Can You Watch Netflix On Amazon Echo Show? (Surprising!)

Have you ever thought about watching your favorite Netflix show on Amazon echo show? Indeed, it is the best way to spend your free time. However, technically it isn’t possible to watch Netflix on your Amazon echo show.

Some people insist that there are some ways to access that. However, trying out a different solution isn’t worth it. Even Google Home devices aren’t compatible with playing Netflix. To stream on smart home devices, Netflix has to allow the support. So, if you are having a regular Echo show 5 or Echo show, it is nearly impossible to watch Netflix.

So let’s find out why Netflix isn’t involved in the Echo show, along with that, how you can watch Netflix on your Echo show? Let’s dig in!

Why Netflix streaming isn’t compatible with the Amazon Echo show?

You can stream Amazon Prime videos on all your Echo show devices. Recently, Amazon also added the Hulu app that serves greatly on the Echo show. It’s not only about Netflix but even Amazon has to solve the problem and enable streaming on the Echo devices. However, none of these streaming platforms is drawn to execute this.

Indeed, Netflix works better on the web, however, it doesn’t work well on tablets and mobile. Have you ever tried watching Netflix on your phone? It appears that Netflix works well at broadband services. The minimum speed required to video stream Netflix smoothly is around 10 Mbps.

People tried to resolve the issue by streaming Netflix on Echo show 2nd gen and Echo show 8. However, as mentioned before, it is nearly impossible to stream Netflix on Echo devices. Earlier Youtube was also restrained to stream videos on the Echo devices, but with the recent updates, they’ve allowed it.

However, Netflix doesn’t let you stream on Google’s home hub too. Indeed there might be some reasons behind Netflix restricting streaming on the smart displays.

Can You Stream Youtube on your Echo Show?

Yes, of course. You can stream Youtube on the amazon echo show. It has a simple method to do it. All you’ve to do is wake up your Alexa and command it to play Youtube on your Echo show’s screen.

Try it out with, “Alexa, Play Uptown Funk on Youtube”, or you can even ask for your favorite videos. And the next thing you know is, it will start the video and stream it on the screen. However, the only issue is that the screen space is rather smaller. If you want to access it into full-screen mode, you’ll have to do it manually.

One annoying thing is when your video ends and the next one starts streaming, it will revert to a small screen and you’ll have to access the full-screen again.

Google vs Youtube On The Echo Show

In the previous section, we discussed that you can directly stream Youtube on Alexa. However, when you’re using Google, it’s rather different. For that, you should open google before using Alexa commands to explore.

You cannot open the search engine through the home screen, unlike Youtube. If you try to do it, it will display the search events but not from Google.

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Netflix On Your Amazon Echo Show

Here the question arises, why can’t amazon echo show stream Netflix on your devices when it can do loads of things on a smartphone and tablet?

Amazon echo show is compatible with Firefox and Silk browser. The Silk browser is Amazon’s browser.

The homepage is just like any other homepage, so, once you search for Netflix, it will direct you to download the app through the play store. However, when you try downloading it, the play store can’t detect your device. Hence, neither you can download Netflix on your device nor you can stream it on your tablet.

Even if you try it on your latest Amazon Echo show 8, streaming Netflix is near to impossible, and watching Youtube is suffering. However, if you’re lucky enough you’ll be directed to access Netflix through the portrait mode. But the rest of Echo show gadgets don’t come with portrait mode. 

To be honest, streaming Netflix in portrait mode is a horrible experience and on top of that, using Echo show devices to watch youtube is annoying as well.

You can pick a browser on your Echo Show, then say “Alexa, open Silk’. Then navigate to, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get access to log in and use the website version of Netflix. 

However, if you couldn’t access it through that, it will direct you to download the app from the play store and we all know the Echo show is not compatible with the play store.

And if you try accessing it through the browser, the official website will direct you to enter through portrait mode to continue the streaming. As most Echo show gadgets aren’t compatible with the Portrait mode, that means you’ll have to leave the site. Hence, you would not be able to stream your favorite shows.

How Can You Watch Netflix On Your Echo Show?

So, here’s a way to stream Netflix on your Echo Show. However, this hasn’t been experimented with over every Amazon Echo Show gadget. Again luck plays an important role here, if you’re having good luck, this trick might work for you. As it only works seldom.

Navigate to Settings on your Echo Show ad, then select Legal compliance. You can look out for this at the end of the setting page. Now under the legal and Compliance, go to Amazon privacy notice. Once you tap on “Your Account”, you will be redirected to the Amazon Store. Here, you’ll have to insert Google on the Amazon search panel.

Now after searching for Google, search the product through and then open it. Once you opened it, scroll down and click on the Privacy policy link. Here you have to click on the Youtube Icon through the “My Account” section. Like this, you’ve to go for Netflix as well.

However, I will not recommend this method, as it might violate the official policies of Amazon. The better alternative would be that Amazon and Netflix agree to run Netflix shows on the Echo show. It will be best for everyone.

All these ways are pretty complex and confusing. Also, when users try these methods and it fails, which is highly possible, they’ll be disappointed. As it is said if you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to watch Netflix on your Echo show.

Is This Some Kind Of Hack?

No, this isn’t a breach or hack. You’re only taking benefits by changing personal settings, nothing else. However, if you’re concerned about privacy and security issues, do ensure that you understand everything on the legal compliance before you do anything mentioned here.

Just one more thing, you should know that these methods only work on those echo show devices that are compatible with the portrait mode. So, it won’t work on most of the Echo show devices.

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Can You Use Your PC For Streaming Netflix And Bluetooth For Audio?

Yes, you can do this. You can listen to the audio from a Bluetooth speaker and can stream Netflix on your personal computer. All you’ve to do is pair up your Echo Show with your computer. You can pair up Echo with your computer using Bluetooth, that’s it. It will run well.

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Other Option Rather Than The Echo Show

If you love Netflix and want to combine Netflix with an Amazon device, you should look for the Amazon Fire tablet to stream Netflix. However, if you’re not into it, then you’ll have to change platforms. Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are the best choices if you want to stream on the Echo show.

I don’t know the reason behind Netflix not streaming on the Amazon Echo Show, but for sure, you wouldn’t want to miss watching Netflix with your friends and family. As it is an exceptional experience.

Despite this drawback of the Amazon Echo Show, I’ll recommend it as a product. As it’s just like a checked tablet with a great streaming experience that plays prime videos and music. Even though the Echo show isn’t compatible with Netflix, I hope it supports streaming Netflix in the future.


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