Can You Use a Smart Plug With a TV? (Surprising Answer!)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you automatically switch on and off your TV? Well, now the question arises if it is possible with a smart plug. 

The answer is, yes you can use the smart plug with your TV. You can plug your Television into the smart plug. Smart plugs are not limited to one kind of electronic gadget, you can use them with any electronic device. Just make sure that the maximum energy limit isn’t exceeded by the devices connected with the smart plug.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will have to keep your TV on 24/7. If you switch it off, then it will make the smart plug unusable.

Smart plugs are convenient and highly efficient. You can get them and make your everyday appliances a little smarter. However is it possible to use a voice assistant to switch on your Television through the smart plug? Are there any better options than a smart plug to improve your Television? Let’s get into it!


How Can You Plug Your Television Into The Smart Plug?

Can You Use a Smart Plug With a TV

Now that you know you can plug your Television into the Smart plugs, the next question that arises is How?

So, here are some things that you should consider so that all the things go smoothly:

  • Make sure your TV is switched on.
  • Install the Smart Plug App.
  • Pair your Smart Plug with Your Wi-Fi.
  • Configure and Enable it in the Smart Plug App.
  • Check out that the wattage matches the terms of the Smart plug.
  • Install the Alexa App and allow the Smart Plug Skill.

If you don’t know where you can look for the wattage specifications, then check the user manual/guide or documentation that has come with your smart plug. You can even look online on the manufacturer’s website for that.

If your smart plug supports voice assistant or Alexa, then installing Alexa Skills will let you command Alexa to switch on your Television. Isn’t it just next level?

Now we’ve looked at how you can plug your TV with the Smart plug. Are there any better options for this? Well, of course. There are multiple alternatives apart from the smart plug and tv combo.

Other Options To Switch On Your Television Automatically

Here are some alternatives to switch on/off your TV automatically.

Alexa and Harmony Hub

In the field of remote technology and Smart TV, harmony is the best. Harmony’s hub allows you to manage much more than just your Television. It supports Alexa and you can command Alexa to do things.

  • Switch on the TV.
  • Increase the Volume.
  • Mute the TV.
  • Switch the Channel to HBO.

This is one of the best ways to improve your smart TV experience.

Google Home

Chromecast and Google Home

For this one, your household should be google integrated. You have to have some things:

  • Google Home
  • TV that is compatible with CEC i.e., Consumer Electronics Control.
  • Chromecast

The most crucial part is that the CEC on your TV should be enabled. So, if your TV has something named an LG: Simp “Link” or simply any term with a “Link” feature, then it most likely has CEC. Plus, it’s also known as HDMI-CEC, as this feature allows you to manage your TC through multiple HDMI gadgets like your PS4 or Xbox.

Once the setup is done, you can ask Google to switch on your TV.

Harmony Hub with IFTTT Route

If you don’t have any Alexa gadget, and you need some other option, then you always go for IFTTT. This means If this, then that. This allows you to set up actions and workflows to do things automatically.

Buy a Smart TV

Buying a Smart Tv is the simplest way to switch off/on your TV automatically. It depends on which features you want. 

For example, the Samsung Smart TV comes with programmed options to automatically switch on and off your TV. Well, most standard TV already has this feature, so it’s not much of a thing.

You can schedule it to switch from Monday to Friday at 5 PM when you come home from work. And then set it to switch off around 7 PM, when you finish your preferred TV show.

The downside is that you won’t get all the voice assistants to switch off or on your Television.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you protect your electronics when they’re plugged into the smart plugs?

There’s a gadget named a surge protector. This device looks pretty similar to a power strip. This device can add a coat of security to electronic appliances in case there’s a damaged circuit or power spike. This gadget is particularly helpful for high-priced electronics like televisions and computers. These appliances need a huge amount of power draw and would be expensive to replace in case it gets damaged.

Fortunately, this security isn’t limited only to the in-built wall outlets. The surge protector can be plugged in and run with the smart plugin the very same way. Make sure that devices that are connected don’t exceed the max power limit. Plus, there are some specific surge protectors as well, they are called “smart surge protectors“. You can also connect them with Wi-Fi and they support smart plugs as well.

Can smart tv work wihtout internet

For how much does the smart plug come for?

There are different types and models of smart plugs available in the market. They have a wide range of characteristics and features. Most of the popular smart plugs available in the market usually range from $20 – $50.

However, there are more advanced gadgets that can carry out an additional function. But it will be quite expensive. Though the investment is worth it. If you want, you can get the smart plugs for all the outlets in your place. It reduces the energy consumption monthly.

How exactly do the smart plugs work?

As we’ve discussed before, smart plugs are an economical way to switch your standard place into a smart home. So, now the question arises, how do smart plugs work?

The smart plug is a tiny device. It looks like a wall socket and is plugged into your existing socket. It’s a cover that fits over the wall outlets and has its plugs. Here you can plug-in devices and draw energy.

The difference between the standard outlets and the smart plug is the advanced control and technology that comes with it after a device is plugged in it. Each smart plug is paired up with the corresponding app. With the help of this app, you can interact with the gadgets that are paired up with the smart plug. It also sends a separate command to all of them.

So basically, a smart plug switches all the connected devices into the smart one. You can simply control them with smart integration.

In simple words, it can completely turn the regular electronic device into a smart one. You can manage each gadget with the help of a remote. You can operate devices simply by connecting them to smart plugs. Even if you’re not at your home, you can still start all the functions and controls.

Apart from the convenient button management, the smart plugs also have a user-friendly interface. Its scheduling feature can make a more user-friendly experience. You can plan schedules for a particular day. This way they don’t have to share the message to all the gadgets every time these actions are carried out.

It can cover the same gadgets or set of gadgets doing some functions or switching off and on either on some specific day or every day throughout the week. For example, you can schedule all your laps to switch on every Friday around 7 a.m.  

Smart plugs are very popular in the market right now. They have a wide range of useful features which makes them very user-friendly. There’s a whole pool of choices for the smart plugs, consisting of all the kinds of styles, special features, functions, and different brands. Some of the smart plugs are very economical and most likely they will save loads of power and consequently money on recurring bills.

Can You Use a Smart Plug With a TV


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What do you need to use the smart plug?

To use any gadget with the smart plug, make sure the connected device is switched on all the time. This way you can even manage the devices remotely through your smartphone app.

However, if you’ve switched off your device manually at some times, then the smart plug won’t be able to manage the actions and commands that are coming from the app.

So, in simple words, every gadget that is connected to the smart plug should idle so that the smart plug can send the command to the concerned devices. However, if the device is not responsive then you won’t be able to automatically command the device to turn off or on. It won’t be convenient enough.

So, if you plug any device into the smart plugs, then you can easily control it with the help of the app. However, there are specific requirements that depend on what type of gadget you’re plugging into the smart plug.


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