Honeywell Lyric Round Review: Really GOOD or TRASH??

The Lyric by Honeywell is considered the best contemporary for the Nest. Besides, it would surely give a run for the money at one glance. However, you would come across other drawbacks on looking closely. While Lyric has an uncanny similarity with the Nest, it does present a lot in terms of functioning.

The Look and Feel of the Lyric

The system is known for its sleek and modernized design that resembles the thin and flimsy plastic the system is made up of. On mounting it on the wall, it protrudes ahead, thereby snagging all the walkers by. Of course, it is just an inch protruding, but unless you do not shrug your shoulder close to the wall when walking, it won’t cause any trouble.

On the other hand, the screen is small, clean, and simple. Besides, you do not need to work too much with the thermostat’s screen, making it necessary to opt for a bigger screen. The only adjustment required with the unit is to adjust the heat up or down, which doesn’t need a screen. Whereas the outer ring of the thermostat can be adjusted similar to the mechanical thermostat that Honeywell is popular for.

Honeywell Lyric Round Review

Advantages and Features of Lyric

Shortcuts and Triggers

Honeywell has an unconventional style of programming the thermostat which requests users to design their set of rules and commands. Then, every time you want to change the thermostat’s temperature, you can use a shortcut to trigger it. For this, you must create a mobile app that can help create triggers and shortcuts without using an interface. Besides, it is not an arduous task, and all you need to put is some thoughts to schedule it weekly.

Are you curious to know how the interface for shortcuts and triggers look and how they work? Well, then Honeywell presents a short video for Android and iOS to make it work well.

Humidity Control

Thermostats include an indoor humidity sensor that is well integrated into the units of the system. Lyric can control the entire humidifier and dehumidifier at your home. Besides, it can also utilize the air conditioner using it as a dehumidifier, proving to be a useful one for those who live in cool and humid climatic conditions where the air conditions do not work well. When the humidity gets too high, using Lyric, you can turn the air conditioner on and remove the moisture from the air.

Controlling the Fan using Lyric

One other useful feature of the app is fan control. Especially where there is spring or fall season, and when the air conditioner or heating system does not work well, it can turn the house quite stuffy without circulation. With Lyric, you can set the Fan in three modes which include:

  • ON – To keep it ON always
  • Circulate – Keep it ON randomly for about 35% of the time
  • Auto – When Heating or Cooling is ON

We prefer to control the circulate setting but would choose no options instead. For those who are technically inclined, we would use precise shortcuts and triggers. You can check out our review of the Ecobee3 if you want to purchase a thermostat that offers precise control.

What is meant by its Adaptive Recovery and Smart Response?

Optimization is the key to a smart thermostat. The system will calculate your past performance and the present weather for calculating how long the system will keep the room cool or heated. It is necessary to know when to turn on the HVAC system to reach the setpoint, save money on escalating energy bills for comfortable living.

Geofencing Feature

Geofencing is one of the USPs of Honeywell Lyric. Besides, do you know, it is presently the only thermostat that can give competitors a drive for money as it supports geofencing without making use of any third-party application

How does the feature work?

The feature uses GPS from your smartphone to notify Lyric whenever you are away from home by switching the thermostat to “Away” mode. It does it by calculating the distance between you and your phone.

However, when you are back home and cross the threshold of geofencing, the Lyric will switch off the “Away” mode. Herein, it will either cool or heat the room/ house based on the wish to have when home, thereby saving you from the task of adjusting the temperature every time. Thus, it will be already cool or hot when you enter your house, giving you the utmost comfort.

I am among the few who don’t set a schedule during the day; thus, any system with a schedule learning algorithm feature won’t prove helpful to me. However, while I often come back after a long time whenever I leave my house, I find the geofencing feature the most feasible one to try out that goes in tandem with my habits.

Furthermore, the geofencing does make a great feature, yet with Lyric, there is a lot more that can be added. One prime issue is how well your smartphone communicates with your thermostat, stating if you are inside or outside the set boundary. Well, it doesn’t.

Every time you cross the threshold or boundary set by Lyric, your smartphone will merely send an alert to it. Thus, for any reasons like low WiFi strength or no battery, your thermostat doesn’t receive the “Hey, I have crossed the threshold” message, then it’s no luck for you. Herein, your Lyric will continue working in the same mode as set previously. Besides, your app would not send back another notification to Lyric too.

Honeywell Lyric Round Review

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Well, do you think it can be quite an issue? So, here are the reasons or causes why your message didn’t go through:

The connection between Lyric and your home router is disrupted. While most of the products maintain a steady wireless connection, Lyric does not fall in the category. As a result, many users have come forth with the complaint of intermittent and connectivity issues.

Your smartphone signal is weak, which is not able to capture the threshold boundary. Poor reception thus hinders the message from getting sent.

Your cellular network is not compatible with simultaneous use of voice and data. For example, if you are probably talking on the phone when crossing the threshold, your phone may fail to capture the signal and notify Lyric.

SO, if you think it is only 10% of the time when it doesn’t work, here is the issue with it: you would probably not know when it is working and when not. You may need to check it constantly to know if it is still working.

As a result of this, you may rather opt for a smart thermostat that automatically changes the temperature of your house to a manual one that can be quite a task. Thus, it also undermines the main convenience factor that happens to be the prime USP of smart thermostats.

  • Is Lyric Best for Me?
  • Will Lyric be compatible with my heating/ cooling system?

In short, Yes! Lyric is compatible with any heat pump system or forced-air system. The system is not compatible with high-voltage or line-voltage systems like wall convectors and electric baseboard heating. For this, you will require a system like the Stelpro Ki thermostat.

Compatibility with WiFi Routers

In the present time, it is often quite a quest to find a WiFi device that is not compatible with its router. With Lyric, you need a home router that supports low-power standby mode. Herein, Honeywell provides a list of compatible routers. To know more, do scroll down to the section that mentions the Compatibility of Lyric with your WiFi router.

Smart Products, which is compatible with Lyric

You require a WiFi connection to install your Lyric system. On the other hand, users often look for a smart home network that offers more than just a thermostat and a router for WiFi. With Honeywell, you are offered a line of Lyric devices that are compatible with the thermostat.

Lyric is compatible with a range of home automation devices, including Apple HomeKit, Lowe’s Iris, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink. However, this is not the complete list. It is necessary to understand that Honeywell is one of the top companies with a range of industries that support third-party products, adding more products to the list. You can find a lot of products that support Lyric by visiting the Honeywell website.

Honeywell Lyric Round Review


With Lyric, installation is quite an easy process. First, you can use your old thermostat cover and figure out where the wires are connected. Now download the Honeywell app to your smartphone and then follow the instructions given to connect the wires properly with Lyric.

Power Stealing is one of the wiring techniques that Lyric uses in the place of c-wire. It means the system takes most of the power from the wall and requires a battery. Users usually find a range of problems with the settings that include reduced battery life, connectivity issues, etc. However, until Honeywell fixes the issue from their end, we recommend you stay away from the thermostat if you do not have a c-wire setup.

Advantages of Lyric

  • It is 40% cheaper than other competitor brands
  • It consists of an integrated geofencing feature
  • You can control multiple units with one account

Disadvantages of Lyric

  • It does not include the feature of adding a conventional programming schedule.
  • It does not have an app.
  • Most users complaint of connectivity issues, including the WiFi router
  • It does not have detailed cooling and heating reports
  • It has a flimsy plastic cover construction
  • It is best to not opt for the system if it does not have a c-wire setup
  • The geofencing can be quite an issue considering its poor implementation.

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Final Conclusion

We conclude that before Lyric gives tough competition to its competitors or replaces the Nest Thermostat, it requires few improvements. Whether it lacks an app for the web, usage of energy, or building a conventional programming schedule, it needs corrections. Most importantly, it is the connectivity issue, and the thermostat would be popular if Honeywell resolved the issue.

This thermostat is cheaper than its competitors, which makes us recommend it to our readers. If you can avoid any connectivity issue, you would be presented with a smart and modern-looking thermostat that comprises in-built geofencing support; moreover, if the price is only 40%, that does lower the competition and attract admirers overlooking the flaws.


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