Best Smart Curtains 2021 Compatible With Alexa & Google Home

One of the perks of Motorized curtains is that it is easy to install using electric tracks and all you need is a remote control with commanding agents like a Homekit, Alexa, or Google Home. With these, you can enable the automatic opening of curtains.

Convenience is all we seek for. A home is a place where we find utmost comfort, and when this is combined with automated services, it surely turns it into a paradise. Motorized electric curtains are the latest to add to the bandwagon of smart home systems. However, with numerous options available, finding the perfect solution for your home can be quite a task.

How about controlling the curtains hands-free, wherein you can easily open and shut curtains via a click. Command Alexa and get the task easy. Besides the USP of motorized curtains are, you can also set a timer as to when you wish to open or close it. Thus, setting a timer either for morning or evening (based on your Convenience) can automate the entire process.

In this article, we bring you an unbiased and well-researched review listing the best smart curtains you can find today. 

Best Motorized Curtains 2021 (Amazon Available)

Switch bot Curtain Motor

Starting with the Switch bot Curtain Motor. It is a device which with a click, transforms your conventional curtains into a smart system. Besides, there is no hassle in getting it installed, too, and neither is it time-consuming.

Its best features include:

  • A Switchbot remote enables you to control the opening and closing of curtains without the need for any smart app.
  • Use the timer feature to schedule the opening and closing of curtain drapes every day
  • The touch and go feature allows controlling curtains with a gentle touch

It is easy to set up and uses a lightweight curtain motor. The installation is quite easy which includes just one step. It will even less than a minute to get the whole setup attached, i.e., connecting the Switchbot Curtain with your tracks. Moreover, it is practically compatible with all tracks like I-rail, U-rail, and rod track.

You can open and close your curtain in three unique ways. These include:

Touch and Go feature – Herein, you can either open or close the curtains with a mere touch.

Using the Switchbot App or a Virtual Assistant. The best part of this app is that you can check the status and regulate it from anywhere. Thus, you don’t need to be present in-person to order the opening and closing of curtains.

Switch bot curtain is the most sought because its motor is compatible with almost every virtual assistant like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. All you need to do is raise command, and your curtains will abide by you!

What won us

  • Easy and simple installation
  • Includes rechargeable batteries that have 8-month battery life per recharge
  • You can control it using virtual assistants
  • The motor is compatible with almost every type of curtain tracks
  • It saves you from spending on smart curtains.


  • It is not compatible with heavy curtains that weigh more than 10kg.

Quota Drapery System

 Quota Drapery System is a form of Electric Curtain. With its exceptional features, it wins the leader board as the best smart curtains.

Features include:

  • It is compatible with almost all voice control assistants such as IFTTT, Alexa, Google, and SmartThings.
  • You can customize the windows to the size of 3.2 meters
  • The system is elegant and includes all the features that assist in smooth operation
  • It is extremely convenient to use that renders complete comfort
  • No matter what is your window size, whether it is small, wide, high, or narrow, you can fit these based on your window size to a width size of 3.2 meters
  • The package includes all the necessary accessories required for installation. Besides, you do not require any professional assistance for installing the system.
  • You can complete the installation within less than a minute. Moreover, in the case of any confusion, you can refer to the detailed installation video that enlists the entire steps.
  • It works center to side as well as side to side
  • Customize it to pull from the right, left, or center. The package also comprises ceiling and wall brackets.

Unique Features

  • It includes plenty of smart functions. With these, you can control your curtains by using a remote control or with a phone app.
  • You can activate the touch motion. With it, you can automatically close or open it as it detects any hand movement.
  • The motor is not so noisy in comparison to other curtains that produce a shuffling sound.
  • It is compatible with voice controls like IFTTT, Alexa, Google, and SmartThings.
  • Integrate it with your smart home hub or any type of controller to create scenes, whether it is morning and evening
  • If you have the habit of forgetting after keeping the curtain open, then you can go on to schedule the setting.
  • Use a phone app to program the curtains, open and close them within the scheduled time.

However, it does have a single drawback, wherein it doesn’t work well with grommet drapes and works well only with hook-on curtains.

Tech Specs

Choosing smart curtains is done after checking what their maximum weight capacity is. Additionally, the Quoya Automatic curtains can take up a maximum load of up to 70 kgs and has 8 hooks attached per meter. Besides, it also allows dual setup, wherein you can set a ceiling bracket or purchase twin-wall brackets.

Our favorite features

  • Supports touch motion
  • Controls voice commands
  • Easy to set up, install, and operate
  • Has a sleek design and good construction
  • Detailed guidance to install
  • It doesn’t include an option for setting operations that are time-based according to sunset and sunrise
  • It is not compatible with grommet drapes

Zemismart Electric Curtain Motor

Are you looking for a cost-effective method of motorizing your current curtains, then Zemismart is your choice.

The features include:

  • You can control it easily using your Smart Life Mobile Application
  • Compatible with voice control systems like Siri, Google Home, and Alexa
  • Can take a maximum load of 50 kgs

Although the pricing of these curtains is comparatively less, they come packed with accessories and features that make them smart motorized curtains. The USP of these curtains is its efficient and reliable remote control, smartphone application with voice control integration, and a wall switch. Well, doesn’t that make these the best choice?

Smartphone App

The Smart Life App helps in controlling the curtains even remotely, irrespective of the geography. Thus, you can turn on the curtains anywhere in the world, and it will look as if you are operating the curtains being present at home. Well, doesn’t that make a deft feature for improving your home security? In addition, you can set a timer for opening and closing the curtains at specific intervals like morning or evening.

Voice Assistants

These smart curtains are completely compatible with voice assistants like Siri, Google Home, Alexa. Control the curtains with a mere command. Besides, they also include a wall switch which makes the ideal pick when you do not have a phone around or are located remotely to operate it. Moreover, you need not break the wall or do any wiring to install the wall switch.

Yet another great feature of these curtains is their customization feature. Compared to other options, it is easy to customize the speed at which you will open or close the curtains.


Schedule the opening and closing of curtains based on the timer. Set the timer for opening your curtains automatically every morning. Moreover, the motor is extremely silent, which will work quietly when operating without making any noise.

You can also operate it manually. For this, pull the curtains gently, and they will close and open automatically. Besides, the curtains will stop operating whenever the motor is not working properly, thus preventing damage.

Tech Specs

You can operate the Zemismart motorized curtains by opening them to the left, right, or center. Irrespective of the style of your window, Zemismart has something for you. It comprises straight tracks, 90-degrees, and 135 degrees. Moreover, it perfectly supports both single and double motor drives, especially if you want to motorize the curtains.


  • You can operate it manually and automatically, with and without power
  • Comprises of a durable motor
  • There is no need for a hub like a voice control
  • Provides easy and silent operation
  • The motor will automatically shut when there is any issue


  • Instructions for installation are not clear
  • The power cable is not long

Home supplier Smart Home Curtain Rod

Home supplier Smart Home Curtain Rod is listed among the most efficient and smart motorized curtains.

The features include:

  • It can be integrated with voice controls like Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home, Tuya, and Smart Life
  • You can operate it manually during blackouts
  • Customize the operation settings

These are some of the most popular products that find their place among the top motorized drapes. The USP of this product is it is durable and heavy-duty.

Smart Features

It can perform all the smart functions that you may look out for in a smart curtain. The best thing about this product is that you can control it with voice controls, remote control, or smartphone apps. Besides, the motors of this product are truly smart as they can be set to the required setting based on distance and position.

These are automatic curtains that you can operate manually, which is a great feature, especially when there is a power cut. You need to touch-trigger, and your curtains will close or open effortlessly. They also make the perfect settings when the mornings are busy when you can schedule the timer to open or close the curtains. The timer can be used with a smartphone app and a remote.


Numerous features come packed in the smart  curtains. The installation process is easy. Herein, you can customize them to fit the window and also assemble the track all by yourself. However, it is recommended to read the installation instructions well before you begin with the procedures.

Tech Specs

It has 100 lbs weight rating, which makes it the best pick for controlling long-sized curtains. Moreover, it consists of an 9 feet long power cable with a plug point with three pongs of 110V AC.

The curtains can be controlled and well managed by placing them at a radius of 160 ft. But for that, you must have AAA batteries for operating them. So, what else is included in the package? Well, the product comprises an LCD screen that assists in making the entire work easy. Herein, you can set around 16 sets of your curtain controls with just a single remote.

  • Unlike other motors, the smart motor is quiet.
  • It is easy to install
  • The time feature helps in opening and closing the curtains automatically
  • It can be integrated with voice control assistants, remote or a smartphone app
  • It is highly durable and robust.


  • You can get confused with the instructions listed
  • They are most compatible with pinch pleat draperies

Curtain Call Motorized Curtains

Well, the track for these particular smart curtains, i.e., the Curtain Call Motorized Curtain assures 100% comfort and Convenience.

The features include:

  • It includes a 3-channel remote, which works wonders with dual curtains
  • It has a weight limit of 100 lbs
  • Easy to operate using manual functions at the time of power blackout.

We all know that the perfect light setting can transform the overall look of the room. The drapery system controlled by curtain call electric remote is designed to assist in achieving what you are looking for.

Herein, the curtain track provides ultimate comfort and complete convenience for the user. Moreover, the installation is not an arduous task that can be well completed by following the instruction manual.


If you are someone who is into DIYs, then the installation is a smooth task for you. However, suppose you have comprehensive and long curtains. In that case, you may require the assistance of a professional or any individual who can hold the motorized track in its place for you to manage the installation without any hassle.

You can either install it on the ceiling or wall based on your Convenience. Besides, the package also comes with a ceiling mounting bracket. But if you intend to mount the curtains on the wall, we recommend you opt for wall mounting brackets that will make the entire process easy. Thud, do not forget to get it included in the package.

Curtain Types

Best Motorized Curtains 2021

Well, have you lost your heart to smart curtain systems and wondered how you can get one for yourself? Then, here is some wonderful news for you. Most importantly, there is no need for any specialized rod for these curtains. Moreover, they work best with pleated curtains with hooks. Furthermore, you can customize each curtain to fit your window.

You can use these call electric curtains for your side draw or center draw opening systems. Either way, the entire operation is carried out in a noiseless way, making these curtains the most reliable pick.

On the other hand, if you like using the entire smart home feature, we recommend you get a Curtain Call Adapter Cable 1450 and a WiFi Smart Plug to make the task easier. It would help if you got them separately as they are not included in the package. Well, they are all worth the extra cost as with this, you can use your Amazon Echo to command the operations of your curtain.

Tech Specs

The package comprises a remote control that is extremely sensitive, and it can catch connections at a radius of 100 meters. All you need to do is press the close, open, and stop buttons from carrying out the functions efficiently.

Besides, the entire operation is quite easy that can be carried out by elders too. Unlike other curtains that include options where you have to press the remote button for a long time, all you need to do is give a command, and the curtains are good to work.

We give brownie points to:

  • Its design and high-quality
  • You can mount it on a wall or ceiling
  • The operation is quiet without noise
  • You can customize the curtain track as per your requirements
  • Open the curtain system to its left, center, or right using the perfect opening system


  • You need a Curtain Call Adapter Cable 1450 and a WiFi Smart Plus to integrate it with Alexa.
  • The package does not include curtain hooks.

SimpleSmart Electric Curtain Tracks

Yet another smart option by SimpleSmart, check out the distinctive features below:

Features include:

  • Operate it manually and automatically
  • Integrate it with your remote, smart app, or voice assistant
  • Allows operations using light touch trigger0

If you are on the lookout for a motorized curtain that is noiseless and reliable, then these curtain tracks are the perfect pick for you. It is backed with easy installation and is compatible with various lengths. For example, they are perfectly suited for a window size that ranges from 36″ to that of an 84″ track.

Curtain Types

These are compatible with pinch pleat, ripple fold, and other drapery types. Besides, there is a range of options for configuring the tracks. Moreover, you can motorize curtains with bends and curves.

Voice Assistant

The motor can be integrated with voice assistants like Alexa. All you need to do is command Alexa when you want to open or close the curtains automatically without moving from your place. Besides, you can also control them with your smartphone app.

It does not include a timer setting, so you have to purchase a separate package.

Tech Specs

The tracks are available at different lengths ranging from 4 feet to 20 feet. Each includes a 10-inch AC power plug that can be accessed with ease with the nearby power outlet. Moreover, the electric curtains support either side of the opening systems along with the split open systems.

We give brownie points to:

  • Professional installation by self
  • The smart motor is noiseless
  • It is compatible with a smartphone app and Alexa
  • You can configure the tracks to different curves and bends
  • It is made of top-quality material


  • It lacks the timer setting feature

Yoox Motorized Electric Blackout Curtain

Best Features

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice controls
  • Best suited blackout motorized curtains
  • You can install them thermally

They make the most popular pick in the smart curtain and smart blind industry. It is made of 100% polyester that meets the highest quality standards. The biggest USP of these curtains is that it renders the blackout effect best suited for all those who love privacy. There are also various color options, from vibrant to those that fit the silky and soft fabrics.

Thus, if you are not comfortable with the sun’s glare, all you need to do is shut off the curtains. Besides, it is also well suited to control the UV rays that can lead to fading furniture color.

Yet another amazing feature is you can control them with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa. Or simply use your smartphone app or remote control to perform the operations. Moreover, you do not need any additional hub to operate the curtains.

You can control the curtains using a remote, mobile app, or voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa. Moreover, the additional USP is the adjustable rod that you can use to fit any window size.

METechs Remote Control Curtain Rod

Best Features:

  • Allows remote control and manual operations
  • Hide the motor behind the curtains
  • Includes a white aluminum motorized track

The motorized track allows moving the curtains to the left, center, and right. It is highly durable, lightweight and the white-colored aluminum perfectly fuses with any type of interior. Moreover, you can paint them with your favorite color to add to the perfect effect.

The remote control for these motorized drapes can operate over 8 tracks efficiently. Moreover, in the case there is no power, you can still use the curtains manually.

The motor is installed behind the curtains. Thus, you do not need to look for a place where you can hang the motor. While remote control is sufficient for the working, you can turn them smarter by integrating them with SW Ctrl-DC, which can be brought separately. Moreover, you can control the smart curtain with Google Home, a mobile app, or Amazon Alexa.

Reasons to purchase these Motorized Curtains

Offers ultimate Convenience

If your curtains are long and inconvenient to reach, these make an efficient extra hand. Motorized curtains make the entire task easy without the need for stacking stools. Besides, it will replace your task of daily opening and closing manually.

Well, are you ready to enjoy the operations with automatic systems with a mere click on the remote, smartphone app, or wall switch?

It also ensures complete durability with its automated operation.

Integrate with Smart Home Systems

Integrate the motorized curtains with your smartphone app. It is compatible with most voice assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa. Besides, you can also integrate them with other smart devices like light sensors that will transform your house into a smart home. You can automatically open and close the curtains at sunrise and sunset.

Best Security

The best thing about motorized drapes is that they can be controlled remotely from any location, irrespective of geography. Install the app on your mobile app, command the curtains for the desired operation. Moreover, you can also schedule a timer to open or close them automatically. Well, these would also keep the intruders away from your home.

Best suited for the elderly and individuals who are differently-abled

Well, it can be quite a task to open and close the curtains, especially for elderlies. Installing the motorized curtain system makes the entire operation quite easy.

Especially if you habit forgetting routine activities, the automatic timers will make the task less daunting.

The remote control enables you the chance to control the curtains without moving from your place. It also fits best for individuals with any kind of disability.

Best Motorized Curtains 2021

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Features to choose from in Motorized Drapes

Side Open/ Centre Open

One of the top features of a smart curtain is its installation. It is applicable for smart curtains that have a central opening system. Herein, it is best to opt for an installation system that has three options. In this manner, you can upgrade the curtains to a different opening system.

Size of Smart Curtains

Smart Curtains are available in a wide array of sizes, making it easy to find curtains for different window sizes. However, you can also review the options that will fit the specific need of your window size.

Installation – Get Professional Assistance or opt for DIY

Do you like installing your motorized curtains on your own? Well, if you are a DIY expert, then installing the motorized curtain can be quite an easy task. However, if you are oblivious to DIY projects, you can follow the instructions listed below to install the curtains.

Besides, if you find the entire process quite tricky, you can hire a professional who has experience installing electric curtains.

High-Quality & Durability

Motorized drapes tend to be expensive. Thus, it is necessary to choose ones that are worth the cost. Herein, look for smart curtains that have a maximum weight. Moreover, when the curtains are heavy or long, you can choose a motorized curtain that will hold the weight.

Pricing of Curtains

Similar to other purchases, the cost of the item is always proportional to the quality. There are plenty of new brands that offer top-quality products at cost-effective prices. Besides, the smarter the features, the higher will be the price.

Retrofit or New Curtains

If you want to retain the old curtains with electric curtains, you can choose ones that are compatible with the current style. On the other hand, if you want to choose a new curtain, pick for ones compatible with electric ones.

Integrate with Smart Home Hub

It is easy to support electric curtains using a remote. These remotes are designed with many features. For example, some remotes can be activated using voice activation and include a timer that allows closing and opening.

Besides, they can also be integrated with voice control assistants like Google Home, Alexa and controlled with a smartphone app.

Questions surrounding Smart Curtains

Method for installing motorized curtains

It is easy to install motorized drapes, and the tools you require include a screwdriver and scissors. Besides, you can install the motorized curtains manually by following the instructions enlisted in the manual or following the video. With this, you can complete the entire installation within 2 hours.

The package comprises all the necessary accessories that are necessary for installing a motorized curtain system. Besides, it is also adjustable and thus fits a wide array of window sizes. You need to hook the curtains or pair them with your smart app to operate it.

How do motorized curtains function?

You can fit a motorized curtain using a curtain track, and it is connected with the motor and includes a sensor through which you can easily detect the WiFi signal. Moreover, you can command the motor remotely using a wall switch, smartphone app, remote, voice assistant for carrying the functions of opening, closing, or stopping the curtain in any position.

What is the cost of motorized drapes?

The cost of a single motorized curtain is as low as $220, whereas the premium option costs around $1,000. Moreover, the overall cost of the curtain will depend on how many electric curtains you install.

Method for retrofitting the existing curtains to make them automatic?

It is easy to convert the existing curtain into a motorized curtain, and however, you must choose the type of opening system you are looking for in your current curtain. Besides, it is to be noted that smart curtain tracks work only with a horizontal hook-on curtain which is not compatible with grommet drapes.

How can I control curtains using Alexa?

Motorized curtains allow the entire operations to be performed using a wall switch or a remote. Besides, there are plenty of smarter options. There you can connect with your smartphone or WiFi. In addition, they are also compatible with other voice control assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home.

Moreover, motorized curtains are not compatible with Alexa, and thus you require a third-party hub to connect the smart curtains.

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Final Conclusion

After a long search and reading the features of different motorized curtains, we found 5 top choices that comprise all the necessary features our customers are looking for. Besides, we also added additional 3 options that include all the features you are looking for.

Here we present our top choices, including the Switch bot Curtain Motor and Quoya Smart Drapery System. However, the best choice for you will be a combination of the best-suited budget, direction of opening, size of the window, and your personal preference.

If there are any questions related to motorized curtains, you can leave your queries in the comments box below.


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