Best Smart Thermostat That Are Compatible With Alexa

Once you’re in the habit of managing the temperature just with a voice command to the Amazon Echo, it gets really hard to switch back to the old methods of using a dial or app.

If you’re looking for a smart thermostat, just search out the words “Works With Alexa”. This way you’ll find some smart thermostats that are compatible with your Alexa-enabled devices, like Echo Dot, Amazon Echo. This will help you as all the devices would be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. Those thermostats are easy to look for. Here I’ve mentioned some Smart Thermostat that are compatible with Alexa:

If you’re looking for an Alexa inbuilt thermostat, then search for “Alexa-enabled”. You’ll probably find some Alexa inbuilt thermostats. But, as per my knowledge, the ecobee4 is probably the only primary thermostat that comes with inbuilt Alexa hardware.


How Does Alexa Operate With Your Thermostat?

It is quite easy, all you’ve to do is give a voice command to Alexa and it’ll be done. Here are some examples of the commands concerning the smart thermostat:

  • “Alexa set the living room temperature till 65°.”
  • “Alexa set the (your thermostat’s name) till 75°.”
  • “Alexa, increase the temperature by 4°.”

Here, I’ve provided the link for the Alexa commands specified by the manufacturer.

Let’s discuss some of the top picks.


This thermostat is an Alexa-enabled one which means instead of commanding Alexa-enabled gadgets in your place, you can simply give a voice command to the ecobee4 thermostat. As this thermostat comes with an inbuilt Alexa, it makes it easier for the user.

It also comes with a cute small blue light embedded on the top of it, which shows that Alexa is thinking or speaking. Not only the Alexa integration but the ecobee4 is practically the same as the ecobee3.


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Ecobee3 is one of the best smart thermostats. It operates with Alexa or Alexa-enabled devices. It uses the person’s “room sensor” to identify temperature and motion based on rooms. This resolves the issue of under-cooled or under-heated rooms.

As it operates with Alexa, all you’ve to do is say, “Alexa, fix the temperature to 75” to any Alexa-enabled device like a Dot or an Echo. From there, ecobee3 can simply take out the actions.

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Emerson Sensi

This thermostat also operates with Alexa. Honestly, this is one of the budget-friendly thermostats in the range of the smart thermostat. But don’t think it comprises any feature, no. It can work even without a C-wire in most of the systems. This makes it a favorite pick for places that lack wiring.

Along with the combined Alexa support, this thermostat continues to stay in the competition with smart thermostats.


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Nest Learning Thermostat

This thermostat also operates very well with Alexa. You must have heard of the phrase “Old is Gold”. This phrase sits perfectly for the Nest Learning Thermostat. It comes with its iconic fresh circular interface and click-wheel layout. It is easy to use as it simply tries to understand your schedule, so you don’t even have to plan your schedule on it. 

And along with the Alexa integration, it gets much easier to use.

Nest Thermostat

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Honeywell Smart Thermostat (RTH9580WF)

This thermostat also operates with Alexa. Yes, I get it the name is quite hard, but trust me, with its high-resolution touch screen and distinct features, it provides a smart experience. Along with that, it can manage your Schedules and HVAC system with much more variations, in comparison to the Nest thermostat.

Even though it has been in the business for a long time, it is still updating its features such as Alexa support.

Honeywell thermostat

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If you still want to look for some more Smart Thermostats that are compatible with Alexa, then here is the list for some of them. However, I haven’t reviewed them yet, but they also come with Alexa integrations:

I hope this read helped you with picking your perfect thermostat!


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