Honhaipr Device On Wi-Fi Connection? [WARNING!]

I have a lot of electronic gadgets, and the vast majority of them are linked to my home network for the most of the time.

My home Wi-Fi network undergoes a checkup once a month, which consists of a comprehensive inventory of all the linked electronic gadgets for accuracy.

In the course of one of these periodic audits, I came across an unknown device with the name HonHaiPr that was linked to my Wi-Fi network.

Due to the fact that I was not acquainted with this equipment, I got eager about discovering its identity and determining whether or not it had any malevolent intentions.

I did some research online, including viewing user forums and help sites relating to the devices that were connected to my Wi-Fi network in order to get deeper insight into the matter.

This tutorial is a collection of the facts from my study, and its goal is to make clear to you the nature of the HonHaiPr device and its relevance on your Wi-Fi network.

A “HonHaiPr” device is a device that is capable of connecting to Wi-Fi but has been incorrectly labelled as “HonHaiPr” rather than its true device name. This may happen when a device is mislabeled. This identification happens rather often if your smartphone was produced by Foxconn.

What is Honhaipr Device?

The name “HonHaiPr” is an abbreviation for “Hon Hai Precision Industry Inc.,” which is a well-known corporation that is also known as Foxconn Technology Group.

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Wi-Fi networks and routers are able to recognise individual Wi-Fi-enabled devices thanks to the manufacturer IDs and device IDs that are stored on each and every one of those devices.

The HonHaiPr devices are, in all actuality, just regular Wi-Fi devices that belong to other manufacturers but have been incorrectly branded as “HonHaiPr.”

When you examine the list of connected devices on your network, it is conceivable that your Wi-Fi network has assigned the manufacturer ID as the device name. This is what causes the HonHaiPr device to show on the list.

I see an Honhaipr device connected to my network

There is a potential that your Wi-Fi network identifies devices based on the manufacturer ID rather of the device ID, which would result in one of your devices being referred to as ‘HonHaiPr’ on your network. If this is the case, you should investigate this option.

This problem may arise at any time, making it difficult to anticipate when it could manifest itself next.

It is quite probable that Foxconn was responsible for the production of at least one of your electronic gadgets given that Foxconn is a huge electronics firm that produces a diverse selection of products.

In light of the fact that ‘HonHai’ is another name for Foxconn, it is likely that a device with the name ‘HonHaiPr’ will be linked to your Wi-Fi network.

This misidentification happens when the Wi-Fi network erroneously gives the name “HonHaiPr” to a device rather than the device’s true name.

Are Honhaipr Devices Risky?

As a result of the fact that we have shown that “HonHaiPr” is, in fact, an alternate name for Foxconn, you may be certain that any products that display this name do not include any malicious software.

It is very possible that the item in question has been incorrectly identified, or that the manufacturer failed to issue a device ID that is more easily recognised.

Shenzhen Bilian Device Is On My WIFI

Apple, Sony, and Microsoft are just some of the well-known technological businesses that rely on Foxconn as their primary producer.

As a result, these devices are dependable, and it is possible that one of your devices is the one that has been incorrectly labelled as “HonHaiPr.”

All About Foxconn

Foxconn is a world-renowned electronics manufacturer with headquarters in Taiwan. The company is responsible for the production of a diverse array of electronic goods, including but not limited to computer processors, game consoles, and iPhones.

As a result of the vast manufacturing ties that Foxconn maintains with major electronic companies, a large number of products make use of components that are made by Foxconn.

The Wi-Fi card is an important component since it is in charge of connecting the device to Wi-Fi networks and storing information that is particular to the device.

In certain instances, Foxconn does not adjust the manufacturer ID of the Wi-Fi card so that it appropriately reflects the brand of the real device being used. This is particularly the case when Foxconn is the manufacturer of the device being used. As a consequence of this, the manufacturer ID on the Wi-Fi card has not been updated, therefore your Wi-Fi network will continue to recognise it as a device manufactured by Foxconn.

For example, if your device makes use of a Wi-Fi card that was manufactured by Foxconn but is branded under the name of another firm, the Wi-Fi card’s manufacturer ID will still be recognised by your Wi-Fi network as belonging to Foxconn.

What Kinds of Devices Typically Identify as Honhaipr?

The list of products that can be classified as “HonHaiPr” is large, which is not surprising given the diverse variety of products that Foxconn manufactures for different companies.

Honhaipr Device On Wi-Fi Connection

Despite this, the “HonHaiPr” identification is often seen on several widely used devices. These are the following:

  • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Streaming devices powered by Roku.
  • Amazon Kindle.

This is only a tiny sample, but the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) are the most probable devices to be afflicted by the misidentification.

If you have a PlayStation 4 console at home, try turning it off and then rechecking the connected devices; the “HonHaiPr” device should be gone at this point.

Because the PlayStation 4 console is made by Foxconn and has a Wi-Fi card made by Foxconn, your network will identify it with the name “HonHaiPr” by default.

How to track Honhaipr Devices?

You can efficiently control the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network by using free applications like WireShark or GlassWire. Both of these utilities are available online.

You are able to monitor network activity, keep track of data use, and even put limits on devices that consume an excessive amount of data with the help of these technologies.

GlassWire is a programme that should be used, in my opinion, by computer novices and people with less expertise overall. It provides a design that is friendly to users and a user experience that is enjoyable, which makes it simpler to explore.

On the other hand, WireShark is a more complicated tool that needs a comprehensive knowledge of computer networks and the processes that they carry out. In comparison to GlassWire, it offers information that is more in-depth and is geared at users who have a higher level of technical skill.

Wrapping it up

When using a Bluetooth transmitter to enable Bluetooth capabilities on a television that is not a smart TV, you run the risk of coming across the HonHaiPr gadget. This is yet another circumstance where you could come across this device.

It is probable that Foxconn, a prominent manufacturer known for producing a wide variety of electronic goods, is also responsible for producing your Bluetooth transmitter. Foxconn is also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry.

If you happen to detect a device with the name “HonHaiPr” connected to your Wi-Fi network in this scenario, there is no need for alarm since the gadget was manufactured by Foxconn and is thus completely safe.

You may also depend on the notion that an HonHaiPr device connected to your Wi-Fi network is not likely to be harmful if you consider the faith that many technological businesses have put in Foxconn to build their high-quality goods. This trust has been placed in Foxconn by these companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shenzhen device?

A “Shenzhen device” is any electronic gadget that was made in the city of Shenzhen, which is located in China. It may refer to a broad variety of products, such as intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, intelligent plugs, or intelligent light bulbs.

You may follow a step-by-step method in order to identify the precise Shenzhen device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Take off one piece of hardware at a time from your Wi-Fi network, and after each removal, double-check the list of devices that were connected to the network. Because of this, you will be able to pinpoint the specific Shenzhen device that is connected to your network.

What does the Honhaipr devices on my WiFi do?

The Honhaipr device must be one of the devices that you had connected to Wi-Fi, but the network misdiagnosed it as something else.

What exactly is a gadget from Shenzhen?
A “Shenzhen device” might be anything from your smart robot vacuum to your smart plugs or lamps. Shenzhen is the name of the city in which the devices are manufactured.

Which devices use Hon Hai Precision?

Because the majority of goods sold by the main device manufacturers have Foxconn Wi-Fi cards, such items may appear on your Wi-Fi network labelled as ‘HonHaiPr’ if the labelling option is enabled.

These include the Roku streaming devices and the Sony PS4 and PS4 Pro game consoles.


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