Best Smart Ceiling Fan 2021: Compatible With Alexa & Google Home

As you’re switching your place to a smart one, you should also consider switching your ceiling fan to a smart one. Trust me, you can save plenty of energy without even lifting your finger, just with a smart fan. Plus, smart fans have a rich look that will add up to your house interior.

So, if you want to get a smart ceiling fan, here are some options that you might want to consider:

  • You can purchase a completely fresh smart fan that comes with inbuilt wireless smart technology. This smart fan is a fully integrated ceiling fan.
  • You can also install a wireless controller inside your current ceiling fan. This controller could be the one that connects straight to your smart apartment. Or, this could be an RF remote controller unit, that combines with your smart place via another hub such as Bond control.
  • You can also get wireless switches. These will help you in replacing your current wall sockets for your ceiling fan.

However, in this read, I will discuss fans that come into the category of smart fans. You can still purchase various controllers and smart switches that are available in the market to switch your current fan into a smart one. But for now, I will discuss only smart fans.

The smart fans are totally just like a ceiling fan, but they come with wireless technology and have an inbuilt integration. They are easy to install and will offer you the smartest features. Right now, you’ll find only a few completely integrated fans, however, there’s still a top one in this category.


Haiku Fans -The Most Popular Smart Fan

Just like Nest made their thermostats so exciting and appealing, this company has built ceiling fans most intriguingly ever. Their range of Haiku ceiling fans is the most exciting range you’ll ever see. And yes, Haiku, is their company’s name.

When we talk about smart ceiling fans, Haiku has settled the bar at the top, and they are a class on their own. You cannot find even a single competitor that can reach them when it comes to blending the looks, the smart features of these fans, and absolutely, the quality!

Haiku smart fans provide you with top-notch engineering and aesthetics. Not only that, but they also have energy-saving features and ease of automation. 

The L-series of Haiku fans is the entry-level design. Based on your preference of price and looks, you can pick anything from the collection of blade manufacturer’s substances and sizes. This you can have the perfect Haiku smart fan you want.

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Top-Notch Hardware

The hardware material is of high quality and light in weight. This material combines with a motor system that offers a guaranteed long life of practically soundless performance. This motor system is a patent-pending one.

Also, the Haiku fan’s blades are delicately molded with rounded edges to form airfoils. This lets the blades work more efficiently and quietly in comparison to those blades that are flat. As these fans are carefully engineered, they pass the industry performance standard by 4 times.

Unbalancing? What’s that?

You might’ve seen some wobbly ceiling fans. Fans usually wobble because of the lack of balance between the blades. This causes the entire structure to shake. You might’ve also heard some noises. These noises are the ones that are caused because of the stress this vibration puts on the motor and the bearings.

And to be honest, it might not be a pleasant experience. And you can’t even call it a rich experience at all.

However, with the Haiku fans, you don’t have to worry about weeble wobble. They are separately balanced and tested at the company. If any of them wobbles, then they give it back and repair it without any cost.

The Industry Prime Smart Technology

Till now, I’ve said that Haiku has smart ceiling fans. However, the question is what exactly makes them smart? SenseMe. This is the name that Haiku proffers to their smart fan technology. Except for the beginning series of Haiku fans i.e, the L series, this technology is incorporated in all the fans. 

In the L-series, you’ll have to purchase the SenseMe wall handle separately to enable benefits from SenseMe. It works with the combination of a Wi-fi network and the sensors to observe room requirements, to connect with your smart place.

Turn It On As Per Your Need

Whether your room is occupied or not, the SenseMe movement sensors detect it, and as per the requirement, the fans turn off or on. As mentioned before, Haiku fans have a completely integrated motion-detecting system, which turns on/off the fan automatically.

The Integrations Saves More Energy

As these fans are automated, and they can turn on/off as per your need, they are extremely efficient. Not only that, but they can also operate with some other smart home gadgets, which helps you in saving much more energy.

You can connect the Haiku fans to your Ecobee and Nest thermostat. This will help you with reducing both cooling and heating costs. In Haiku’s words, they name these features smarter cooling and smarter heating.

The decreased energy cost won’t pay for your fan, however, it does benefit you by balancing the cost. So, if you’re looking for something to save energy cost as well, then this fan will help you with reducing it.

Haiku Fans Are Excellent But Not Ideal

If a device is a great smart home product, then you would want it to associate with your other smart home devices. However, if this would be a judging realm, then Haiku fans are a little insufficient.

Presently, you can only interact with 3 smart home devices with your Haiku fans. These are Amazon Alexa, Ecobee Thermostat, and Nest Thermostats. For now, Haiku fans SenseMe technology don’t operate with the Apple HomeKit. So, if you largely use the Apple system for your smart home, then maybe these fans are not the pick for you.

Presently, an IFTTT channel is not included in Haiku Fans. So, if you’re a DIY person, then your possibilities for an inventive smart home will be somewhat limited.

smart ceiling fan

Reliable Company, Excellent Fans

I’ll say it out clearly, these fans aren’t low-price. As these fans are a premium product, so is the price. So, if they’re selling ceiling fans that cost $600+, then they have to make much more than merely a marvelous product. Their product needs a backup with an excellent support team and sales.

Not only that, their support team and salesmen are really generous and helpful. In some situations, where users faced some problems, the support was helpful, courteous, and timely in resolving the user’s problem.

Yes, They’re Big-Budget

As I mentioned before, they cost around $600, and I know it is a lot of money for a ceiling fan. However, if you’re still reading this article, then it means that at least you’re considering it. 

Obviously, the $600 price is for the L series i.e., the entry-level design.

 The other series models such as Luxe, H and I provide you with either refined aluminum blades or real wood blades. This series also offers you a much larger blade size. Each series fan has various polishes that differ from inviting wood to warm to modern artwork.

But, make sure that your fan is the only thing that your guest sees when they look up towards the ceiling. Wouldn’t it be amazing when they look up and see one of the Haiku’s Artisans Collection fans in there?

 Here’s a recommendation for you, If your place has a great open living area with a tall ceiling, then you can consider an 84″ Haiku fan of the Artisan Collection. You should get this model when the cost is not a problem and you fancy the best one.

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Where Can You Get Haiku Fans?

You can purchase these fans straight from the manufacturers. If you do this, you would be able to purchase the model you fancy as well as the accessories you want for your place or fans. They also made a live chat arrangement to answer your queries, if you’ve any.

The good thing is that you can get all your products in one place. If you want to purchase Haiku fans from some other store, then you can have a look at Amazon. The L-series of Haiku fans is available there in a variety of colors.

What To Get For Apple HomeKit?

If you’re an Apple HomeKit user, then Hunter Smart Fans are the one for you. With time Apple has been expanding for a different compatible device. Recently, they’ve added a few ceiling fans from Hunter. Hunter has been in the market for a long time, they’re reliable as well efficient.

Here’s a list of Hunter fans for you!

Top ImageProduct PriceBuy Now
Hunter Symphony 54” inch$301.45


Hunter Romulus 54” inch$378.99


Hunter Apache 54” inch



Hunter Signal 54 inch$348.99


All the Wi-Fi smart fans work with Hunter’s SIMPLEconnect system. This system is included in all of their smart ceiling fans. And yes, Hunter smart fans are the only smart fans that are compatible with your Apple HomeKit.

On top of that, they also operate with Amazon Alexa. You can manage the fan direction, light intensity,  and fan speed just with a voice command. 

If you don’t have much information about Apple HomeKit, then let me tell you that it performs much more than merely voice control. You can make personalized smart home commands for your place, which you can use even without a voice command. You can do this with the Apple Home app. 

In comparison to the Haiku fans, the Hunter fans are the pick for Apple HomeKit users, as they can easily connect with the Apple Home app. However, apart from their smooth run and rich look, users have faced some connectivity issues with these fans. 

Some people might fix this issue with the SIMPLEconnect app. However, it is reported that they often lose connection or crash. And when you try to connect to customer service, most of the time they can not help you with the issue.

However, you can avoid most of the problems with the HomeKit. So, if you’re using Homekit, then all you’ve to do is use your SIMPLEconnect app, once you’re done with installing your smart fan. Once you’ve done this, you can manage your smart fan through HomeKit.

One more thing, Hunter also sells an add-on controller aka SIMPLEconnect. But this controller and the one in the fan are not the same. The Hunter fans are Wi-Fi enabled and you can connect them to your smart home with the help of Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Whereas, the add-on controller works as Bluetooth which can only connect with your SIMPLEconnect app.

Which Is The Best Affordable Smart Fan?

One of the best affordable smart fans is the Gardinier Ceiling fan. It is true that even though Haiku fans are extremely efficient, there would be some people who would never spend $600+ on some ceiling fan. Many people would have to get multiple fans for different rooms in their place.

So, in this case, the Gardinier Ceiling fan is the most affordable ever. Even if it doesn’t have any top-notch engineering and rich looks like the Haiku fans, you can get three of them for the value of one Haiku fan.

But, here’s a catch. This fan operates with the Zigbee wireless network to connect with your smart home. This means that it won’t pair up straight with your wireless router or your smartphone. Rather, you’ll have to connect your fan with the smart home hub.

You should keep in mind that this fan is made to work specifically with the Wink hub. So, if you’re a Wink 2 hub or Wink hub user, then you can easily connect this up without any problem.

Once you’ve paired it up with the Wink hub, you can use your Wink app to create commands, scenes, or groups for your latest smart fan. Wink hub is compatible with IFTTT and Amazon Alexa as well.

If you don’t have the Wink hub, then this ceiling fan can work with other smart home hubs as well. This fan comes with an inbuilt Hampton Bay Zigbee controller, which can connect with your hub. If you’re still in doubt you can search for it on Google, and you would be able to get it if it worked with your smart hub.

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Wrapping it up

Right now, there are very limited products in the range of fully integrated smart fans. It’s also clear which one’s best. Probably, in the future, we might see various smart fans which are affordable as well as come with all the smart features. I hope this read about the best smart ceiling fan helped you. Thanks for reading!


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