5+ Best Smart Motorized Curtains [2023 Automatic]

Smart curtains could be the best option for you if you’re the kind of person who likes to stay in bed for as long as possible in the morning so that you can avoid being awakened by the harsh sunshine. You can effortlessly operate these motorised curtains with an app on your smartphone or by integrating them into your existing home automation system. They also have the added benefit of being able to schedule when they open and close.

In addition to the ease of use they provide, smart curtains also have the potential to reduce one’s monthly energy expenses. Your house will be cooler and your reliance on the air conditioner will be reduced thanks to their ability to shut themselves automatically and block the sun’s rays when it is very warm outside. In addition, they are beneficial to your safety since they enable you to programme the drapes to open and shut even when you are not there, creating the impression that someone is in the house even when no one is really there.

Because there are many different kinds of motorised curtains to choose from, it is essential to give careful consideration to a number of critical aspects before deciding on the model that will best meet your requirements. In the following section, I will examine each of these criteria in more depth and provide suggestions for the most effective smart curtain technologies that are now available on the market.

Things to Consider While Buying Smart Curtains

The kind of curtain rods, rails, or tracks that are compatible with the system must be taken into account while selecting the best smart curtain system. The single rod hanging style is the most popular since it mounts a straight rod to the wall using brackets. The curtains are hung from the rod using rings or hooks. A version of this are tension rods. There are several kinds of curtain tracks, including recessed, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted tracks.

Best Smart Motorized Curtains

Determining whether you want to use a professional installation or do it yourself is also crucial. Some gadgets, such as the SwitchBot motor, are simple to install on your own, but the Quoya requires more time-consuming installation of ceiling tracks. If you decide to hire an installation, it’s critical to choose a reputable dealer who can provide knowledgeable guidance, high-quality materials, and first-rate customer support.

Another crucial factor to take into account when choosing smart motorised curtains is the opening choices. You may choose between a side-opening, where the curtains stack to one side, or a center-opening, where the curtains split along the middle and stack to the sides. Some companies provide individualised opening choices for more flexibility; Lutron is renowned for its adaptability in this area.

It’s also important to think about control modes. Apps for smartphones and tablets, voice commands sent to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, remote controllers, or wall-mounted controls may all be used to operate smart curtains. Popular items like the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2.0, Somfy Motorised Curtains, and Homesupplier Smart Curtains all have many control options. In case of a power or internet loss, it’s also crucial to make sure you still have a means to manually open and shut the curtains.

The procedure of installation and configuration may vary, ranging from simple DIY projects to more complicated systems that need for expert expertise. Take into account your degree of expertise and assurance while installing these systems, as well as any extra expenses related to hiring a professional installer. Products with simple DIY setup, like SwitchBot, Aqara, or Silky Rider Smart Power Curtains, are well recognised.

To assess the quality of a motorised curtain system, it’s important to consider its power choices, motor durability, and curtain weight capacity. AC-powered gadgets often provide greater power, but they also need either expert wiring or access to a nearby power outlet. A quieter system may improve the quality of life in general, therefore take into account the motor’s noise level as well.

Efficiency and convenience may be increased by integration with everyday activities and other smart home devices. With certain systems, you can programme routines, change the curtains depending on the weather, or build unique automation scenarios with other components of your smart home ecosystem. These integration options are offered by companies like OlideSmart.

Considerations like maintenance and support are crucial. Look for companies who place a high priority on customer care, provide prompt customer service, and give maintenance instructions and troubleshooting advice. A robust product warranty, like the 5-year guarantee provided by Somfy, is also preferred.

Finally, a budget is a crucial factor to take into account. Finding a balance between high-quality goods and excellent value for money is crucial since smart motorised curtains come in a variety of pricing points. In contrast to more costly companies like Somfy or Lutron, the SwitchBot Curtain provides more economical solutions.

You may choose the best smart curtain system to suit your unique demands and tastes by taking these aspects into account.

Graywind Smart Motorized Curtain Set

Automatic curtains by Graywind are renowned for their high quality, fusing style, elegance, and utility. These curtains have a distinct polyester mix fabric construction that gives a high shading rate and darkens the room. Additionally protecting against UV rays, this also promotes energy efficiency and thermal insulation.

In order to ensure a proper fit for your windows, Graywind, a recognised name in the smart blinds market, provides custom-size choices for their smart curtains. If you’d rather test things out before committing, they also provide fabric samples in a one-size option. You can discover the perfect complement for your décor from the 12 different colour options.

The smart curtains from Graywind have a number of convenient operation modes. By utilising the included remote control, you may open and shut the curtains in manual mode. Alternatively, you may use the “timer” feature of the app to arrange a schedule so that the curtains will open and shut on their own according to the times you specify. These drapes can be voice-operated with Alexa and Google Assistant for enhanced convenience.


  • Unique polyester mix fabric that is 100% capable of filtering light
  • Size: There are choices for custom sizes.
  • Options for control include manual operation, voice control, app control, remote control, and automated operation.
  • Motor: Quick and quiet for smooth movement
  • Customizability: Motorised curtain rod that is movable for flexible settings
  • 12 different colour options are available to fit your décor.
  • Automated operation using a schedule or manual control

These distinguishing qualities make Graywind’s smart curtains a great option for anybody looking for high-quality, adaptable, and practical window coverings.

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Switchbot Curtain Robot

The SwitchBot Smart Curtain Robot is an excellent solution if you want to motorize an existing traditional curtain without purchasing a whole automated curtain opening system. This SwitchBot-designed gadget enables simple installation that takes just 30 seconds and no equipment. It offers adaptability for various curtain kinds by working with U-rail, I-rail, or Rod tracks.

To improve your user experience, the SwitchBot Smart Curtain Robot provides practical control choices. Even while you’re away from home, you can easily open and shut your curtains remotely with the SwitchBot app, which is available for both Android and iOS. Additionally, you may monitor the condition of your curtains from any location, providing security. You may control your curtains by utilising voice commands since voice control is available. The gadget may also be controlled by hand gestures, which is another simple control method.

Additionally, this clever curtain robot has a light sensor that permits automated curtain opening and shutting depending on ambient light level. Remember that the SwitchBot Smart Curtain Robot is only offered in white.


  • Voice and app control are available control methods.
  • Operation: Manual control and some automation (with a light sensor)
  • Weight range for curtains: 2.3-3.6 lbs.
  • Battery rechargeable as a power source

The SwitchBot Smart Curtain Robot is a practical and adaptable option for motorizing your curtains thanks to these crucial characteristics. This gadget provides a better curtain automation experience because to its simple installation procedure, many control choices, and extra features like the light sensor.

Best Smart Motorized Curtains

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Homesupplier smart curtain

As a smart drapery track, the Homesupplier Smart Curtain combines robustness and adaptability. It is appropriate for a variety of window sizes since it comes in rod lengths ranging from 6.5 feet to 10 feet.

This clever curtain track can easily carry thick drapes thanks to its 100-pound weight limit. The straightforward installation procedure has received high ratings from several Amazon buyers, who were helped by the seller’s instructional videos.

Once your curtains are in position, you can take use of the Homesupplier Smart Curtain’s many control choices. It has four different control options: manual, built-in remote control, smartphone app, and voice control. You may automate control by setting particular times for the curtains to open or shut using the timer scheduling tool.

A gentle touch trigger that turns on the motor when the curtains are softly tugged is also a feature of the Homesupplier Smart Curtain. With the smart open function, you can adjust the degree of opening to your taste if you want your curtains partly open.


  • Options for control include automatic, remote, mobile app, voice control, manual control, and wall switch.
  • Installation: Wall-mounted
  • 100 pounds is the maximum curtain weight.
  • Other qualities smart trigger, gentle touch

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Quoya Smart Curtains

For automatic curtains, the Quoya motorised drapery system provides a stylish and practical option. It stands out due to its vast degree of customization, especially in terms of size and mounting possibilities.

You may choose the ideal length for your windows from three different track lengths: up to 3.2 metres, up to 5.2 metres, or up to 7.2 metres. Additionally, you have a choice between installation on the wall or the ceiling, giving you freedom in how you set up your smart curtain system. There are four alternative installation techniques available, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

The Quoya smart curtain system is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 132 pounds. This guarantees that it can support thick curtains without sacrificing functionality or longevity.

Using the Quoya system to control your curtains is simple and flexible. Automatic control, motion-activated control, voice control, manual control, app control, and remote control are just a few of your possibilities. You may choose the approach that best meets your interests and demands thanks to the diversity available. Particularly the motion-activated and voice control options make it simple to open and close your curtains without having to physically hold a remote control.


  • Size: Up to 283 inches, customisable
  • 132 lbs. maximum load supported
  • Audible volume: under 20 dB
  • Options for control include automated, manual, app, voice, motion, and remote.
  • Mounting: Ceiling, Wall


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Aqara smart curtain motor

The Aqara smart curtain motor provides a practical solution to convert your regular curtains into intelligent curtains. It is offered in two variations—track and rod—that are designed to work with various curtain hanging methods.

While the rod version works with conventional curtain rods, including extendable ones, the track version is compatible with U and I-rail tracks. Before making a purchase, it is essential to choose the proper version that complements your curtain configuration.

It is important to note that an Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub, which is offered separately, is required in order to operate the Aqara smart curtain motor. The hub, which can be bought via Aqara’s shop page on Amazon, serves as a central control centre for numerous smart home gadgets.

The motor of this device can be recharged, much as the Switchbot curtain robot. However, it may operate for up to a year without needing to be recharged because of its long-lasting battery.

You have a variety of control choices after your curtains are fitted. Voice commands, action or event control, scheduling, and app control are all ways to control the motor. The motor also has a light sensor, which permits automated opening or shutting according on the lighting conditions outside.


  • Diameter of ideal rod: 0.99 to 1.25 in
  • A bottom I-rail width of at least 10mm is ideal.
  • Less than or equal to 8mm should be the ideal U-rail bottom slotting width.
  • Maximum load weight: 26.45 lbs.
  • Options for control: voice, automatic, switch, and app
  • Rod and track positioning for mounting

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Wrapping it up

When looking for a new pair of curtains for your house, it is necessary to take into consideration your own preferences as well as your financial constraints. In addition, don’t forget to take into consideration elements such as the size of your windows, the weight of the curtains, and whether you want a single-track or dual-track system for your curtains.

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