How to Reset your Samsung Refrigerator (100% Working!)

Facing trouble with your refrigerator? Here we have it all covered for you!

We are not oblivious to the fact that Samsung is one of the top brands for refrigerators, and however, they are not distinct to facing issues periodically. Herein, if you are looking for ways to reset your Samsung refrigerator, you have landed on the right page.

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Ways to reset Samsung Refrigerator

The USP of the Samsung refrigerator is that it informs users whenever it has to be reset. Herein, if you happen to see error codes displayed on the screen, then perk up as your refrigerator is signaling to you a reset.

It usually happens when the fridge tends to detect some problem with the production of ice. If your refrigerator is unable to produce ice, then the sensor will show you an 8E error. On the other hand, if the error is with freezing, a 14E will be displayed, and in the case of an error, it will be 40E and 40C.

Besides, if the refrigerator has gone into a demo or shop mode, it will display signs like OFF or scroll temperature bars. Moreover, the refrigerator may completely fail to show the right temperature or show an incorrect temperature reading on the display bar.

What are the General Precautions to Follow?

Do you want to reset your Samsung fridge? Then be sure of what process you follow. First, ensure to unplug your refrigerator from the socket. Do not try anything else until then. Your fridge may contain gases inside the compressor, so never fiddle with it.

We recommend our readers to not indulge in any work that is risky or you are unclear about. It is best to seek professional assistance before you venture into it.

Common Error Codes

5EThis error alert indicates the refrigerator’s Fridge Defrost Sensor is not functioning properly.
8EIf your refrigerator is unable to freezer ice
14EJust like 8E, your refrigerator will flash this error when it detects some problem with the production of ice
22E, 22CIf there is an error in the fan, which may happen when you keep the doors open for a long time
33EIt signifies an issue with the Ice Pipe Heater of the fridge
39C & 39EIf the ice is not getting formed properly, users will be displayed with the error code
40C & 40EIt signifies an error or issue with the ice room fan of the refrigerator
41 or 42 and interior blue lights flashingIf your fridge emits too much blue light, it means the Family Hub has to be rebooted
41CSamsung tends to launch newer updates and software patches and upgrades on a timely basis.

This error is displayed when the software is not updated

76C or blinking Autofill indicatorIf there is water spilled inside the autofill compartment it will display the error. Check the lower part of the refrigerator to detect any water spillage
84CAn increase in temperature inside the fridge can stop the compressor from abruptly displaying this error code
85CIf there is low voltage in the power source, can display the error message
88 88, 83E, 85E, or 86EAn error detected within the circuit breaker will display this error code.

Herein, unplug and reconnect the circuit

All icons are flashing after being plugged in or a power outageIt means the refrigerator is running self-diagnosis. It is not an error, it helps to identify what the errors might be


Ice Off blinkingIt flashes on misplacement of the ice bucket. Put back the bucket after cleaning it
OF OF or OF FThis mode is used by retailers. It is used when the fridge is placed in the showroom
PC ERAn error in the circuit will display this code. Reset the wire to resolve the overall error

Resetting the wire harness resolves this error.

Method to reset power on Samsung Refrigerator

Often after prolonged use, users may find the refrigerator acting weirdly. It usually happens when there is a series of power outages, often after a heavy storm. Herein, your Samsung refrigerator may begin to display incorrect temperature instead of default temperature. Besides, it may lead to spoiling of food kept inside the refrigerator.

The best way is to take the food out of the fridge or opting for a power reset to restore the default settings once again.

Here are the ways:

  1. Switch off your fridge by pressing the Power Button
  2. Unplug the power cord
  3. Keep the fridge switched off for some time
  4. Now re-plug the refrigerator
  5. Switch on the Power Button
  6. The fridge must work properly now.

Method to reset Samsung Refrigerator from demo or shop mode

The demo mode or shop mode helps in many ways. It is used by shopkeepers/ retailers when the fridge is still in the shop for sale, and it enables reduced use of energy. This mode also enables the fridge to be in good working condition except when it is cooling. On enabling this mode, the refrigerator will restart its display panel, and interior lights working again. Herein, the shopkeepers/ retailers can showcase to their buyers the various benefits of purchasing the fridge.

How to Reset your Samsung Refrigerator

However, it must be ensured that once the buyer purchases the fridge, its demo mode or shop mode must turn off. If it is still on after purchase, that can lead to spoilage of food inside the fridge.

 Here, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Lookout if the Cooling Off Mode signal is still flashing

If yes, then locate two buttons on the left side of the display panel

Hold and press it for 5 to 10 seconds

Ensure to press and hold the two buttons simultaneously.

You will know if only one button is pressed as the fridge will make distinct noises.

Release the buttons and wait for sometime

If the fridge still displays the Cooling Off Mode, then repeat the process until it is disabled.

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Methods to set/ reset the temperature

The default temperature of all Samsung Refrigerators is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, and it is the minimum temperature required to prevent spoilage of food or the formation of bacteria. However, users may require to lower the temperature further if they are storing products like dairy, which needs an optimal 34 degree Fahrenheit temperature.

If you are looking for ways to reset the temperature, then the section below will make you a wizard. A few tweaks and the fridge will reset to the desired temperature.

  •  Locate where is the control panel in the refrigerator
  • Press and hold the fridge button for setting the desired temperature
  • Let the system cool, and it will adjust to the new temperature
  • After it is set, the display panel will reflect the new temperature
  • Be patient, as it might take some time before the temperature stabilizes
  • Recheck the temperature after it is set

Methods to reset the control panel after facing a severe power outage

Every Samsung refrigerator has a control panel that can be used to reset and adjust the requirement. These include lighting, temperature, freezing, energy saver, and dispensing ice. It also reflects other important information to determine the overall health of the refrigerator. Hence, many users tend to panic when the control panel fails to display any information or when the button stops working abruptly.

An error due to a power outage, using the control panel will help resolve the issue.

 Here are the ways:

  • Is the child lock enabled? If yes, then disable it. It will help to fix the error.
  • If not, then reset your control panel display.
  • Look for a reset switch located at the top corner of the right door
  • Turn off the display
  • Now patiently wait for few seconds and turn it on
  • On successfully resetting, the Samsung logo will reappear on the display screen.

Ways to reset Samsung Refrigerator’s Ice Maker

How to Reset your Samsung Refrigerator

Refrigerators help in storing food, and here they are also equipped with the function to produce ice. Besides, the latest models of the refrigerator allow speedy production of ice. Whether you are fond of drinking ice-cold coffee or make a special frozen dish, you cannot let the ice maker go haywire.

If you face a stoppage in the production of ice or detect a drop in the ice production, then it is necessary to reset the Ice Maker to fix the issue.

  • Begin with Flex Tray. Here, open the fridge and bring the ice machine out
  • Locate the test switch inside the ice maker
  • Press the switch for 3 seconds which will reset the ice maker
  • After reset, the ice maker will dump the remaining ice
  • Refill the water again
  • For Heated Tray, open the freezer
  • Herein hold the ice bucket, squeeze and lift it
  • Separate the ice bucket from the main unit
  • Find the test switch located to the top-let and adjacent side of the sensor in the arm joint.
  • Hold the switch for some time.
  • For all models manufactured after 2010, you can hear a chime sound when the process is complete.

Methods to reset the wire harness located between the control unit and the door

If your refrigerator is flashing a message about identifying a wire harness error, that certainly means there is an error of communication between the central control and the door.

The PC Er signifies that the wire harness needs to be reset and fixed.

If the error is not fixed, the door may not shut properly, leading to spoilage of food placed inside.

Here are the steps to reset it

  • Turn off the fridge
  • Unplug the power cord from the backside
  • Locate the wire harness and separate it for a while, then reconnect
  • Restart your fridge.
  • The error code must certainly disappear now.

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Method to reset Samsung Refrigerator’s Water Filter and the Light Filter

Water filters inside the Samsung Refrigerator prevent it from getting contaminated. It lowers the impurities, thereby making the water drinkable and free from any biological, chemical, or physical barriers.

Samsung Refrigerators have built-in water filters, which force the water to pass through the activated carbon compartment and cleanse it.

If you are using the refrigerator for drinking water, you cannot afford the wrong readings. Hence, a reset is required.

Here are the steps:

  • Remove the old water filter and replace the new one
  • You can locate it being placed in the center and twist the cap
  • Reset the filter indicator based on the model you are using. Use these three options:
  1. Press/ hold the alarm button for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds
  2. Hold the button displaying Ice Type/ Water for 3 to 5 seconds
  3. Hold the button displaying Ice/ Water for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds
  4. It will reset your water filter.


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