How do I Turn my Ceiling Fan into a Smart fan? (#3 Ways)

The most frustrating thing for me to do while I’m relaxing on my bed is get up and manually pull the pull chain of my ceiling fan. I love smart home devices and I was wondering if you can add smart controls to your old ceiling fan as well. Life would be so much easier if you can control your fan just using a remote controller.

Due to several reasons such as practicality, you sometimes can’t directly replace your old ceiling fans with brand new smart fans. However, you don’t need to worry as you have several different options to add smart controls to your old ceiling fans that too without spending much money.

Ultimate Solution: Using Smart Switch To Control Fan

A wall-mounted smart switch and smart fan speed controller is the best option for you if you have a separate switch for your light and fan. The new wall-mounted smart switch will replace your current wall switches. After installing smart switches you can control your fan using manually as well as using the smart controller.

This is the best option for you as it offers tons of customizations that you can do according to your taste.

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If you don’t want put in a lot of work customizing your old ceiling fan you can directly replace it with a new smart ceiling fan. Check the Best Smart Ceiling Fan 2021: Compatible With Alexa & Google Home

Smart Ceiling Fan Speed Control

Sometimes online I see smart switches being sold as smart fan speed controllers. Beware while purchasing a smart fan speed controller as a smart switch can’t control the fan speed. You will hear a constant sound from your fan if you use these smart switches to control your fan’s speed.

Most of the manufacturers don’t directly tell what their product can do. Always make sure to check the user reviews and complaints before buying any product. If people are complaining about the humming sound then avoid that product.

Also, remember never to use the dimmer switch as a fan speed controller. You will mostly hear humming sound or in the worst case, your fan motor could be damaged. I have listed some good fan speed controllers below after in-depth research!

  • Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control– Lutron smart fan speed controller is among the best fan speed controllers available in the market. It is a bit on the expensive side and you will also need to purchase a Lutron bridge as it runs on its own protocol. However, it is worth it as it is of very good quality and trustworthy.


  • Enbrighten Wave Plus Smart Fan Control– The Enbrighten smart fan controller is a fan speed controller that is to be installed in the wall switch. You will need to purchase the Z-Wave hub as it operates on Z-Wave wireless. It is not a complete solution as it only controls the fan speed and not the lights.


To use the Z-Wave smart fan control you need to install it in the place of the existing wall switch and set your fan speed to the highest. Always remember to set your fan speed at the highest while uninstalling the old wall switch. So, that you can test the fan speed controller appropriately as you know the fan speed is set at highest after turning it back on.

Smart Light Control

Using a simple smart switch you can convert your ceiling fan lights into smart lights. You don’t need a very unique device to do so any smart switch such as this GE Z-Wave Plus Smart Light Switch will do the work for you. 


This smart switch works on a Z-Wave protocol and will require a Z-Wave device to work appropriately. You will need a smart home hub such as Samsung SmartThings that works with Z-Wave.

Smart Remote Controller by Bond

If you don’t have a wall switch for your ceiling fan and light then most probably you won’t be able to use the above-mentioned smart switches. The only way you can use them is by rewiring the fans and installing the switches. But, it would take a lot of effort and time to tear the walls and do the rewiring. Also, you can end up damaging a lot of things if you don’t know specifically how to the wiring.

Mostly if your fan has a light it must be wired to the wall switch. But, sometimes the ceiling fan is not wired to switch. In this scenario, the only way to control the fan speed and turn it on/off is by pulling the chain. However, don’t worry as you can customize it too in today’s smart world.

There are several smart solutions for smart control that do not require wall-mounted switches. If you control your ceiling fan with a remote control then there is a very exciting device for you.

Bond Controller is a device that records the signals that are sent by your fan remote controller. It records and remembers the signal that you send and play it whenever you want. Your fan will similarly respond to Bond as it responds to your remote control. The controller by Bond can record and play functions that your remote control used to do such as dimming light and controlling fan speed.

You can use Amazon Alexa to set up voice controls after you have set up the Bond controller with your ceiling fan. You can place the Bond controller anywhere in the entire house. The signal used by the ceiling fans has an estimated range of 40 feet and the signals can easily go through walls as well. The Bond must be in the range of WiFi router. The bond uses RF signals and it can control any device that uses RF signals.

The most useful thing about using this type of fan controller is that you don’t need to worry about wiring. So, if you are like me who hates to do wiring stuff and install new switches then this device may work like wonder for you.

How Can I Use Bond If I Don’t Have Remote Control For My Fan?

You can’t use Bond Controller if don’t have a remote control but there is a way. You can buy a universal remote control kit that is designed for ceiling fans only. These universal kits have a receiver unit that is installed in your fan housing. To install this universal remote control kit you will need to do some wiring stuff and open the fan housing. It requires some work but once it is done you can use the Bond Controller.

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Wrapping it up

Use the Smart Switches for the most optimum results and customizations. I know installing the smart switches requires a lot of work but they also offer a lot of flexibility. A smart hub will be required and all the smart home functions will have to be programmed with the smart hub software as well.

It can become very tough and not so worth it if you don’t do a lot of do-it-yourself stuff. If you are a beginner with little to no experience then it is most probably not worth it.

For people who aren’t much familiar with DIY, a device like Bond Controller may work like magic. It is a fast and easy way to make your ceiling fan smart if you have a remote control. The bond provides IFTTT compatibility and a voice control setup as well. If you want to do smart home automation and don’t want the hassle of wiring, then this is the perfect product for you. It becomes very inexpensive to use if you are using this device with multiple fans.

If you are a very casual user who doesn’t want to spend too much money and effort, most people opt for Bluetooth choices. However, the Bluetooth options are not that useful as of now. They only convert your smartphone into the fan remote controller. The main concept of smart home automation is missing, and most users wouldn’t be satisfied with its results. They only work within the Bluetooth range and there is no option of voice control and IFTTT. So, I think Bond Controller is the best overall option for any type of user.


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