Top 10 ways to Improve your Front Door Security (No.6 will Shock You!)

The front door is a very favorable entry point for many burglars. There are many easy ways by which you can significantly improve your front door security and avoid these intruders.

You may think that sneaking into your house through a window is much easier but people have upgraded their glass window sliding which has made it tough to get in and out from the window.

Therefore, it has become very essential to improve your front door security to stay away from unwanted guests. Everyone has a deadbolt lock on their door but with the help of advance tools its pretty simple to break it.

So, you should improve front door security by layering multiple protection and not just relying on one lock. I will be showing you some front door security improvements that will give you outstanding results which will not only protect your house but also your loved ones.

Always keep in mind Prevention is better than cure and taking the wrong decision may lead you to pay the price for it. Here, are some of the basic problems with your front doors and easy as well as effective to fix them which will build better front door security!


Replacing Set Screws

If you have a deadbolt lock or a closing latch on your doorknob they only are a maximum of 1 inch inside the door frame. Also, the wood used for making the wooden frame is not that strongly built.

On the door frame, there is a metal plate present in which the lock goes but usually, they are attached only with three-quarter-inch set screws. The plate is attached only to the thin wooden door frame which makes it easy to break by simply kicking in.


The very easy solution to this is to replace the three-quarter-inch set screws with 3-inch screws. This is very quick, cheap as well as effective solution to dramatically improve your front door security.

You will not believe me but by just replacing the screw sets you make your door more strong. And, when someone tries to kick it in rather than falling apart completely it will most likely crack or fracture a bit.

Yes, I know it’s pretty tough to believe this but I will tell by it is so efficient. For example when someone tries to kick your door a tremendous amount of pressure is exerted on the strike plate by the bolts of the deadbolt.

When the strike plate is attached to the door frame with only 3/4 inch screws it is not that durable. So, when kicks the door, the strike plate will get detached from the door frame easily.

So, by simply using 3 inch long screws you can fix the strike plate till the stud of the door jam. Now, when someone kicks in the strike plate will not get detached easily and it will be very hard to break through the door.

Also, the hinges are essential as a similar kind of thing can happen to them like in the case of the strike plate. The door can be very easily pushed over when the hinges are detached. When the strike plate is strong and hinges are weak this situation is very likely to happen.

When someone tries to kick the door the strike plate is most vulnerable to break however you cannot neglect the hinges. Replacing them with a stronger one will not be as strong as the vault but obviously they will not break very easily.

But, most of the companies have started using 1 inch long screws for interior as well as exterior doors while installing the doors. If you want more security you can replace them with 3-inch long screws.

This helps the screws to go in the stud frame of the door as well as in the door also. But, make sure that your door is also strong and durable to withstand some kicks.

To make your door stronger you can use long metal plates like this from the brand Defender Security. If you want more secured one this metal plate from Door Jamb Pro is 4 feet long and can hold nine 3-inch long screws. If you use this metal plate it literally impossible to break the door using a kick. 

Installing a Good Quality Door


If you have replaced the set screws, hinges and also the metal plates but your door itself is weak doing all this is useless. Nothing can give you more security than a strong door itself.

Mostly all the exterior doors available for houses are built pretty strong but some are not that strong as you think. It is very easy to break the door if it’s hollow from inside though it has a metal covering from outside.

Most of the doors used in the interior of the house are hollow from inside. These doors with hollow cores are designed in that way to decrease the weight and make them lighter.

So, always use a better quality door. A better quality door doesn’t only mean that it should be made from a strong wood but also we need to consider the process used to manufacture them.

There is a major difference between interior and exterior doors and never make the mistake of using an interior door to avoid some cost. Always use an exterior door with a solid core and prefer using a door that has a metal core.

Doors having a metal core add more strength and durability than the usual doors. If you think you need more heavy-duty protection then you can always use a vault door.

Normal wooden doors with the metal core can be damaged using an axe but that’s not the case in vault doors. But, it can be helpful to have a normal door if there’s an emergency and the firefighter needs to break the door.

I recommend using a strong normal wooden door only as many intruders wouldn’t take the risk of breaking the door with the axe as it is very risky and make a lot of noise.

The front doors play a major part of the protection of your house. Most likely the door is going to be the reason for your failure to protect your house.

Although using locks help you to protect your door but if the door indeed is not strong the locks are of no use. So, upgrading to a strong and reliable door can secure your door very significantly.

However, upgrading your door to a more secure one will be expensive but trust me it is worth it. A piece of advice I would like to give you is that always keep the strength and build quality as the first priority rather than look and feel of the door.

Many front doors available have decorative windows on them. These types of windows are just for decoration and they don’t secure your door by any means.

So, avoid doors with decorative windows and go for sturdy doors with no windows. Yes, I know the front doors with windows look amazing and the glass they use is also considerably strong but remember a plain door made up of wood will always give you more protection any day.

Better Locks Means Better Security

The very basic thing to upgrade the security of your front door is by using a better quality lock. Locks play an important role in the security of your door as well as your house.

There are many kinds of locks available and different locks give different levels of security and protection. So, you should give the most priority to your locks when it comes to the security of your house.

Make sure that you are not using the wrong lock for your house or you may need to pay a big price for this small mistake. You need to be very choosy when purchasing a lock.


Not only you should be concerned about the build quality of the lock but also its vulnerability. Make sure that the locks protect you against bump keys and also look if it can be easily drilled or not.

Always check the level of the security of your lock by simply reading its review on its official website or any forum. When it comes to locks the top three brands are ASSA-Abloy, Evva, and Medeco.

The quality of the deadbolt of your lock is very important than the handle or the knob. It is very tough to manipulate a deadbolt than a spring-loaded latch, therefore, it’s very important. You cannot move the deadbolt until and unless you rotate the lock core.

If you find that your lock is not that secured you should never hesitate to invest in another good quality lock. Most of the intruders struggle to sneak into your house if you have a good lock. If you don’t have a high-tech lock basically your front door is not that secured.

Your lock is going to cause a lot of trouble for the burglars and the level of safety of your door majorly depends on the quality of your lock. You should know your lock and its demerits so you can fix it to make the front door security top-notch.

Keep in mind try to install locks that can only be opened from inside. Using a 1-sided deadbolt having no keyhole outside that can only be locked/unlocked from inside is a solution.

But, it’s very hard to install by themselves and you can refer this video for a step-by-step tutorial.

However, if you feel that it’s still difficult and time-consuming you always use a chain or another option is a latch. However, I have installed this Nickel lock from the brand Defender Security which is really easy to install and I’m pretty satisfied with its results.

Adding Permanent or Temporary Barricade

Permanent Barricade

You can use a permanent barricade or you can go with a temporary barricade if you don’t want to put a lot of time and effort. Adding a permanent lock that can be only locked/unlocked from inside is a very good choice.

Not only the barricade shut the doors by physically holding it together but also it will avoid the door from opening even if it’s unlocked. Adding a permanent barricade will make it a lot tougher and prevent someone from coming in by kicking the door.

I would recommend this Door Security Barricade by Nightlock that is compatible with both single and double doors. You can also use this Sliding Door Barricade which is again produced by Nightlock. (Nightlock makes security products and it is one of the most trusted brands for home security!)

You can install this barricade by screwing the plates on the door and the floor which is not that hard. Both of these are sliding barricades that can be removed in the daytime when you need to open the door frequently.

Portable Barricade

If you don’t want to invest any kind of time or effort there is another good alternative for you. You can use portable (temporary) barricades which give you almost the same level of protection.

You can purchase this Door Security Bar from Master Lock which can be placed between the door handle and ground. This is majorly used for sliding doors but it also works with swinging doors.

Also, you can take a look at this Portable Door Lock from DoorJammer which dramatically increases your front door security. It has got a decent rating of 3.8 on Amazon and basically it slides under the door and protects it from opening.

The good thing about this product is the portability and size. If you are like me who travels frequently then buying it would be a great choice as you can add it to your backpack and without adding much weight it gives you enough protection from door kick-ins.

You can use it at night and using it throughout the day will make your door safer but it’s a time-consuming task. Every time you need to go out at first you need to remove the lock. But, if you feel you are in danger then you can always use it.

This type of products although gives you security but installing/removing them daily is a hectic task. There are many times that I just forget to put it in place before sleeping.

Who wants one more responsibility in your stressful life. But, if you don’t have any problem with this issue you can buy it and its worth the price.

Beware that this Portable door lock won’t work when you are outside your home. You can lock one door and if there’s an option which is more secure like a garage you can exit from there. Sneaking in through the garage will be much tougher for the intruders.

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Installing a Security Screen

Using a security screen will improve your front door security significantly as two doors are better than one. Security screens are basically kind of metal barriers that can be used to fix more locks.

Security Screen also makes the intruders think again before attacking your house as they have to deal with two doors. Most of them will be scared to break the door and they will back off.

Most of the perforated security screen opens towards and not inwards so damaging them by kicking is really tough. Even if someone kicks the door all day long barely it would move if its high quality.

Also, it has room for additional locks that protect your door more and discourage the intruders from attacking. A keyed knob and deadbolt will surely help you prevent kicks in and most likely nobody will dare to enter through the front door.

Most of the security screens available have perforation on them which is kind of a good thing. Due to the perforation, you are able to see who is at the door without opening it.

But, avoid doors having glass on them. If you own a smart Doorbell then there is absolutely no need of perforation on security screens. I would recommend you to install smart doorbells from Ring. If you want to know more details about Ring doorbell click here.

Yes, I know you are able to see more clearly through the perforation than peephole or doorbell but its better to have a plain security screen. The only area of concern while installing the security screen is its build quality.

Always purchase a security screen by comparing its build quality and metal used rather than looks. As the primary task of the security screen is not to look attractive but to resist destructive entries.

If you don’t have a security screen get it installed but if you already have a security screen it will do the job decently even it’s not that durable. You can always add more locks and even if someone breaks the weak security screen you have a strong front door.

Most people avoid using a security screen as they don’t look pleasing and beautiful. But, remember even if it affects the aesthetics of your house it prevents most of the intruders.

Welding and the quality of the metal are key to look while purchasing a security screen. The defense is the first priority of you whenever you purchase a security screen. However, now you have a wide variety of screens available and you can buy which suits the appearance of your house the most.

Protecting Glass Surfaces

A lot of doors have windows nearby as shown in the picture below. Sometimes as said before many doors itself have glass windows on them. You may fall in trouble if you such doors and you need to address them as soon as possible.

door window

If you have the window close to your door then anyway can break the glass and open the doors by their hands from inside. If you have thumb turn lock they can easily manipulate it and open the door. Also, they can sneak in and out of the window itself.

Intruders are very comfortable seeing this kind of glasses as they have multiple ways to enter and exit.

You can always remove these glasses and replace them with some kind of sturdy material. I know it will completely ruin the look and feel of the house but its a necessity.

If you are not so cool with replacing the glass then don’t worry I have more methods that can be used to fix this issue.

Another popular and inexpensive choice is to put bars over the glass windows. This can prevent someone from entering in and make sure that the bars are close together so that nobody can put the hand through the bars.

But, like this option is also avoided by many homeowners as this also completely ruins the look of your house. Barred windows are not aesthetically sound but they do their works decently.

If you want to improve your security without ruining the look of your house then this option is the most suitable for you. You can always strengthen the glass window by installing a security film over it. It is very similar to a window tint but mostly it’s clear.

This window film by Buy Decorative Films is the best choice and has an outstanding rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon. The main purpose of it is to minimize damage by absorbing impacts from break-in attempts and holds shattered glass together.

This security window film is available in various sizes and you can purchase the most suitable size for you. The Buy Decorative Film company also claims to protects you from 99% of UV rays.

Keep in mind that any kind of security film doesn’t make your glass shatter-proof. However, it does the job of holding together the shattered glass which will give you time to react and call the cops.

The quality of the film is very important as the strength of the film depends on the brand you choose. Having some kind of protection is always better than nothing and I use this security window film for all my glass windows.

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Safeguarding Lock Hardware

The hardware of your lock basically means all the things that are fitted in the door. Protecting the lock hardware is very essential as the area where the lock is installed is very fragile.

While Inserting a lock a lot of wear and tear happens on the door and a considerable amount of material is removed. A lot of drilling takes place to create space and a lot of holes are generated.

The lock is of no use if the removed portion of the doors is not properly fortified. The amount of reinforcement needed for your door will differ for everyone and you will initially need to figure out your door first.

Protecting your lock hardware will significantly increase your overall strength and durability of your door. You can protect the lock hardware by using metal slipcovers.

Metak slipcovers can be installed easily by simply removing the lock at first and fixing the metal cover to the door using a screwdriver. Once you have fixed the covers you can put the lock again in its place.

After doing this your lock will be secured and the cover will hold the lock as well as protect the lock. By doing this you potentially strengthen the door by putting another layer of security and safeguards the weak areas.

Some people have a doubt that will this cover make the actual lock weak? The answer to this is a big NO! It will rather increase security by providing protection to the lock.

You should also consider to shield and protect the door jamb along with the bolt of the deadbolt. I recommend you using the Jamb Reinforcement by Door Devil Home as it not only protects your door jamb but also shields the deadbolt. 

If you bolt is not that strong enough (or exposed) it could be easily broken or cut. Always properly shield the vulnerable points on your door that you thing is considerably weak.

Using Smart Doorbells

Ring doorbell

Yes, I know this way of improving your front door security is quite obvious but smart doorbells are very effective. There was a study that showed that the areas where smart doorbells are used have significantly fewer chances of robbery.

There have been numerous instances where the burglars were caught using the doorbell recordings and this type of device is a big headache for the burglars.

Ring doorbells are the most used smart doorbells and they are owned by Amazon. They are also compatible with other Amazon devices like Amazon Echo and Alexa. If you want to know more about Ring doorbells you can refer to this article on Ring Doorbells.

Not only they show you live recordings of your door front but also they can record the videos. As far as Ring doorbells are concerned they can save data of up to 60 days on their Ring App which is available on Playstore as well as Appstore.

You can see who is on the door and even talk with him. The smart doorbells have a microphone and speakers along with a camera. You may, however, think that doorbells aren’t that effective but intruders are very sacred and afraid of smart doorbells.

It also records the video at night and the camera is a night vision camera. All the burglars are aware of this and therefore they resist entering the house having smart doorbells. If you still haven’t purchased any doorbell you can buy the Ring Doorbell PRO from here.


Keeping an Eye on the Door

security camera

Another popular choice to improve the security of your front door is by monitoring your door. Surveillance cameras are the best way of keeping your front door under close observation.

Similarly, to the doorbells, the intruders are very afraid of surveillance cameras. However, the doorbell only can keep an eye on the front of your door but remember there are many ways to enter your house.

I agree that smart doorbells are better for the front door as they are connected to the WiFi and send a notification whenever there is a threat. But, it is of no if someone tries to break through your garage or windows. I would suggest using the combination of both if your budget allows.

When it comes to surveillance camera I would recommend you this Nest Outdoor Cam by Google. Although, its a product of google which is the competitive company of Amazon still it works smoothly with the Amazon Alexa. Also, this cam has a good rating on Amazon and it is priced decently.

The most important reason to install a security camera is that even if your house is robbed there is some kind of evidence to do legal action. Mostly if the intruder or its vehicle number is captured in the camera you will get your stolen property back and there would be strict action taken against the burglar.

There have been multiple cases where with the help of documented shreds of evidence the police have found the criminal and returned the stolen property.

Another reason to install the surveillance cam is to scare away the intruders. So, the cameras potentially increase the security of your front door by a lot and buying them is absolutely worth it.

Make Entryways Visible

By making the entryway clearly visible you will easily serif someone tries to sneak into your house. If the intruders think that they will not easily make a way in the house they will resist entering.

They are frightened to get caught and seen by someone, therefore, make your entryways visible. If they are identified and discovered before gaining access to your house a lot of damage can be avoided.

Having a  lot of obstruction in your entryway will encourage criminals to enter your house. Also, they will try extremely hard to enter in your house as they have some kind of protection of hiding without the fear of being discovered quickly.

Common mistakes people make is to grow shrubs and small trees in front of your door. Somethings fences, as well as darkness, also encourage the burglars from attacking.

They will try to attack even harder if they have any level of secrecy. So, always make sure to make your entryways visible not only for you but also to your neighbors as they are the ones to save you and you can’t wait for the cops to arrive.

Wrapping it all up

As you can see there are several ways to protect your door and increase the front door security. Before finally concluding I would like to quickly remind you of all the points.

  • To avoid door kick-ins and protect your door you can use 3-inch set screws for hinges as well as strike plates.
  • Using a better quality front door is a very obvious but effective way of increasing security. Always use exterior doors with a strong core made up of metal (Iron or Steel) and avoid hollow core doors.
  •  Front door security starts with Locks. The most basic thing you can do to protect your front door is using a good quality lock.
  • Permanent or Portable barricades are one of the easiest and effective ways of increasing security.
  • A security screen not only allows an opportunity to add one more layer of protection but also room for additional locks.
  • Replace the glass surface with sturdy materials or use a security window film or add bars over windows.
  • Protection of lock hardware is important and you can do that by using metal slipcovers.
  • Smart Doorbells are very helpful for front door security as they not only show live stream but also record.
  • Monitoring your front door with a camera not only keeps away the intruders but also the recording can be used as a piece of evidence.
  • Making your front door visible to people surprisingly increases your front door security by a lot.

So, these are the 10 ways you can protect your front door and there are still much more available. In fact, these 10 methods can be implemented in different ways and variations.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not telling you that if you don’t follow these ways you can going to be robbed. My not intention behind this article was to show you dozens of ways for improving your front door security.

According to your home and its weakness use the most suitable and appropriate method to prevent robbery. These methods will for sure keep the intruders out from your property.

It will avoid damage to your house and protect your loved ones as well which is more important. If you are really worried about security then don’t waste time and take the appropriate steps.

If you liked this article and if it did help you make sure to share it with your friends and family!


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