Best Tools to Use for Self Defense in your Home (DON’T IGNORE!)

Having a roof above your head does feel safe, but how secured are you really? We all do not only want to feel safe but also live it in real. And this is possible if no intruder breaks into our house. However, what if someone breaks into your place? Here arises the question, what would be your first reaction to keep you and your loved ones safe?

Delay encountering them face-to-face

At the time of trouble, being instinctive works well over haste. Well, it is no time to show your bravery but act with sense. Thus, first, try to understand where the intruder is in the house. First, if the thief or burglar is in the living space and has not yet entered your room, then it is perhaps safe. You have sufficient time to stay in the room and quickly call up the cops.

Wondering why are we suggesting you not go into the attack mode? To begin with, you don’t know who the intruder is and what they are thinking. Besides, you never know if they are carrying any weapon or how well trained they are as a fighter. While you may put all your might into confronting the intruder, it is wise not to risk your life over material possessions.

While it has been going well until now, the risk is when the intruder is not sticking to one place. What if they are slowly entering the room your hiding or where your children or family is sleeping? Thus, it’s always better to be prepared and plan your escape.

Do you have a Plan?

Forget just Plan A, but have a Plan B, C, D, E, F everything ready to deal with such a situation. When it comes to fight or flight, your adrenaline may take over your instincts. Having a plan will free you from taking any unforeseen step and hurting others.

How do you know what to plan?

Know your skills. Are you good at martial arts? Do you have any weapons?

Know what you have with you that can be used as a weapon. If any intruder has entered your home, what steps will you take to ward them off?

Be well-adept with your surroundings. Know if there is any narrow way or small hallways where you can use weapons accordingly. If you have a restrictive hallway, then having pepper spray can make it easier.

However, a weapon for self-defence can be useful. So, here we present useful weapons for facing the intruder, thereby advantaging you with more options.

Here we present our top 9 self-defence tools for your household


Tasers are one of the most authentic and sought weapons if you do not want them to be lethal. Besides, you need not worry about the pepper spray hitting back in your eyes. Furthermore, there is no worry about your room’s fan backfiring on you by blowing the spray on you.

However, that doesn’t have few cons too. You must reach the attacker, and it can be quite impossible if you are not in proximity. It can be a downside for you; if the intruder has a weapon too or is skilled in fighting, you need to apply all your tactics to make it work.

On the pro side, a Taser is inexpensive. You can get this one on Amazon listed among top sellers, rated at the top currently priced at $24.

Pepper Spray

Sought by many, pepper spray makes the most terrific weapons. Pepper spray works wonders in the range of 10 feet or 3 meters, making it possible to play with the intruder even if they have a weapon. Moreover, you would have never planned to kill your intruder and get into a legal battle. Pepper Spray does help in keeping the intruder away, is non-lethal, saving you from emotional and psychological trauma.

Additionally, a tiny bottle of pepper spray will surely give you sufficient time to plan your attack or next step to subdue your intruder or getaway. Want to know another pro side of pepper spray? It is cost-friendly, pricing only $10, but you can get yourself spray that is several burst effective. Check this pepper spray from Amazon.

On the con side, you may end up hitting the pepper spray into your skin or eyes, causing irritation. However, the risk can come down if your indoors as a little breezy blow will not harm you much.

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Never judge a book by its cover and a weapon by its size. It is something that applies perfectly to a baton. Although small, it is a prime weapon used by law enforcement, and with this handy, you are much readier to get into a physical fight for home defence. However, it also calls for quickness and strength to swing it on the intruder, especially making it an advantageous move if your attacker is unarmed.

But having a baton should not make you think about having won the battle. It would be best if you kept your eyes and ears open for any attack from the opposite side. A baton can inflict much greater damage to the intruder than merely wading them away. Moreover, if your attacker has entered your bedroom where your family is sleeping, then the plan can be much more than merely looting away things. It is time to defend yourself, and the baton does the required task.

We give baton and taser brownie points like the one available on Amazon. It is beneficial, like a taser with a long-range and a blunt object to swing it around.

Baseball Bat

When you cannot find sophisticated weapons for home defence, the next step is to find things from around your surrounding. A Louisville Slugger… hmm… to make it easy for you, a baseball bat can be your great confidante. It has good weight and range as well, thereby making it an authentic weapon. Because, with a baseball bat in your hand swinging around, your intruder may change their plan to attack you and rather sneak out.

The baseball bat is one of the handiest and sought weapons. Here’s a secret… I have one in my room as well.

They may be extremely long on the con side, which can backfire if you have narrow hallways or a doorway where you have to fight the attacker. Herein, a shorter baton can be handier and work well.


How can we forget to include a knife in the top list of self-defence items? Knives fall on par with batons. They can do wonders to deter the intruder. Besides, no matter space, it works well even in small spaces.

The downside: Well, it does have a shorter range like a taser, unless you have a long knife for which you needn’t go too close to the attacker. A short-range knife can be lethal if it’s in hand-to-hand combat. If you are not shrewd, then your knife may end up in your attacker’s hand.

Thus, we recommend you to rather opt for other weapons as listed above than a knife. But if it is a knife that is all that you have, then there can be nothing better than it.

Key Chain as Weapons

Do you know your car keys might make a good home defence weapon? Lets, look at it this way. Make a fist around the keys, ensuring one or more stick out of your fingers. That would possibly make your punches more effective and ward them off too. If not, then they would surely work as projectile considering their jagged edges and weight.

Furthermore, taking about keys, you can find a variety of key chain weapon options, the one including ring too, that can make it easy to fix your fist and use it as a weapon. Check out on Amazon, where you can find a varied option that looks like a self-defence weapon and handy.

Thus, if you use a car key as a self-defence weapon, it may surely help you think for the next step while attacking your intruder.

Leather Belt

It can come as a shocker. A Leather Belt can truly be a great self-defence weapon. Try choosing a wide leather that has a heavy buckle. Besides, here is another USP of a leather belt. It can capture any range due to its length, also can be used to strangle or tie up your intruder, turning them incapacitate. Just grab the belt by its buckle and swing it around.

On the con side, a belt may prove to be similar to a bat. Herein, especially if you are confined in a smaller or narrower space, its effectiveness may fall. However, if you are in an open room, nothing can save your intruder from getting attacked by your prowess.

Tactical Pen

If you are thinking of getting into hand-to-hand combat, then a tactical pen can do wonders. Gerber Tactical Pens are effective as they sound heavy-duty and pen-shaped. Thus, it is quite easy to fool your attacker into believing you are attacking with a pen when you are carrying a pandora’s box with you.

Many tactical pens open as knives, whereas others are used widely as a glass breaker. Few even come with a LED flashlight adding to advantage if someone is entering your house at night. A tactical pen is used for poking or stabbing your attacker. The one on Amazon did allure us, which comes with a flashlight, glass-breaker and also works as an actual pen.

On the downside, they can be ineffective, similar to other short-range weapons. You need to be really in proximity with your attacker to swing it on them, which can prove to be lethal if your attacker is well-trained in combat.

Any object you can throw or swing around

Having a plan handy for such trying situations is noteworthy. On the other hand, it can also be quite a thing to plan everything. You may never know when an intruder or assailant may enter your house. At such moments, using your sense and objects available around you can well be a wonder. It may be a little cane or an umbrella that can keep them away.

Besides, your computer mouse or speaker can also work in your favour to reduce the range issue by just throwing them on the attacker.

The crux here is to be shrewd and ready when your attacker tries to attack you. Be fearless, and you can stop the violent attacks by using all your senses and thoughts together. Besides, it doesn’t matter if your attacker has a weapon; he can be warded off if you use your sense and pick up a book or a nightstand to throw on them. It does render you time to subdue them and plan your next move.

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Protect your Family and Loved Ones

It is wise to remember that more than the material things in the house, it is the people who matter. Thus, if you are upstairs or in a bedroom and an intruder downstairs trying to take away belongings, it is better to call the police. But if the people are in danger, then better pick a weapon or have a weapon handy to ward off the mess.


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