How to Get Flooring for a Home Gym Cheaply! (Don’t IGNORE This)

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that many people including you and me care about their fitness and health. And yes, fitness is very important. To this extent, many people have invested in home gyms. But somehow people fail to notice the impact the floor of their home gym has on their workout schedule.

As for picking flooring, that too for a home gym is not really an exciting task, so this is normal and expected. You might think: what’s wrong with exercising on a cement floor or a bare floor? Working out there is quite easy in comparison to getting flooring done. You might also think that it is trouble.

But let me tell you clearly, this is one of those things that you must get if you’re really serious about your health and fitness. Would you want to skip a routine workout? No, right? Believe me when I say that the correct flooring for your home gym will keep you safe while preserving the fundamental solidarity of your residence.

It is seen that some people usually use an old carpet or rug for their workout area. And you might also think that it would work just like the mats or flooring. Right?

But it doesn’t! The flooring of your exercise area is the basis of the arrangement that supports you and your body while you work out. Just with little thought and time, you’ll have a comfortable workout space. Installing the flooring might be a secondary task for you, but it actually influences how you view working out.

A home gym with proper flooring improves and enhances the functions as well as your experience while working out. All you’ve to do is give it a thought and pick up the flooring you like, and in return, it will keep you, your floor, your workout stuff, and your body safe and protected. So, let’s get into it!


Few Things You Should Know About Your Home Gym Flooring

With time and consistent workout, your gym flooring whether it is cement or wood can wear out. The cement or bare floor doesn’t work out smoothly. For example, if you accidentally drop some weights on the floor, you’ll notice that even the hard floor isn’t invulnerable to damage.

Apart from that, you might feel uncomfortable doing workouts that include straight skin-to-flow contact. Along with that, it is also unhygienic.

If you’re looking for the best flooring pick, then the answer is Rubber. But if you have a limited budget then don’t worry, there are many options which we’ll discuss later.

The reason why the rubber is an ideal pick is that such mats are 3/8″ thick. You can pick either the interlocking rubber mat or rollout.

How do I choose a gym floor?

The Best Pick For A Limited Budget

If you have a large workout space as your home gym, you might find it difficult to adjust the protective benefits and costs. You can go for thin material if you want. But keep in mind, that this type of flooring will not spread the energy produced by workouts.

Many budget-friendly flooring alternatives will cover your home gym floor just fine. In addition to that, if you pick the perfect flooring for your home gym, you’ll get the choices within a precise area.

One of the recommendations for budget-friendly flooring is Sorbus wood coverings. These are useful for home office purposes and light workouts. Apart from that, they also come in various designs and patterns. This also enhances the decor of your residence.

Are Horse Stall Mats A Great Pick?

Many people get the stall mats for their workout space. These mats are affordable and inexpensive to install. These stall mats can endure solid impacts. In addition to that, this floor covering is most suitable for a hard-core and intensive aerobic workout. Even though some features are missing in this floor covering. Check out the price of Horse Stall Mats from Amazon!

It doesn’t have slip resistance, unlike rubber mats. This type of floor covering is produced by recycled rubber which results in a dense tire smell. The composition of this flooring is thin, so it doesn’t really protect the inner surface of the floor.

Nonetheless, these stall mats are considered an economical and popular pick among powerlifters. These mats do use plywood to protect the surface of the floor from forces.

However, even after these perks, installing the stall mat covering is much more expensive than getting a rubber flooring for your home gym. If you are purchasing the additional padding, then it’ll be more expensive.

Moreover, the stall mats are considered to misplace at the joints during impactful movements. This could result in mishaps and ultimately will be more expensive than a practical floor covering.

Basements can be a good choice for home gyms. Must ReadDo you need a permit to drywall the basement?

Why You Should Get A Home Gym Flooring?

Now after reading all the benefits and functions of a floor mat, one thing is clear, that it is a worthy investment. As I mentioned before, flooring your home gym is a fundamental and prominent part. So, whether you are just a beginner or you have a complete gym with equipment, picking up the perfect floor covering makes a huge difference in your routine workout.

To your surprise, most of the floor covering isn’t really expensive but affordable. However, the installation of flooring could add up some costs, particularly if you have a large workout space. If you’re planning for the long term, then the perfect choice is to get a high-quality floor covering.

How to Get Flooring for a Home Gym Cheaply

This way you don’t have to spend money every single time replacing the floor covering. As the high-quality one will last longer.
Along with that, the flooring also supports your equipment as well as your body during intensive workouts.

And if you’re going for the rubber mat flooring, then it protects you from damages along with supporting you during a workout. It’ll also support your gym tools and workout space.

Now you might wonder what happens to the mat when it hits with the vibration impacts? The gym flooring absorbs the vibration and protects your residence from structural loss.

Why Is It Significant To Pick The Right Gym Flooring?

Every new flooring mat you pick will initially hold a powerful fragrance but with consistent use and time, the odour will fade away quickly. The gym mats with rubber material are made for intense impacts and sweaty workouts. They are non-porous, which helps the mats to stay fresh.

The rubber mats have a sleek texture that allows your workout space to stay clean along with leaving a professional look.
If the rubber mats, you’re picking are of high quality, then you’ll be guaranteed a worthy and durable investment. I personally liked these rubber mats from the brand BalanceFrom Puzzle. 

They do have a high upfront price, but you’ll save some bucks in long run. The reason is you won’t have to change it every single time.
As I mentioned one of their features is non-porous.

This feature allows the rubber mats to protect the gym flooring from liquid spills such as beverages and much more. The rubber mats which are particularly designed for working out are durable in comparison to other floor covering.

As the manufactures of the mats, have built them in a way that allows the mats to absorb the body sweat and impacts from equipment. This also prevents your residence subflooring from getting damaged.

And one more feature of rubber mats is sound absorption. Yes, you read it right. Rubber mats could absorb sound which will help you with working out without disturbing other people.

Which Material You Could Go For?

As you’re almost familiar with the home gym flooring, let’s end with knowing the material which is available for you. You can pick the material considering the protection and cost you’ll be needing. For example, some might be cheap and provide fast covering. The floor covering you pick depends upon the budget you’ve and the protection you want for your residence.

There are some mats with foam material. These are inexpensive and affordable for covering the gym floor. If you’re not into intensive workouts but yoga, then you can go for the mat with foam material.

Another material is vinyl flooring. It is smooth and can be cleaned easily. However, it happens to give a little collision absorption. It could be considered a standard kitchen floor, instead of gym flooring.

Apart from all these, the rubber mat details are already mentioned as they are always preferred over any other mats. But again, the investment totally depends on your budget and the safety you want.

How to Get Flooring for a Home Gym Cheaply

Wrapping it up

Picking up the perfect home gym flooring is important. As it is a balance between your fitness and your residence’s structural integrity. Along with that, it also considers your safety, your body, your budget, and most importantly your comfort while working out.

So whether you’re into intense workouts or light yoga, it is crucial to get the best gym flooring for your workout space.


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