How to Reset the Roku TV? (DON’T IGNORE THIS!)

Roku is a popular Smart TV brand that presents consumers with world-class fun and entertainment. Yet Roku, similar to other smart TVs, is not free of the technical issues that keep cropping up occasionally and requires a quick reset.

So, are you facing trouble with your Roku Smart TV? Is your system facing issues like lagging, freezing, and connectivity troubles? Has your system completely stopped and is not turning on? Well, then one of the best options here is to reset your system. With your Roku TV is becomes much easier to restart the system or deploy a quick hard factory reset for fixing many common issues.

Thus, in this article, we bring to our readers the top reasons why you must reset your Roku TV as a top Troubleshooting option and enlist the steps.

Why must you reset your Roku TV?

Check out below the varied reasons enlisting the why and when for resetting your Roku Smart TV:

  • If your Roku TV is lagging or freezing
  • Do you want to restore its functionality?
  • Has your TV’s audio and the video suddenly stopped?
  • Is there an issue in connecting with the wireless network?
  • Is the smart function of the TV not working well?

If you face any of the above-listed issues, then your Roku TV probably requires a quick reset. However, that doesn’t need any rocket science. In the below sections, we would enlist in detail everything you must know to reset your Roku TV.

how to reset roku tv

Ways for Resetting a Roku TV

Resetting your system is one of the best options for troubleshooting. However, there are multiple resetting methods for your Roku Smart TVs. These include:

  • Restarting system
  • Complete factory reset or hard reset

Method to restart your Roku Smart TV

Restarting your Roku Smart TV is similar to the restarting feature on a smartphone, wherein it is easier to switch your Smart TV on and off automatically. It has to be noted that doing so would not affect your account data or delete the customized settings or even change the settings of your installed apps. However, it can help you fix some minor troubles like lagging.

You can quickly restart your Roku Smart TV using a Smart TV remote control. Just follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the Systems on the home screen of your TV
  2. Navigate down and choose the System Restart option
  3. Click on Restart
  4. Your TV will switch off and on. Wait for some times until Restart displays on the home screen
  5. Later check if your Smart TV is still facing trouble

On the other hand, if your Smart Roku TV is freezing every minute or hour, then follow the given steps to restart your system with remote control:

  1. Click Five times on your Home button.
  2. Choose the Up Arrow
  3. Click on the Rewind option twice.
  4. Choose the Fast Forward button twice.
  5. It will automatically restart your Roku TV. It may take 5 to 10 seconds to complete.

how to reset roku tv

Methods to factory reset your smart Roku TV

If your system continues to linger, then do a factory reset, popularly known as a hard reset.

Before you opt for a factory reset option, you must understand that a hard reset will reverse your TV to default settings, unlike restarting your system. Here are few issues you may face on choosing the hard reset option, which are:

  • It will unlink your Roku account.
  • It will reverse your information and viewing preferences.
  • The hard reset option will restore your TV to its original factory to its original d Default settings.

So, follow the settings below to get a quick hard factory reset on your Roku TV:

  1. Choose the Home button on the Roku remote
  2. Navigate down and choose Settings
  3. Select the system option and click on Advanced System Settings
  4. Now choose the Factory Reset option
  5. The screen will display the option asking the user if you want to reset your Smart Roku TV
  6. Select the reset option and enter the 4-digit code
  7. It will begin your reset process

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Hard Resetting Option for your Smart Roku TV 

Is your Roku TV still not responding to the remote-control commands? Then here is an alternate method for resetting. Here are steps to execute the hard reset of your Smart Roku TV, which are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Reset button on your Roku TV, which is on the back of the system
  2. Press and continue to hold the Reset button for 15 to 20 seconds
  3. On completing your reset process, the power indicator on your Roku TV will rapidly flash
  4. Release the Reset option after your TV’s power indicator begins to blink

how to reset roku tv

If your Roku TV doesn’t have a Reset button, you can continue to execute the process of resetting with the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the Mute and Power buttons simultaneously on your Roku TV
  2. While doing so, unplug and replug the power (you may require assistance)
  3. Now, if your TV screen switches on, then release both the buttons
  4. Follow the given steps and re-enter your personal account data

Wrapping it up

Most Smart Roku TVs have the alternate option options of either restarting the system or doing a hard factory reset while troubleshooting your TV. Based on the issue you are facing with your TV, you can either perform one or both options for resolving the problem.

However, if the options listed above continue to be a trouble, then the best option is to contact your Roku support center to assist you in solving the problem.

The resetting option for your Smart Tv will differ for different brands. If you have a different Smart TV model like Vizio, check our resetting your device in this article.


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