How To Connect LG TV to WIFI Without Remote (MUST READ!!)

I have lost the remote control of a lot of electronic devices and I know it is a pretty annoying situation. Recently, I lost my remote control of the LG Television system and I got so frustrated as I wanted to watch the NBA match of my favorite team but I couldn’t.

Even you can’t connect your LG TV to the internet without a remote controller that means no internet connection to your TV. You want to watch a live game or your favorite show on Netflix but you can’t do it without the remote controller. I know it is a terrible nightmare!

So, how to connect LG TV to Wifi without a remote? You need an electronic device to connect LG TV to an internet connection. If you don’t have a remote controller a mouse can do the work for you. With the use of a mouse, you can navigate through the menu and settings easily. 

So, before actually connecting LG TV to WIFI with the help of a mouse I want you to check whether your TV is compatible to use a mouse and keyboard. Also, make sure to turn on your Wifi router before executing the following steps. Here’s how you can check if your TV supports a mouse or keyboard.

How to check if your LG TV supports a mouse and keyboard?

According to the LG support, you can use a mouse and keyboard on some TVs. You can check if your TV supports mouse compatibility by going through the digital user guide. Bluetooth external devices like Bluetooth keyboards or a mouse may or may not work.

You will find a section named magic remote in the digital user guide. Under the magic remote section, you will see an option called ‘Using a Keyboard and Mouse’. After selecting that option you will see recommended types of keyboard and mouse. According to their user guide, not all types of keyboard and mouse may work with LG TV.

Keyboards that are recommended and surely work are LG Electronics MKS-1200, LOGITECH K360, LOGITECH K400, and LOGITECH K750. If you are unable to find the exact mouse or keyboard that they recommend then don’t worry.

Most of the advanced keyboard and mouse works pretty well with the LG TV. Even wireless external Bluetooth mouse and keyboard work. But, you will face a problem if you have an older mouse or keyboard that uses old technology for transferring data.

Once you have successfully connected the mouse to the TV you will see a mouse pointer on the LG TV screen. The next question which you may have is how can I connect LG TV to Wifi using a mouse? Check out the following steps to connect your LG TV to Wifi.

Will smart tv work wihtout internet

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Connecting LG TV to WIFI Without Remote (Step-by-step)

  1. Once you connect your mouse to the LG TV then press the main button of the TV. After pressing the button, you will see three options. Here, you select the ‘input’ option to proceed.
  2. A new window will be shown having various options to select from. Using your mouse navigate through different options and select the ‘Live TV’ option to proceed.
  3. Then, go to the right side of the TV screen, and then you will see a menu. In this menu, under the channel icon, select the ‘recommended’ icon.
  4. You will get a popup message which has written, ‘you are not connected’. Along with this message, there will be a choice to configure the network. A button with the text YES will be showed. You can read the instructions on the screen and proceed.
  5. After completing the previous step, a new window will pop up having several options to connect to the internet network. You can configure the network settings through this window. You will see router SSID in here. Select it and type the correct password of your Wifi.
  6. In the end, don’t forget to save all your settings. You will see instructions to save your settings make sure to follow them correctly.

All your settings will be saved and your TV will work as usual with an internet connection. Now, you can watch your favorite shows and live games again on your LG TV.

If you have some trouble connecting the LG TV to Wifi without a remote then you can watch the below video. It has visual steps which will help you to understand better and solve your doubts. The below video shows how to connect LG TV to WIFI using your android phone.


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