How do I Cancel my Vivint Contract within 3 Days? (Don’t IGNORE This!)

Many homeowners, as well as renters, are adopting the new smart home technology for security purposes due to the increasing crime rate not only in rural but also urban areas. Protection of your loved ones and property from strangers and burglars must be your first priority. Ring, as well as Vivint, are leading home security companies that have a wide range of useful smart home security devices.

A lot of people using smart home security devices like to always upgrade as well as try out new security devices. If you own a Vivint device and are moving out of your rented place then you may want to cancel your Vivint contract. Some people also want to cancel their Vivint contract to try out the latest security devices.

So, how do I cancel my Vivint contract? You may have to pay a termination fee if you decide to cancel the Vivint contract before the end of the accepted contract. Most of the time your Vivint contract still is active even if you cancel it. After removing the cellular module and disabling your account you must contact Vivint through Mail or phone to verify if the contract is successfully cancelled. 

If you are looking to cancel your Vivint contract then stay tuned till the end. Further in this article, we will discuss in-depth how the Vivint contract works and how to cancel the contract without any termination fee.

How do I Cancel my Vivint Contract?

There are various ways by which you can easily cancel your Vivint contract. You should inform the Vivint company at least 30 days before officially cancelling the contract. You can reach out to Vivint to cancel the contract through phone, mail, or fax. Here, I have listed in detail some of the ways to contact Vivint.

Cancelling Vivint Contract using Phone

Contacting Vivint to cancel the contract via phone is the easiest and most used way. You will need to call the Vivint customer care phone number to cancel the Vivint contract and they will help you out with the process. To cancel the Vivint contract by phone, use the number 855-995-1224.

You will however need to send a hard copy (paper copy) of the notice of cancellation even if you contact them via phone. If the reason of cancelling the Vivint contract is the death of the user or bankruptcy then you need to send a copy of the documentation as proof.

Cancelling Vivint Contract using Mail

Another way to cancel the Vivint contract is by contacting the company through email. You will need to send the notice of cancellation to the company’s official email address. If you want to use this method then send your notice of cancellation to from your registered email address.

Also, make sure to contact their customer care representative to check whether they have received the notice of cancellation.

Cancelling Vivint Contract using Snail Mail

You can also follow the traditional method of sending a handwritten letter to cancel the Vivint contract. You will need to attach a paper copy of the Notice of Cancellation and some essential information to cancel the Vivint contract via writing. You can submit your letter along with Notice of Cancellation (NOC) to your local post office.

Always send your letter through certified mail only and as there are many reported cases of unreceived letters. Also, notify your bank to cancel future payments to Vivint company by sending a mail or calling them.

You will also need to submit some other relevant information such as:

  • Notice Date
  • Service Number
  • Cancellation Reason
  • Appropriate Signature

The address to send the letter must be:


4931 N 300 W

Provo, UT 84604

Cancelling Vivint Contract using Fax

Another way to cancel your Vivint contract is by sending a Fax to the official company unit. Send your Notice of Cancellation and other relevant details to the fax number: 801-377-4116. Again don’t forget to contact the Vivint customer care representative to check if they have received the fax successfully.

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Is there any termination fee for cancelling Vivint

You may need to pay a penalty if you decide to cancel the contract before it ends depending on the reason of the cancellation. But, there are some cases where the Vivint Company waves off the penalties even if you cancel the contract before it ends. Here, are the following cases where Vivint waves off penalties:

  1. If the user is bankrupted
  2. If the primary user dies
  3. If the Vivint user is a member of the US military and he/she needs to go abroad
  4. If the user is shifting to an elderly home or is retired

In the above following cases, you don’t need to pay the penalties even if you cancel the contract before it ends. But, you need to send the company verified documents to validate your claims. Check out this Vivint Night-Vision Waterproof Camera from Amazon!

How much time is needed to cancel Vivint?

You get get a phone call from the Vivint company as soon as they receive your cancellation request. They will confirm your cancellation and termination of the Vivint contract by calling you. The Vivint allows users to cancel their contract within three days of receiving the Vivint device.

Always remember to send the Notice of Cancellation (NOC) through email at least 30 days before officially cancelling the contract.

Is it possible to use Vivint without a Subscription?

You can definitely use the Vivint devices if you cancel your contract without paying the monthly subscription fees. But, you will not be able to use features such as professional monitoring. using Vivint mobile application, and 24 hours Vivint technical support.

Vivint App

Wrapping it Up

Vivint has a lot of smart home security devices that are very beneficial and useful but you must follow appropriate steps while cancelling the contract. Following the correct steps will avoid getting trapped in long-term costly contracts.

Always ensure to keep the copy of the Notice of Cancellation as a piece of evidence before submitting it to the company. So, if in future the company states that your Notice of Cancellation was not received or had wrong information you can send them proof.

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Does Vivint doorbell work without a subscription? No! The Vivint camera doorbell needs a subscription to work and integrate properly. They are manufactured to work with their monitoring network only.

How much does Vivint Subscription cost? Vivint has two monitoring plans as of now namely Smart Security Service and Smart Security Service. The Smart Security Service comes for $29.99 per month whereas the Smart Security Service comes for $39.99 per month.


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