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