How Long Does Ring Battery Last? Why Is Ring Battery Draining So Fast?

Are you contemplating purchasing a Ring Video Doorbell? Or do you own one and wondering how long can its battery sustain, or will it need to be recharged?

If the above is your question, then you are at the right place. With the internet presenting a plethora of data online surrounding the battery life for Ring devices and Ring video doorbells, we bring you a platform with the perfect and latest information that would not leave you obscured.

Thus, we thought of presenting you with a detailed article to gain the utmost information and data. Herein, we have elucidated in-depth how long will your ring video doorbell’s battery sustain. Besides, we have also reasoned out why is a need for recharging it often. Moreover, continue to read the entire article till the end. You will also find few good tips for maintaining the time gap between two consecutive rechargings of the battery.


What is the Shelf Life of Ring Video Doorbell Battery?

As per Ring, the normal use of batteries in most devices goes on for months without requiring constant recharging. However, the main point here is the normal use of the battery. On the other hand, when it comes to reality, most ring users have highlighted the fact that the batteries in-ring Video doorbell requires recharge between 3 to 4 months and even 3 to 4 days.

Well, there is quite a difference between both. But the crux here is how it is possible? So let’s look at the scenario in this way: 

the battery of a normal smartphone lasts for hours to days. So, it mainly depends on the usage of the smartphone. On the other hand, Ring doesn’t render a detailed definition of what a normal use means, yet they offer suggestions for why they require constant recharging on a timely basis.

So, let’s run through all the reasoning as to why your Ring Video Doorbell requires constant recharging, and here we shall explain everything in length. Do read till the end.

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What is the reason for my Ring Video Doorbell Battery draining quickly?

While you may wonder why is your doorbell recharge draining often, several reasons may affect the battery life of your Doorbell. These are:

When there are too many events

One of the reasons for the draining of your Ring Video Doorbell battery is the number of events. As soon as the Doorbell’s motion detector is triggered or engaged, the video doorbell immediately sends an alert, followed by recording the video. Well, these videos do lead to the utilization of the battery’s power.

Another reason for the draining of the battery can be opening the Live View for watching a live video or when utilizing an intercom for speaking using a doorbell.

More events and the use of batteries throughout the day will lead to draining the shelf life of a battery, thereby needing it to be recharged often and quickly.

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If the Weather/ Climate is Cold Outside

Most Ring devices like Ring Video Doorbells comprise lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. However, under extreme cold weather, the batteries showcase negative effects, thereby leading to the draining of their power.

For example, live in an area where the ideal temperature is below 40 Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius. The battery of your Ring battery will not be able to hold the charge as the temperature falls. Besides, when the temperature is even colder, the battery may even stop working.

So, here is the temperature to avoid stoppage of your Ring device battery under different temperatures:

  • 36 Fahrenheit or 3 degrees Celsius – The battery will need to be recharged frequently
  • 32 Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius – It may not be possible to recharge the battery even when it is hardwired
  • -5 Fahrenheit or -20.5 degrees Celsius – The battery can stop working


If the WiFi Connection is Weak

Ring Doorbells require a strong WiFi signal to connect, which may lead to more battery draining to keep the connection working effectively.

Tip: Suppose you have recently recharged your Ring Video Doorbell battery and your Ring App highlights a low power, then do run a couple of test rings. Besides, the battery measurement of your Ring App will send constant updates and notifications whenever the Doorbell is pressed.

Pro Tips for increasing the battery life of Ring Video Doorbells

Here are few important tips for optimizing the battery life of your Ring Video Doorbell thereby limiting the need for recharging your battery often.

Methods to Adjust the motion settings of your Doorbell

Suppose your Ring Doorbell is constantly sending high events every day like false events, including people or cars passing by or walking on the sidewalk. Your video doorbell might consider them as motions. Thus, herein, you will be required to adjust the motion detection settings accordingly. Below listed are the ways to do so:

  • Setting up Motion Zones: This setting works best for Ring devices, including Ring Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 2 and 3, Spotlight Cam Battery, and Stick-Up Cam.
  • Adjust the Advanced Motion Detection Zones: This feature works for devices like Video Doorbell Elite, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Spotlight Cam Mount or Wired 2nd generation, Stick Up Cam Wired, Floodlight Cam, Stick Up Cam Elite, and Indoor Cam.
  • Adjust its Motion Frequency
  • Utilize its Motion Scheduling

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What to do When the temperature of the Ring Video Doorbell is extremely cold?

The Ring devices comprise lithium-ion batteries, which may often have trouble holding charge when the temperature falls below 40 Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius. Thus, it may cause trouble in recharging it accurately.

On the other hand, when the battery’s charge runs out, the best way to retain its charge is by getting it inside and recharging it using a USB cord. It will allow the battery to warm up and thereby retain its charge.

Besides, when you remount your device outside, ensure its charge is 100%, which will ensure the device works for a long time until the temperature turns warmer. Moreover, until the temperature is below 4 degrees Celsius, you need to keep checking the battery power to ensure the device is working continuously by monitoring it.

How to Monitor and Check the WiFi Signal Strength?

Suppose your Ring Video Doorbell is constantly working and holding its WiFi connection, then it will surely utilize more battery and require recharging constantly.

Monitor the RSSI, i.e., Received Signal Strength Indicator of the device using the Ring App. It will indicate your WiFi connection’s strength, wherein you will find the RSSI in the Device Health section in the Ring App.

Here are important readings:

If the RSSI or reading is -40 or more, it indicates no interference in the WiFi connection, and the signal is strong. When the reading is below -40, it indicates low signal strength, which may cause hindrance in functionality, inability to connect, and video issues.

Suppose the RSSI reading is below -40, then you can opt for using a WiFi signal repeater or a Ring Chime Pro to strengthen the WiFi signal with your device.

Besides, it is necessary to consider that the RSSI indicates a strong signal and does not indicate a speed connection, which may affect the speed and performance of the device.

How To Reset Your Ring Doorbell WiFi

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