Does Vivint Doorbell have a battery or is it hardwired? (Surprising Answer!)

Vivint is amongst the leading doorbell brands in the entire world due to its advanced technology and amazing features. Vivint doorbells have a camera that increases the safety and security of your house to the next level. Different doorbells have different power sources some run on batteries whereas some work only when hardwired.

Does Vivint Doorbell have a battery or is it hardwired? Vivint doorbells run on battery and they are truly wireless smart video doorbells. This means you don’t need to do the hassle of drilling holes and connect wiring. If the battery runs out of juice it can be removed from under the sensor and be replaced by two CR2032 batteries

However, the batteries are very long-lasting and they don’t need to be replaced frequently. These reliable batteries last somewhere between three to five years. You don’t need to worry about missing out on important footage from the doorbell as you will be notified when your doorbell’s battery is low. But, using electricity can be beneficial to avoid system shut down due to low battery.

When it comes to the security of your house, the front door plays an important role. Check out these amazing tips to secure your front door. Your front door is the target primary entry source for most of the burglars. So, if you want your house to be secured then you must have a perfect front door system.

A smart doorbell along with a smart lock works amazingly well to keep your house secure. I got this Kwikset Smartcode Lock that in combination with Vivint Doorbell Camera works wonders.

Vivint uses advanced technology to integrate their doorbells into security systems and mobile phones. Vivint has an application that is absolutely free to integrate security system into phones. It not only allows users to see motion in front of the doorbell but also communicates with the person standing next to the door.

Why should you get the Vivint Doorbell Camera?

The doorbell camera from Vivint has some top of the line features that other competing doorbells miss. The Vivint doorbell camera’s most amazing features include:

  • Voice Commands– The doorbell camera integrates with smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which helps them to receive and execute commands.
  • Smart Lock Integration– Using this feature you can lock or unlock your door within clicks. Garage doors can also be controlled using smart lock integration.
  • Two-way Communication– You can not only see motion but also communicate with the person standing in front of the doorbell. Vivint camera has in-built speakers as well as a microphone using which you can talk both ways in real-time.
  • Night Vision– All the doorbells are able to give crisp clear images in bright daylight but many of them fail during the night. You get a blurry and grainy video at night with some doorbell camera that makes it useless as most of the crime is done at night. With the help of two LED sensors, the camera produces an infrared image at night. So, you don’t need to worry as you get crisp clear recordings for 24 hours.
  • Notifications and Alerts– The Vivint doorbell Application paired with the doorbell camera sends you important alerts. This is an absolutely free application that available on both Appstore as well as Playstore. You receive important alerts like low battery and motion detection.
  • 180-degree View- With the help of a 180-degree lens you can get the image of the entire door front including the doorsteps.
  • Two-way Communication– You can not only see motion but also communicate with the person standing in front of the doorbell. Vivint camera has in-built speakers as well as a microphone using which you can talk both ways in real-time.
  • Video Recording– The Vivint doorbell camera captures footage of every second continuously and stores it. You can playback the video footage of the last 30 days.

Vivint App

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Is Vivint Doorbell Camera Worth it?

The crime rates are increasing day by day not only in urban areas but also in rural areas. Thus, it becomes very important to keep your house secured and security devices are Vivint Doorbell Camera is a perfect fit. Even if you fit a doorbell camera that isn’t working still 90% of the thefts will be avoided.

There have been numerous instances where a lot of damage has been avoided by the use of doorbell cameras. By using Vivint smart home devices you not only protect your property but also the lives of your loved ones which is the most important.

There are several benefits of using the Vivint Doorbell Camera. Some of the most significant advantages are:

  1. Best-in-class customer care service that works for the entire 24 hours.
  2. The installation process becomes easy due to amazing expertise.
  3. A well-trained professional representative will perform maintenance and repairs.
  4. Absolutely free consultation is given to help the users understand the security system.

surveillance camera

Cons of using Vivint Home Security System

Every smart electronic device has some demerits but the important factor is how it is impacting you. When compared to its competitor devices the price of the Vivint Doorbell Camera is relatively high.

The installing of the doorbell camera is also on the expensive side. Check out the current price of the Vivint Doorbell Camera from Amazon. However, the doorbell camera has some top of lines features that competitors miss thus justifying the price.

The camera recording is only 720p HD quality whereas the standard video quality across doorbell camera is 1080p HD. This is causing trouble in night vision and your footage will be not so clear.

You can’t download the recorded videos directly to an SD card from the Vivint doorbell camera. The storage capacity of the doorbell camera is also low. The downloading of the recorded clips must be done from time to time to avoid losing recordings.

I wouldn’t suggest getting this device if you want crisp clear recordings from the doorbell camera. You can go for the latest launched Ring Doorbell 3 Plus that has excellent battery life and 1080p HD video quality. Get Ring Doorbell 3 Plus from here.

Wrapping it up

Vivint is among the most trusted and leading company manufacturing home security devices. Vivint devices have become popular due to their outstanding features and amazing service. Vivint has a wide range of products like doorbells, cameras, as well as sensors. The kind of security device to be installed vary from person’s needs and wants.

However, the Vivint Doorbell Camera is my personal favourite device from Vivint and with the integration of the Vivint Home Security App, it works wonders. The two-way communication, smart lock integration, and voice controls are features that attract many people towards the doorbell camera by Vivint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vivint doorbell work without a subscription? No! The Vivint camera doorbell needs a subscription to work and integrate properly. They are manufactured to work with their monitoring network only.

How much does Vivint Subscription cost? Vivint has two monitoring plans as of now namely Smart Security Service and Smart Security Service. The Smart Security Service comes for $29.99 per month whereas the Smart Security Service comes for $39.99 per month.

Do the Vivint devices work without WiFi? The Vivint devices are truly wireless and they work on WiFi. But, if you don’t want a wireless doorbell you can go for the hardwired doorbell of another company.


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