DIY Dog Cage: How To Build A Home For Your Dog

If you’re a dog-owner, we know you want to provide everything for your furkids, from food, shelter, even clothing, and everything possible.  

When it comes to dog cages, there are tons of available options in the market, but other owners may have trouble looking for the one that fits the bill.  Even if you are an inexperienced woodworker, you should be able to assemble this crate.  

This type of cage will give your dog proper ventilation through the wooden slats.  If you want to make one for your furkids, there are ways on how to make a DIY cage that will help you save money and customize your dog’s home.

Tools Needed:

Cordless drill
Tape measure
Miter saw
Framing square
Safety gloves
Safety glasses

Materials Needed:

For the sides

4 pieces 1 x 3 lumber – 26″ long

4 pieces 1×3 lumber – 29 1/2″ long

12 pieces 1×2 lumber – 29 1/2″ long

For the faces

4 pieces – 26″ long

4 pieces 1×3 lumber – 19″ long

6 pieces 1×2 lumber – 19″ long

Top and Bottom

2 pieces 1/2″ plywood – 24” x 36″ long


4 pieces – 17 1/2″ long

2 pieces 1×2 lumber – 20 1/2″ long

2 pieces – 15 1/2″ long

Steps in Making a DIY Dog Cage

  1. Build the front, and the back faces first. Use the 1×3 slats and the horizontal elements out of the 1×2 slats. Leave a 1 3/4″ in between the rails or use wood blocks and place it in between the rails for consistent gaps.
  2. On both ends of the horizontal wood, drill pocket holes before you insert the screws. Remember not to put horizontal woods in front of the frame to leave a space enough for the door.
  3.  Build the sides by cutting the woods to their right size using the circular saw. Smoothen out the edges using sandpaper and drill pocket holes at the ends of your horizontal wood. After which, add the waterproof glue at the wood joins and insert the 1 1/4″ screws. Again, leave about 1 3/4″ between the rails. Use a carpentry square to check if the frames are at the right angle.
  4. Lock the four sides of the crate by drilling pilot holes and inserting the finishing nails. Also, drill some pocket holes and insert the 1 1/4″ screws to its adjacent walls.
  5. Assemble the front door using the 1×2 lumber. After you assemble the door with pocket holes, glue, and the 1 1/4″ screws, position it to the center and lock it to the frame using metal hinges. Allocate about 2″ space in between the rails. Remember to add the proper latch to your door, so it closes properly.
  6. Lastly, attach the 1/2″ plywood sheet at the top and bottom of your crate. You can cut the pieces of plywood using a circular saw. It is important to align the sheets at the ends and lock them in place using the 1 1/4″ finishing nails. You can use the waterproof glue to its joints for a rigid structure.
  7. After assembling, make sure to check all components, insert the galvanized screws correctly, and level with your wooden surface.
  8. You can add some carpet or cover to the cage to enhance its look.

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Creating your dog’s home will save you a good amount of money and will make you feel satisfied.  And building your furbaby a house does not entail rocket science.  All you need are a couple of good tools and materials, plus patience, coupled with persistence.  For sure, your furkids will definitely feel your love for them.


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