How To Make The Most Of Your Ecobee Sensors? (MUSR READ!)

If you are planning to get an Ecobee Sensor, it is imperative to consider it useful for every cent you have spent. And if you are well aware of how to use the sensor, that would certainly mean you know the sensors are working for you.

Thus, in this article, we bring to our readers an ultimate writeup on how to utilize your Ecobee Sensors the most.

First, sensors are elements that are prominently used for connecting all Ecobee products. So what exactly does pay the worth for all the bucks spent. It includes:

  • Follow Me
  • Balancing Temperatures
  • Compatibility and Comfort

Ain’t it completely frustrating to get a product but not ripe all the benefits it can offer. In that case, all you have to do is take a step and see how the Ecobee sensors work and shall assist you.

So, here’s presenting the ideal way to get the best of your Ecobee Sensors.

To begin with, your Ecobee Sensors must work in your favor in addition to being compatible with other Ecobee products as well. An Ecobee sensor ideally pairs up with 32 room sensors in your entire =Ecobee system. Additionally, you can place them anywhere you want them to be.

Secondly, Ecobee Sensors have two types of batteries that fit into it. Besides, based on the battery, you can determine how much work you can get from it.

While the older versions use a CR2032 battery, which resembles a silver coin, it can render full work for 18 to 24 months. On the other hand, the newer version of Ecobee Smart Sensor has a CR2477 battery that has a potential shelf life lasting up to 5 years. Thus, you can determine which one will fit you best?

Key Features for Ecobee Sensors

Apart from the above, there are many more features that add to the perks of getting the most in an Ecobee Sensor:

How To Make The Most Of Your Ecobee Sensors?

Smart Home and Away Feature: Your thermostats are smart enough to know if you are present or not in the room. Based on the same, it will adjust the temperature accordingly. Thus, if you are away, the thermostat will adjust the temperature to average reading and, based on your presence, raise your sensor temperature accordingly.

Balanced Temperature: It is one of the most exciting features that allow you to place the sensor wherever you feel the need to balance the temperature in their small sweet paradise. It thus helps in experiencing varying room temperatures daily.

Thermal Protection: Is there a place or corner at your home where you don’t want your thermostat to sense temperature? The Thermal Protection feature of the Ecobee Sensor allows you to ignore the sensors placed at any corner of the place, which may be either cold or hot than any part of the property. Thus, you can protect your HVAC from being switched on unnecessarily.

Compatibility: A Thermostat that is compatible with different sensors is wonderful. Ecobee sensors are highly compatible with different sensors like ecobee4 Smart Thermostat, ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat, and Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control.

Follow Me: The best thing about Ecobee Sensor is that it follows you to make the temperature comfortable for you in all the rooms. Follow Me feature of Ecobee signals your thermostat to turn into the savings mode, thereby preventing from burning your pockets. Besides, another perk of an Ecobee Sensor is the advantage of preset the thermostat to a certain temperature anytime you feel like it.

The best thing about Ecobee Sensors and its working with the thermostat is that it allows you to adjust your thermostat temperatures, making it a flexible and versatile product. Suppose your thermostat sensor is picking a temperature that is not at par with the temperature you require, then you can go on to adjust the temperature accordingly. Well, doesn’t that make it a complete package to opt for?

However, having a good idea of where to place your sensor to get an accurate reading is not a bad idea; rather, it can ease your quest too.

Best Place to Place your Ecobee Sensor at your Home

Do you know, Ecobee Sensors are passive infrared motion sensors? The best thing about Ecobee Sensor is it uses the infrared radiation that is coming out of different objects and materials to sense motions. However, to keep the process on, it is necessary to have the sensors connect with the base unit that uses radio frequencies like z-wave.

What do the sensors help?

The Ecobee Sensors assists in keeping track of your:

  • Activities happening In-House
  • Windows and Doors as well

How does the Ecobee Sensor work?

Ecobee Sensors comprise a mesh network which you can all as the star network configuration. It is known that it is necessary to have all your sensors near the Ecobee thermostat to allow easy tracking and adjusting temperature. However, you must ensure your Ecobee Sensor is placed at a range of 45 feet away from your thermostat. Only then will the network configuration consider and recognize anything that comes in between the sensors, thereby signaling the thermostat accurately.

What would happen if you place it far?

Placing your sensors and thermostat in a not-compatible range can turn out to be a mess. It can either turn your thermostat inconsistent or may even lead to its stoppage. However, if there are hardly any obstructions between your sensor and thermostat, you can enhance the distance between it to a maximum of 100 feet.


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Other Criterions to Consider

It is imperative to know that the base unit must be 90-foot diameter, where you can easily place your sensors. However, if it is placed at a range of 45-foot between the thermostat and sensor, it will work fine. But in the case, if it stops working, that does signal the fact that your sensors are not inbound with the base unit.

In-Home Activity Motion Detection

Do you know your Ecobee Sensor also comprises In-Home Activity Motion detection, which allows your sensor to detect movements inside the house? The feature works well and can detect movement up to 15 feet. However, it has to be understood that the sensors are designed to detect only big movements. Besides, it won’t be able to capture the movement of a pet or an insect.

On the contrary, if you place your sensors in an area filled with movement, that may reduce your sensor’s battery considering the extra task of sensing motion. Moreover, the sensor often goes into a continuous chain of off and on to monitor the motion and signal your thermostat to balance the temperature. Ah… isn’t that too much work?

But there are no worries, as your Ecobee App will instantly notify you as the sensor’s battery begins to dry up.


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