Is Eero Secure Worth the Money? [79$ Saved!]

The use of the internet exposes you to a variety of risks that might endanger both your privacy and your safety. If you are utilising a WiFi network powered by Eero, you may be interested in the additional security offered by Eero Secure and Eero Security Plus, which are also available as subscription services.

Eero Secure provides consumers with a variety of features that make the product potentially more valuable to them. These features include the banning of advertisements, the filtering of material, safe searching, and enhanced threat prevention. These elements complement one another to strengthen your online protection and provide for a more secure browsing experience overall.

Because Eero Secure is built to provide full protection against online dangers, you will be able to navigate the internet with a better sense of calm thanks to the presence of this security solution. It does this by banning advertisements, filtering out unsuitable information, and allowing safe searches, which all contribute to a greater level of protection against dangerous websites, frauds, and other possible threats.

Eero Security Plus provides further advantages for those who are interested in more sophisticated safety measures. It provides features like as password management tools, VIP support, and endpoint security for devices that are connected to the network. Users benefit from an increased sense of convenience and security thanks to these newly introduced features.

It is necessary to carefully consider your individual requirements and preferences before choosing either the Eero Secure or the Eero Security Plus system. Think over if the features that are supplied correspond to the degree of safety that you are looking for and whether the cost of the subscription is reasonable given the additional protection and sense of calm that is provided.

Is Eero Secure Worth the Money

In general, Eero Secure and Eero Security Plus might be helpful additions to your Eero WiFi network, since they provide improved security against many online dangers. It is highly advised that you go through the available features and ascertain whether or not the subscription services satisfy your needs while also delivering the appropriate return on investment.

Eero Secure Vs Eero Secure+

Eero Secure Eero Secure+
Compatibility All Eero mesh models All Eero mesh models
Covered Devices Mesh routers and devices (WiFi/Ethernet) Mesh routers and devices (WiFi/Ethernet)
Pricing $2.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly $9.99 monthly or $99.00 yearly
Savings (Yearly) $5 $20
Features Password manager
Free Trial (New Users) 30-day 30-day

All Eero mesh models, including the Eero Beacon and Eero Pro 6, are compatible with Eero Secure, a subscription service. All devices connecting to the network through WiFi or Ethernet are covered by it. The cost of the basic plan is $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year, with the annual membership saving $5. You may take advantage of a 30-day free trial as a new Eero user to see whether this service satisfies your requirements.

Eero Secure+ is the higher-tier subscription choice for security features with greater sophistication. It comes with extra features like a password manager, VPN, antivirus, and DDNS and is compatible with all Eero mesh model types. The Secure+ package costs $9.99 per month or $99.00 annually, with a $20 discount if you choose the yearly membership. You may try out this plan for free for 30 days as a new client to learn more about its advantages.

Benefits of Eero Secure

Is Eero Secure Worth the Money

Enhanced Network Protection: Eero Secure’s powerful network security shields your devices from possible dangers including malware, viruses, and hacking attempts. It serves as a barrier between the outside world and your electronics, giving you piece of mind.

Ad Blocking and Safe Browsing: Safe surfing and ad blocking are both possible with Eero Secure, which also prevents your family members from visiting dangerous websites. It keeps you and the people you care about secure when browsing the internet by blocking unwanted adverts.

Content Filtering and Parental Controls: Eero Secure gives you the authority to restrict and manage the material that your family members may access. To create a safer and more regulated online environment, it enables you to establish age-appropriate limitations, manage screen time, and keep an eye on online activity.

Secure Guest Network: Eero Secure provides the ease of a separate guest network, guaranteeing that your guests may use the internet safely without jeopardising the privacy of your principal network.

Threat Intelligence and Automatic Updates: To safeguard your network against newly discovered vulnerabilities, Eero Secure continuously assesses the threat environment as it changes. It guarantees that you avoid possible security dangers without putting in any extra effort.

Benefits of Eero Secure+

In fact, Eero Secure’s entry-level subscription comes with a host of useful features. However, Eero Secure+ is a great option if you want your smart home to have the most amount of protection possible since it comes with everything the standard plan does, as well as extra features.

You may access a variety of improved security tools and features with Eero Secure+, including:

Dynamic DNS (DDNS): The DDNS functionality enables you to continue using your home network even while you’re on a trip for work or pleasure. It guarantees that you may access your home network from a distance, offering convenience and assurance. encrypts your IP address as a personal VPN (Virtual Private Network), guaranteeing that your online surfing is secure and private. Up to five family members may use this extra layer of online protection with Eero Secure+.

1Password Family: With the help of the 1Password Family feature, you can set up a family account to safely store, distribute, and manage the login information for up to four family members. It makes password management easier and guarantees the safety of your family’s internet accounts.

Malwarebytes: This top-tier antivirus programme is a part of Eero Secure+ and provides effective defence for up to three devices. It checks, disinfects, and protects your devices against malware, assisting in the security of your digital environment.

For individuals who value ultimate security, Eero Secure+’s extra features provide complete security and privacy protections for your smart home, making it a desirable solution.

Consider your family’s unique security demands and determine if the additional features supplied by Eero Secure+ meet them.

Is Eero Secure Worth the Money


  1. Subscription-Based Service: Eero Secure is a subscription-based service, meaning you must pay a monthly fee to utilise its services. Although the ease and enhanced protection make the monthly price reasonable, individuals looking for a one-time investment may find it to be a disadvantage.
  2. Limited Compatibility: Only Eero routers are compatible with Eero Secure. To take advantage of Eero Secure, you must switch from a different brand of router to an Eero router. For those who would rather use their current router, this restriction may not be the best option.
  3. Advanced Features Require Additional Fees: While the membership includes access to Eero Secure’s basic capabilities, certain premium services, including VPN protection and improved parental controls, require extra fees. If you need these sophisticated features, you should think about the possible additional costs.

Is Eero Secure Worth It?

Your unique tastes and financial situation will ultimately determine if Eero Secure is worthwhile.

Eero Secure may be a wise option if you have additional cash to spend and want an extra layer of security. However, it may not be required to spend money on the extra subscription plan if you’re on a limited budget or believe that the fundamental security offered by your Eero WiFi network is enough.

It’s vital to remember that Eero currently provides adequate WiFi network protection without the need for a separate subscription. To keep your network safe and up to date, Eero often releases automated upgrades. Without the requirement for a membership, content screening and the capability to prohibit questionable activities are also accessible.

The extra parental tools provided by Eero Secure, however, might be useful and well taking into consideration if you’re a parent who prioritises protecting your family from possible internet risks and hazardous material.

Additionally, using Eero Secure+ might save you money and be more convenient if you presently pay separate monthly membership fees for VPNs, antivirus software, or password managers. It provides all-encompassing device protection, doing away with the need for several subscriptions.

In the end, decide if the extra features and advantages of Eero Secure or Eero Secure+ are worthwhile the investment for you by weighing your preferences, budget, and unique security requirements.

Is Eero Secure Worth the Money


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Eero Secure:

Is Eero Secure compatible with all Eero router models?

Yes, Eero Secure is compatible with all Eero router models, ensuring that you can enjoy the added security benefits regardless of the specific Eero device you own.

Can I use Eero Secure with a non-Eero router?

No, Eero Secure is designed exclusively for Eero routers. To utilize the features of Eero Secure, you will need to replace your existing router with an Eero router.

Are software updates included in the Eero Secure subscription?

Yes, Eero Secure includes automatic software updates to ensure that your network remains protected against the latest security threats.

Can I customize the content filtering settings in Eero Secure?

Yes, Eero Secure allows you to customize content filtering settings and apply age-appropriate restrictions to create a safer online environment for your family.

Does Eero Secure provide protection for IoT devices?

Yes, Eero Secure extends its protection to IoT devices connected to your network, offering enhanced security for all your internet-connected devices.

Can I try Eero Secure before subscribing?

Yes, Eero offers a trial period for Eero Secure, allowing you to experience its features and benefits before committing to a subscription.


When it comes to protecting your digital presence, Eero Secure and Secure+ are invaluable things to have.

Both of the available subscription options are packed with useful features that give an additional layer of safety and defence. However, it is necessary to analyse if investing in the extra protection plan is genuinely worth the money in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase it.

In general, if you are not a parent or someone who currently pays for subscriptions that are comparable to what Eero Secure+ provides, it is possible that you will not need the additional security plan that is offered by Eero.

Eero Secure+ may be especially helpful for parents since it gives extra tools and capabilities for regulating and monitoring their children’s time spent online. This helps to maintain a secure digital environment for their children.

Your unique requirements and set of life experiences should ultimately guide your choice on whether or not to invest in the supplementary security plan. If you currently use services that are comparable to Eero Secure+ or if you want improved parental controls, it is possible that purchasing Eero Secure+ will be a beneficial investment for you.

Take into account your needs and determine if the services and advantages offered by the subscription plans meet your expectations, as well as whether the expenses involved are warranted by the features and perks.

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