How Do I Add Smart Control To My Ceiling Fan? (Top 7 Ways!)

Well, the task of manually pulling the chain of the ceiling fan is as irksome as that of lifting a garage door. Thus, people like us, who are addicted to smart technology, also look out for smart things and can control ceiling fans. Well, that does save the task of getting up and turning on and off the fan.

But it is not practical to replace old fans with technically advanced smart ones considering its expensive aspect. Yet, many options are low cost and a complete retrofit for the older version of ceiling fans that can be replaced with newer controls that are smart and efficient.

You need to answer the below questions to know if your smart ceiling fan controllers work efficiently with your older versions or not.


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Does your fan comprise a remote?

  • If your answer is, we recommend Bond Bridge, which doesn’t require any wiring and is compatible with multiple fans.
  • If No, then move to the second question.

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Is your Ceiling Fan Motor AC or DC?

  • If it is DC, then you have an option that is again Bond Bridge that works with your ceiling fan (If you also have a remote)
  • If No, then move to the third question.

Are you able to control the light and fan using a wall switch(es)?

If yes, then you can use the following controllers, which we recommend that are:

  • Lutron is a reliable yet expensive pick.
  • Treat life, which is cost-friendly and is WiFi compatible
  • Inovelli allows home automation yet has a complicated setup
  • If No, read the fourth question

Are you looking for a smart control for light and fan?

If yes, check out the below option, which enlists the module you must install in the fan canopy. We recommend:

  • Aubric – it includes a WiFi fan switch, is cost-friendly, and is easy to setup
  • Inovelli – It can dim lights, control fan speed, render maximum automation for the home system yet has a complicated setup
  • Bond Bridge – It includes a remote kit in case you are using multiple fans.

If No, we assume your fan lacks a light fixture, and thus, you require a smart fan controller. Here we recommend the following:

  • AubricIt includes a WiFi Fan switch if you do not use a wall switch
  • Lutron: Reliable yet an expensive pick
  • Leviton: Low cost but lacks additional hub
  • Enbrighten: It allows Z-Wave Plus smart control of fan speed. It is the best pick if you have a Z-Wave hub.

Note: Restrain from using a dimmer switch to control your fan speed

A smart dimmer switch must not be used for controlling fan speed. Although it may seem to work, that does make a bad idea. A regular ceiling motor contains an AC induction motor. A dimmer switch can effectively slow down motors y having a frequency drive, i.e. VFD or that of a TRIAC.

 Thus, if you use a light dimmer switch to control fan speed, you will hear a humming sound when the speed is lowered. Worse, it can damage the fan motor.

Tip for installing Fan controllers:

Herein, set your fan at the highest speed and later disconnect it from the existing switch. Thus, when you turn on the fan, the power will be maximum, and you can test if your smart fan speed controller can control and adjust the speed.

Lutron Caséta Smart Fan Speed Control

  • It completely removes the need for pulling chains. Herein, it allows you to control your ceiling fan from the wall, wherein you can choose the speed range and switch it off without hassle.

Lutron Caseta Smart Fan Speed Control poses a great pick if you are looking for a reliable fan controller. High quality and its ability to integrate a 3-way switching technique with the help of a Lutron Pico remote make it stand out compared to its contemporaries.

However, on the con side, it is expensive. As it works on a wireless protocol, you require a Lutron bridge. Additionally, if you aim to control both light and fan with the device, you will have to purchase a light dimmer and a fan speed controller separately.

Considering its extra costs, we do not recommend you opt for Lutron if you seriously consider automating your ceiling fan. Yet on the pro side, it does make a great option for automating shades and light switches which Lutron is an expert in. We recommend you purchase a starter pack if you want to get its switch range.

Bond Bridge

  • Turn on your fireplace, fan, and shades within seconds using a smarter tool. Bond Bridge assists in activating the fan, controlling its speed, and turning on the lights with the help of your smartphone irrespective of the OS, whether it is Android, iPhone, Amazon Echo, Table, or Google Home Assistant.
  • You can now make a smarter choice by turning your smartphone into a remote control.

The Bond Bridge makes an ultimate pick if you already have a ceiling fan remote. It makes it easier to operate multiple fans at a time using the remote. It also enables you to record signals that the remote sends out. After the signal is recorded, you can play it again as and when required just by commanding it. Herein, you will find your ceiling fan responding to the Bond Bridge just like it will do so with remote control.

The USP of Bond Bridge are:

  • It allows you to play and record functions using a remote control.
  • You can dim light and control fan speed.
  • It is easy to set up and integrate with voice controls like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

You can place it anywhere at your home where the RF signal is used to connect the ceiling fans and passes through the standard walls connecting to a range of around 40 feet. Besides, do ensure it is in the range of WiFi routers in your home to work wonders.

The Bond Bridge is on the expensive side if you contemplate integrating just a single ceiling fan that can instead control over 30 devices. Thus, if there are more devices, Bond will surely be the best pick for your needs.

It is not merely limited to ceiling fans, unlike how it is marketed. The USP of the device is that it can control any device just by using the RF signal.

The benefit of using a fan ceiling fan control that is WiFi compatible like Bond is there is no wiring required. Thus, you need not worry about digging any hole into the wall using a screwdriver, and the wireless technique makes it completely advantageous to you.

Can I Use Bond Bridge if I do not have a remote?

No, only if your old ceiling fan does have a remote control set up, you will have to opt for a universal remote control kit made for ceiling fans. The kits include a receiver unit that makes installing inside the house and using the remote.

You may require to do some wiring for installing and connecting the remote control kit. Once it is installed, your Bond is all ready to show its magic.

Which Remote Kit for Ceiling Fan will you recommend?

There are numerous kits available online, especially on Amazon, with multiple brand choices. Herein, you can pick any, and they will work wonders for your ceiling fan.

We found a Bond remote unit from Westinghouse, which does make an expensive pick. However, it comprises a remote unit wired inside the wall and thereby replaces the existing switch. Thus, you do not have to go hunting for remote batteries. Besides, there is hardly any chance of losing your remote as well. Additionally, it eliminates the issues of turning off the current switch or power to the fan. It thus means no smart control power unit is restored here.

However, whichever you pick, do ensure to look out for the dimensions mentioned in the receiver and ensure it fits the inside of the fan.

Inovelli Red Series Fan + Light Switch

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We give Inovelli extra brownie points. Using it for a couple of years now, we can confidently recommend that the Red Series products are the best smart switches ever, and the Inovelli’s Red Series Fan and that light switch are the best.

It comprises a light switch, a single gang fan installed on the wall, and a separate fan canopy. The switch thereby will communicate with the module inside the fan canopy without a wire. It means you can now control both light and fan irrespective of the number of load wires available inside the switch box.

But you would require a Z-wave hub such as Hubitat or SmartThings. Besides, for using the advanced features, there is little task of learning the curve. However, once you have it figured and etched in your mind, you can easily activate the custom routines. You can make use of multiple taps and customize notifications using multi-colored LED strips available on the switch.

Leviton Fan Speed Controller

  • Now control ceiling fans using the My Leviton app from anywhere. Choose your fan speed and also turn it off.

It offers a clean look and is considered the most trustworthy brand. Leviton utilizes WiFi that makes it easy to set up the hub. It also includes a companion dimmer option that enables easy switching of fans in 3-way mode. However, for controlling light, you require a separate smart dimmer by Leviton.

The WiFi makes it easy to automate your home from entry to intermediate level.

TreatLife Ceiling Fan & Light Dimmer Switch

Get smart speed control for fan and dimming of light in one package. Compatible with WiFi with no need for extra hubs, it lacks a 3-way switch.

TreatLife Ceiling Fan and Switch for Dimming Light have a lot of advantages. It is affordable and low cost which can be installed with ease. Besides, it also includes a fan and light control that are not separate.

The TreatLife Ceiling Fan and Light Dimmer Switch utilizes WiFi and requires no extra hub. Rather it integrates both light dimmer switch and fan speed control inside on gang. Moreover, it is the lowest priced among all the options.

You can control the light and fan, and you require load wires for the fan and light installed in the switch box. The switch happens to be quite huge as it comprises both a light dimmer and fan control. Thus, if you plan to install it inside a box stuffed with wires, be ready to entangle wires, which is quite a struggle.

Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus smart fan speed control

Now replace your standard in-wall switch with a remote control that can turn on and off and adjust fan speed levels without hassle.

One unique fan speed controller, Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus’ smart fan speed control, is installed inside the wall switch. It is easy to operate as it does not require any wiring and only a Z-Wave hub. With this, you can control your fan speed and get a Z-Wave dimmer to control the lighting systems. Besides, it allows a 3-way switching that is possible using the Enbrighten Add-on Switch.

Insteon FanLink Controller

No need of tangling yourself in wiring the wall switch. Get Insteon FanLink Controller to control your light and ceiling fan.

Insteon FanLinc allows you to control light dimming and fan speed which is placed conveniently inside the box. It thus enables the installation of the canopy for the ceiling fan. The controller herein utilizes the proprietary Insteon protocol to communicate with the system. Thus, you will require an Insteon hub to make it work.

If you already have a smart home that is not an Insteon, it makes a great option. Besides, the FanLinc controller is installed into the fan that ensures all wall switches are turned on to enable the smooth working of the controller. It is best to replace the existing wall switches with Insteon Key back to continue its best working.

Aubric Smart WiFi Fan Switch

Now include a smart fan controller that is compatible with WiFi to control your ceiling fan. It consists of remote control that allows you to control fan speed, turn your light on and off using your smartphone, and includes an RF remote with no need for batteries.

The Public WiFi Fan switch includes a WiFi controller installed inside the dan canopy and a remote that allows manual control. The controller integrates the WiFi with the smart home through a Smart Life app, allowing you to control the speed and light with no dimming.

It makes a great option for those who do not have wall switches and chains to get rid of the hassle of pulling the chain. Besides, it is also cost-effective and priced lowly.

Numerous brands sell controllers with similar hardware. We, however, recommend opting for those that have good reviews. With this, you will understand if the unit is faulty or if it is working well without any trouble.

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If you are looking for a fan remote, Bond Bridge is the ideal and ultimate pick that offers easy installation and reliable automation. It is easy and doesn’t require many set-up tools, which means lesser or no wiring. Besides, it is compatible with IFTTT and offers voice control. Thus, it makes the perfect pick for those on the lookout for a little automation at home but who are not looking for any deep programming. In addition, the price is also low, which can be used with multiple fans.


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