Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub Review (Is It WORTH?)

So, we recently brought a new Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub from Amazon’s Prime Day sale. It cost us merely $30, which we still decided to purchase considering the product listed under top recommendations for the best smart garage door controller.

However, after a month of using the product dedicatedly, we had our views changed. While it doesn’t cost a bomb, it surely doesn’t top our list of best smart garage doors. Yet, if you are somebody who uses smart home devices very casually and looking for devices that are easy to install and use, then Chamberlain MyQ is the one for you.



First, the Chamberlain MyQ smart garage hub acts as a retrofit device that has the capacity of transforming your old garage door opener and turning it into a smart door opener.

Note: Are you thinking of replacing your old garage door opener and getting a smart one instead? Well, then do not forget to check out our review about the Chamberlain smart garage door opener before purchase.

MyQ smart garage opener is 100% reliable even if your WiFi range is not strong.

chamberlain myq

Check the latest price of Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Hub from Amazon!

It is easy to install and use

You will have to buy a subscription for integrating it with Google Home and IFTTT. However, we did find a way out as it could integrate with Alexa too.

  • It is cost-friendly and covers all the basic requirements
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t include any complicated smart features which can make it a quest to use, such as location-based close and open service.

Quick and Easy Installation for One or More Doors

As per my review and several online reviews, the setup for MyQ is defined as convoluted. However, we didn’t find it any complicated to be defined so and found its settings quite easy. Besides, we would define its easy installation feature as one of its best features that drew us to it.

Compared to other smart garage door controllers, which contain three steps for installation, MyQ is quite the opposite, neither time-consuming nor difficult.

Here are few troubles we found with other smart garage door openers, which are:

Most require us to tap them into the wiring between the wall-mounted switch and garage door opener.

Few sensors are mounted on or near the rails where the garage door is located, requiring us to install the mounting hardware.

Some require wires to power the sensors to work appropriately.

However, with MyQ, you can avoid all the above listed three steps:

  • You do not need to get it wired directly into the circuits of your garage door opener. Rather it controls your garage door opener simply by copying the signal through the opener’s remote
  • The sensor works on a battery, so there is no need to spend time completing the wiring.
  • MyQ door sensor doesn’t require any wiring or mounting screws. Rather you can attach it to the garage door simply by using a few double-sided tapes.

How to install the MyQ smart garage door controller?

Below listed are detailed steps for installing the MyQ smart garage door controller, which is as follows:

Download the app on your smartphone

  • The first step is downloading the MyQ app on the smartphone. Well, the app will guide you through each step of installing.
  • Well, all you require is patience for 10 minutes to complete the setup for your MyQ hub and have your door sensor working.

Mounting the hub in a suitable location

The MyQ smart garage door opener comprises a metal mounting bracket that is easy to fix. It can be attached either to the wall or the ceiling based on your choice using the screws. The MyQ hub then slides into the bracket and gets locked into the place. We mounted our MyQ hub next to our garage door opener as it has an outlet close by.

Note: It is not mandatory to install a mounting bracket; rather, you can fix the hub wherever required in the garage and work splendidly.

Integrate the hub with your garage door opener

It would be best if you paired/ integrate the MyQ hub with your garage door opener to have it working excellently. The process is no complex and is similar to pairing your garage door opener remote with your opener, except that a MyQ hub replaces the remote.

Furthermore, the actual process depends on which brand of garage door opener you have opted for. For example, if you follow the MyQ app installation instructions, you can get it rightly paired with the hub without getting confused.

Mount the hub and pair the sensor

The smart garage door opener consists of a plastic tab that powers the battery of the sensor. Well, you need to remove it and attach it to the door. We attached ours high on the right side of the door using Velcro. It made it easy to replace the battery whenever required without having to require removing the whole setup. Most importantly, follow the prompts sent on the app to integrate the sensor with your hub.

Besides, it doesn’t require wiring that prevents you from drilling and screwing.

You do not need three separate MyQ hubs; rather, you can use the same to control three garage door openers. On the other hand, if there is more than one opener, you must opt for an additional door sensor.

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Easy Scheduling

Often smart products comprise of schedule feature, which is often not very useful. However, with our MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Door Opener, we did find what we require.

Before purchasing MyQ, we had to leave the garage door ajar the whole night at least 2 to 3 times every month. Well, our luck, nothing got stolen, though! But there was trouble:

  • We found piles of trash and leaves blown inside the garage
  • Most things got wet and soaked in the rain
  • Wildlife from the neighborhood found a good residence in our garage

Thus, we opted for MyQ, our smart garage door opener, which did relieve us of trouble. Now we use the MyQ schedule feature for shutting the door every night at 11 pm.

Works well even with low WiFi range

Our garage is quite away from the range of our WiFi which is almost 100 feet from the main WiFi router. However, we checked the garage’s WiFi strength using the Netgear Analytics app both by keeping it closed and open. The range of strength was between good and poor, thus offering reliable service.


However, before opting for the MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage door opener, we ran through the internet reviews about poor WiFi connectivity. Thus with our garage door placed miles away, we did prepare to face trouble with connectivity.

Now that we have our MyQ hub installed for over a month, we did not face any trouble. It works wonders, and its WiFi signals are also strong. We use it to open and close our garage door more than 100 times, and it functions well every time.

Smart Home Integration backed subscription

Our MyQ hub is compatible with the following services: Tend,, Amazon Key, XFINITY, Wink, Clare Controls, Alpine in-vehicle dash system, Honeywell, Tesla EVE total connectivity.

Besides, it majorly integrates with any average smart home user, which includes Alexa and Google Assistant. But why are they not on the list?

Chamberlain has decided to charge for a subscription for their MyQ hub for integrating with IFTTT and Google.

The total subscription is $10 per year or 1 $ for each month if you do not want to pay any extra amount for enjoying products for free.

Besides, the subscription is not compatible with Alexa, which can be integrated only using IFTTT. Well, for IFTTT, you again need a subscription.

Controlling Alexa Voice without Subscription

We decided to send the box back as it was not compatible with Alexa. However, I decided to try out a way to integrate the system with Alexa without the need to purchase a subscription.

And we did find a way to work it. You require a brand new smart home app – SimpleCommands (even we hadn’t heard of it). This app works as a virtual hub between your Alexa and MyQ app, wherein you can use the application to create routines by opening and closing the garage door. You can, as a result of this, select the Alexa app and also discover new devices. Your Alexa app will discover new routines on scenes, and your Alexa app will recognize the commands

After your app recognizes the scenes, it can close or open the scenes as per the Alexa routines set. So, we added the close garage door command to close the door with our sleep routine.

Sends notifications before Closing the door

One of our troubles with MyQ is that it doesn’t close the door immediately after the notification is sent. Instead, it sends a five-second warning beep and flash before the door closes.

The LED light in the hub will flash as the door closes.

While this feature is surely liked by many, we did find it quite annoying. However, the fault is not entirely of Chamberlain as the MyQ works wirelessly and works best using flashes and beeps for five seconds before it shuts down.

Besides, you cannot disable it, and we have found many forum posts of DIY’ers for disabling the flash and beep but still wait for the five-second beep to stop.

Google Home

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We love to leave my garage door connected to our smart home. However, it is more convenient to use my voice to open or close the garage door by simply commanding the lights to turn on or off.

Had we not connected our MyQ with Alexa, we would have surely returned it to the store. But with SimpleCommands, I could integrate it quite easily.

Now I open and close the garage door simply by commanding Alexa. Besides, we could also add commands to any Alexa routines if we require more automation.

It is easy to install and has the best basic features at affordable prices. Isn’t that a plus point?

Check the latest price of Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Hub from Amazon!


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