Does Amazon Echo have an AUX input? (Surprising Answer!)

The Amazon Echo is compatible with your other gadgets using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, some of the users still favor hardwired connections like auxiliary input. Though, not every Echo version comes with the aux input specialty.

The Amazon Echo Plus, Echo Studio, and Echo 3rd generation have the aux input feature. However, the former versions of the Amazon Echo along with the Echo Spot, Auto, Show, and Dot, don’t come with the aux input feature.

So, if you want to switch to or buy a brand new Amazon Echo that is compatible with the aux cord, read further to know which version is compatible with this feature and how you can connect your gadgets. Further, we will also discuss more of Amazon’s Echo aux capabilities.

The Aux input feature needs a gadget with the aux output capacities and a 3.5mm auxiliary wire. You might remember the aux wire as the one that comes with the standard set of headphones.

The aux input feature expands audio from the output origin. For instance, most cars have the aux input plug that lets you play audio either from your smartphone or from the MP3 player of your car’s sound system.

Just like that, the Amazon Echo device’s aux input feature goes the same way. You can play the audio in your Amazon Echo using other devices such as your phone. Basically, with this, your Echo will function as a standard speaker.

Amazon Echo Devices With The Aux Input Feature

Here’s a table with the various Amazon Echo devices that support the auxiliary connections. These devices are also available in the market. So, here’s a list along with the breakdown that if they come with the Aux Input or not:

Amazon Echo Model Aux Output Aux Input Speaker
Amazon Echo 1st & 2nd generation Yes No 2.5 in woofer along with 0.6 in tweeter
Amazon Echo 3rd generation Yes Yes 3.0 in woofer along with 0.8 in tweeter
Amazon Echo Dot Yes No 1.6 in speaker
Amazon Echo plus Yes Yes 3.0 in woofer along with 0.8 in tweeter
Amazon Echo Spot Yes No 2W along with 1.4 in speaker
Amazon Echo Studio Yes Yes 5.25 in woofer, 1.0 in tweeter along with 2.0 in mid-range
Amazon Echo Show Yes No Two 10W 2-in neodymium drivers along with a passive bass radiator
Amazon Echo Auto Yes No None

Devices That Supports Amazon Echo’s Aux Input Feature

For some of the Echo devices, the auxiliary connectivity feature is helpful when you want to play audio from devices that don’t have any Bluetooth, for example, a former iPod.

Does Amazon Echo have an AUX input

To connect your Echo device with another audio source by using the aux cable, the other gadget must hold an aux output plug.

The device that supports it includes:

  • Computers
  • MP3 players
  • Smartphones with the headphones jacks
  • Tablets
  • iPhone 6 or former versions

When Can You Use Your Echo’s Aux Input?

You should know your Echo speaker’s strength. This way it will be helpful for you to decide whether or not you should use the aux cable with it.

For instance, the Amazon Echo Studio lets you use its strong speakers to play audio from some other sources like an MP3 player or your smartphone. Whereas, you don’t have to put any aux input in the case of the Echo Dot, as its speaker is too tiny to even act as a powerful sound amplifier for the other devices.

How You Can Use The Aux Input With Your Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo’s are simple devices and offer a user-friendly interface. So, using the aux input feature of your Amazon Echo is a piece of cake. It’s quite simple and quick to use the auxiliary feature with the other compatible gadgets. Below are the steps to connect the aux cable:

  • Do ensure that you’re using the 3.5mm aux cable (Amazon Link).
  • Connect one of the ends of the cable with the compatible Echo gadget.
  • Now, connect the other end with your audio output gadget.
  • Lastly, play some audio or music from the other device. You’ll be listening to it through the Echo device.

However, if the audio isn’t playing from your Amazon Echo automatically, then you might’ve to pick the output source on the other device. For this, navigate to the sound settings option in your other gadget, and then pick the suitable auxiliary output source.

Does Amazon Echo Come With The Aux Output?

Every Echo gadget comes with aux output along with the devices such as the Echo Dot, which don’t even have the aux input capacities. This lets the Echo device play music or audio with the help of a standard speaker, such as a Bluetooth speaker. It is particularly helpful if you own an Echo Auto or Dot:

  • Echo Dot’s speaker isn’t very loud. So, it gets a better volume and sound quality, users usually pair it up with a powerful speaker.
  • Whereas the Echo Auto is particularly built for use in moving vehicles. Thus, it doesn’t come with its speaker. However, you can connect it to your car’s sound system with the help of Bluetooth. Also, if your car doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature or you prefer a hardwired connection, then you can even connect the Echo Auto with your car’s sound system with the help of the aux cord.

If the speaker and sound quality aren’t that good, then having an aux output on the Echo model is helpful. While reading the above information, you must have sensed that the Echo Studio has a powerful sound system, whereas, in comparison to the other Echo devices, the Echo Dot doesn’t have a powerful speaker.

Just like the aux input, you have to connect the 3.5mm auxiliary cord to your Echo device, to use the auxiliary output.

Does Amazon Echo have an AUX input


To conclude, all the updated versions of Amazon Echo-like Echo Plus, Echo Studio, and Echo 3rd generation, come with aux out as well aux in feature. All you’ve to do is get your Echo device connected with a 3.5mm aux cord.



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