Best Smart Shower Systems 2021: Buying Guide & Review!

Smart showers can do things that you can never imagine or think about. They were invented just a few years back. Some people usually reproach saying “why does one need a smart shower?” or “How difficult is it to use a knob?” Well, smart showers are much beyond that. 

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The smart shower unit provides you with real benefits in comparison to the standard shower. However,  the smart shower unit is usually purchased as it is much more luxurious and stylish than being useful.

To find the most economical shower with great customer reviews, I’ve examined every smart shower unit available in the market. This read is a sum up of the research. I hope it’ll help you with picking the smart shower system of your choice and preference. As smart showers are a new technology in the market, and they’re somewhat expensive as well, I could only find some of them.

After researching them, there are only two smart shower units that are easily available in the United States. These are the Kohler Konnect and U by Moen systems. The SmarTap seems like a genuine product. It also comes with loads of neat smart features, however, it is only available in Europe.

Here’s a list of the products along with their prices.

Products Price
KOHLER 99693-P-NA DTV+ Digital Shower Interface $1,000.89
KOHLER K-528-K1-NA DTV+ Digital Two-Port Thermostatic Valve $669.34
Kohler K-97999-NA DTV Konnect Module $514.00
U by Moen TS3302TB Smart Home Connected Bathroom Controller, 2-Outlet $360.00
U by Moen S3102 Thermostatic Valve 2-Outlet $549.95


Smart Shower- What Is It?

So before we get into talking about the most advanced smart shower units, let’s start with what a smart shower means.

The 4 Stages Of Shower Intelligence

  • Regular Shower

A regular shower is usually used by most people. A standard shower has a knob kind of grip, which is manually pulled or twisted to adjust the temperature, and of course, turn on the water.

  • Thermostatic Valve

The thermostatic valve is a step further from the standard shower. Though you’ll have to pull or twist the handle here as well to get the water. However, this one has an in-built thermostatic valve. This valve automatically mixes up the water and maintains a constant temperature. This one will prevent the situation where flushing a toilet causes a hot burst of water to crash your shower.

  • Digital Shower

A Digital shower is a level ahead of the thermostatic valve. It includes electronic controls to switch on or off along with a thermostatic valve. You can control the on/off and temperature by pressing the pins on the digital screen. You can also program the digital showers as per your needs and routines. Each family member can have customized temperature timers or settings.

  • Smart Shower

The end game is the latest smart shower. It includes all the features of a digital shower along with a smart home integration. You can set your preferred water flow rate, temperature, shower duration, outlet and so much more. It is extremely convenient as you can do all these things either through a voice command or smartphone app or simply the controlled display of the smart shower.

However, not every smart shower comes with these features. 

Advantages Of Getting A Smart Shower

Well, the manufacturers kind of got carried away when they were including smart connectivity to the gadgets. So, basically, why would you want to connect the internet to your shower?

  • Regular And Precise Water Temperature

This is the prime advantage of having a thermostatic valve. It prevents extreme temperature changes when someone turns on the kitchen tap or flushes the toilet. The thermostatic valve automatically combines the incoming water and this keeps a consistent temperature.

Honestly, it’s not important to pair up your Wi-Fi connection with the smart shower to get the benefits of the thermostatic valve. You can simply get a thermostatic valve installed in your regular shower.

  • Security – Scald Prevention

With the smart shower, you can set your preferred water temperature. This way you can make a safe shower surrounding for your vulnerable family members such as the elderly and kids. 

The smart shower coming in the market also has in-built restrictions on how hot water temperature you can get. So, there’s not even a chance to scald yourself by casually raising the temperature to extremely hot.

  • Make Your Perfect Shower Experience Remotely

You can do this with the help of the app of your smart shower’s brand. To get the perfect temperature for your shower, you don’t have to twist the knob anymore. Just press the shower preset of your preference with the help of your smartphone, and that’s it.

You can even read the current news while you’re waiting for your smart shower to create your ideal temperature.

  • Voice Activation

To make your life cooler and simpler, you can manage the water temperature, activate the shower preset as per your preference, and even use the outlet you want, all these things only with a voice command feature.

  • Helps In A Quick Fresh Morning Routine

Companies such as Moen lets you schedule the shower duration of your choice. This not only speeds up your morning schedule but also reduces your electricity and water consumption.

If you have a big household, then this feature is most beneficial. It’ll decrease the morning chaos by rushing shower queues.

  • Decreases Energy And Water Usage

With these showers, you can not only save money but will also be eco-friendly.

Along with all these features, the smart shower can even decrease monthly water consumption by around 3%. Some companies even declare that their products can save around 50% water usage each year.

Not only does the water consumption, but it also decreases the energy consumption that is needed to heat the water.

  • Neat Walk-in Shower Layout

As these showers don’t have a knob-like handle, so you’ll have a smooth walk-in shower with very few barriers. On top of that, you can switch to the hand-operated gadget anytime with the help of the digital touchscreen. This feels comfortable and futuristic.

4 Things To Consider Before Buying Smart Shower

  • The Temperature Control Range Of The Smart Shower

This particularly depends on your preferred brand. The range for temperature control of U bt Moen is around 600F to 1200F.

Most people usually prefer this range of temperature control. On the other hand, the SmarTap can go beyond the above-mentioned limit. The temperature control range for SmarTap is around 500F to 1130F.

  • Does The Smart Shower Need Electricity?

Most people don’t wire power to their smart shower. The thermostatic valve doesn’t need any electricity as it is a mechanical device. It manages the mixing of cold/hot water. However, if the thermostatic valve directs flow, then it will need electricity.

So, the smart shower unit’s water control valve needs power, just like other digital gadgets. So, this might make your installation tricky.

Now you might be wondering, what if the electricity goes off while you’re in the middle of shampooing your hair?

So in this case, you don’t have to bother about the water getting stuck on. In this case, when the valve fully loses power, it will go back to the off position again.

However, if you want to keep the water on, then don’t worry. There’s a battery backup as well that helps in this case. But not every brand has this safety net. So, if you want to stay cautious, then it’s ideal to pick the company that offers you such as SmarTap or U by Moen.

  • The Number Of Outlets Smart Showers Have And How Many You Need?

Every outlet gives a way for the water flow. Generally, people have two tubes (one for cold water, the other for hot water) getting into your controller. After you modify the settings, your controllers then steer the water run out to any number of outlets.

It also depends on the company and the number of shower accessories you own. Every outlet is particularly used for the shower accessory. However, if you have a handheld shower line and a showerhead, then the 2-outlet variant is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you have a body spray unit along with a showerhead and a handheld shower, then you should pick the 4-outlet variant. The U by Moen has 2 and 4 both outlet versions. Whereas the Kohler DTV+’s valve comes in 2-6 outlet versions.

  • Can You Install A Smart Shower By Yourself?

Well, installing a smart shower unit is much more than DIY. Normally, the install needs plumbing, electrical, and even some minor finishing and framing.

It might be an expensive install if you can not install it yourself. You might have to book a plumber, a carpenter, and an electrician separately. On top of that, as these are the latest products, there are only a few builders who can install them. So, because of this, you might be charged extra. Also, they might even have to figure out what should be done.

Plus, a unit such as U by Moen needs access to the smart shower’s power valves. This indicates that you should place your shower in the spot where the valve is available. A perfect setup is to have a shower closet on the counter side of the shower surface where the panel is installed.

The Available Smart Shower Units In the Market

U By Moen

The very first cloud-based showering unit is the U by Moen. This includes additional stages of service to your showering preference. Plus, it is elegantly designed and comes with a user-friendly interface. It also has a 5-inch LCD.

The complete unit includes an electronically managed thermostatic valve and a digital control inset. Every part comes in both the 2-output port and the 4-output port option.

You can even make your water temperature precise, set your shower times, make shower presets, activate the shower accessories you want to use and so much more.

All the features can be performed just with a voice command. You can command it by either pressing the smart shower controller’s key or simply with the help of your smartphone. Plus, to ensure the safety of your connection, every gadget of U by Moen smart shower comes with a unique encrypted code.

You can allow voice control by pairing up your Alexa with the smart shower. Once your integration is completed then, you can start with commanding it to initiate your preferred shower experience. Plus, it can easily integrate with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit as well.

One of the unique features is that it has the pause water flow mode. This feature will automatically stop the water flow, once it has reached your preferred temperature. It doesn’t matter if you’re inside the shower or not. You’ll be notified by the on-screen notification or app notification whether your shower is ready or not.

Check the current price of U By Moen Shower System

Kohler DTV+ Along With The Kohler Konnect

DTV+ is an acronym for the digital thermostatic valve. This device can turn your home shower into a spa. 

The Kohler Konnect unit comprises three parts: a smart module, an electronically managed thermostatic valve, and a digital control panel.

This device’s features were made to impress you. They were served by the shower fixture production and a powerhouse in the leisure bathroom.

It can perfectly schedule the precise temperature, make presets, and control every shower part just like the other smart shower. However, what makes it stand special is its capacity to manage 4 elements (lighting, steam, water, and music) to simulate a calm spa retreat.

You can pair it up with Google Assistant or Alexa to enable all the features through the voice assistant, app, or interface.

The Kohler DTV+ claims 11 pre-planned spa settings. These settings intend to refresh the body and mind. You can add the features and number of shower parts to get a preferred spa-like sense.

But, if you want to get the complete spa-like simulation, then it’ll cost you much more. The stream ( Digital thermostatic valve Tandem Steam Adapter Kit), lighting, music (SoundTile Speakers), and other shower components are sold separately. A single thermostatic valve usually has around 6 outlets, so you can build a deluxe walk-in shower for yourself.

One of the cool features of the Kohler Konnect smart shower is its temperature therapy feature. Because hydrotherapy helps in improving multiple diseases. The temperature therapy feature of this shower can do hydrotherapy.  Through their app or the digital interface with the smart display, you can make cold-to-hot and hot-to-cold cycles as per your need. This feature alone makes it worthy enough.

Check the current price of Kohler DTV Konnect Module


If you’re someone who lives in an extremely chilly area, then this smart shower could be the one for you. The SmarTap comes with a feature that can detect leaks. Hence, preventing the pipes from hardening.

It can learn your routine and habits, then it automatically adjusts to your growing needs with time. This is one of their most exciting features.

In comparison to all the smart showers on the list, the SmarTap has the most minimalist, user-friendly, and sleekest controller. The SmarTap is made by the Queo, the luxury sanitary ware. They’re known for their line of intuitively designed goods. So, it is not shocking that it has a beautiful design. 

SmarTap can also integrate with Google Assistant and Alexa, just like the rest of the smart shower. Plus, you can also set different showering schedules, just like the Kohler DTV+ with Kohler Konnect and U by Moen. The SmarTap can also connect with IFTTT easily.

But SmarTap comes with two controllers, unlike the others. The one dial controller is used for the sink or bathtub whereas the two dial controller can be used for the shower. As per your need, you can either use them as stand-alone or both simultaneously.

Additionally, SmarTap also has an in-built self-test i.e., BIST. This ensures that the unit is working properly and is in good shape. Also, it has an in-built battery backup, just in case the power cuts off. It has automated software updates along with a five-year guarantee.

You can get them online in Europe. However, they are not available in the United States. So, the only way you can get these is by contacting the dealers.

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If you want to future-proof your place and take a step ahead in making them smarter, then smart showers are a good accessory. If you want to get a smart shower asap, then U by Moen is the one for your desire.

However, if you can spend a little much, then the Kohler Konnect is worth it. Kohler is known for designing the complete set of smart bathroom commodities.

However, it’s okay if you’re not ready to spend money on a smart shower, yet. As there are limited options available in the market, plus, the smart shower is still emerging. So, there might be some technical bumps as well.

However, I think the smart showers are full of potential. So, it won’t take much time before another smart shower comes with a Wi-Fi integration so they can pair up with the smart home as well. 


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