Is Ring Alarm Compatible with Alexa? Link Ring to Alexa!

Day by day home security devices are getting popular as everyone wants to protect their family as well as property from intruders. Installing a smart alarm security system in your home protects your home not only when you are at the home but also when you are away.

The important factors to consider before buying an alarm system are the security and compatibility of the system. When it comes to alarm systems, Ring alarm is very popular and seen in many houses not only in the United States but in the entire world.

Ring alarm is a very efficient alarm system that lets you keep a watch on your home from anywhere in the world. Not only you can monitor your home but control as well as manage the system within minutes!

Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based voice service system that can control many smart devices with just your voice. Many of you may already have an Alexa in your house and it comes in handy.

If you want to add a security system to your house and already you using Alexa then Ring Alarm is the best choice for you. But, many people have the question Is Ring Alarm Compatible with Alexa?

The quick answer to this is- Yes! Ring Alarm is compatible with Amazon Alexa and it could do several things for you just with voice control without even using your hands. You can monitor your camera, lock/unlock the door, talk to people through the camera and much more. 

Alexa and Ring both are owned by the same parent company Amazon. So, compatibility and integration are no doubt very smooth and quick. Using Alexa to control your security system is convenient as well as saves efforts and a lot of time. 

Now, when you know that Ring and Alexa can be connected, let’s see how to connect both of these to make your life simpler! See the current price of Ring Alarm on Amazon here!

How to Connect Ring Alarm to Alexa?

As said earlier connecting Ring Alarm to Alexa is very simple and with these easy steps, you can integrate them quickly. Initially, you would need to download the Amazon Alexa application on your smartphone if you already haven’t.

The Amazon Alexa App is available on Playstore as well as Appstore. After opening the Alexa App move to the left-hand corner and tap on the three horizontal lines. Press that and then tap ‘Skills’.

Then, in the search box type ‘Ring’ and click on it. To allow the connection process, press the enable button. Put your account credentials and then log in to your Ring account on the Alexa app.

By signing in your Ring account and Alexa account will be connected. The next step to perform is to discover your device and connect it.
Click on the Discover Devices option and all the available devices will pop up. Select your Ring device and click connect. Your device will be then successfully connected to Alexa.

If after doing this also your devices are not connecting automatically then you may have to do these things. You can ask Alexa to discover devices by saying ‘Alexa, Discover my devices’.

Or manually you can tap on Devices and then press Discover to see all the available devices. By doing this automatically your device will be connected to Alexa.

However, this will connect to all the ring devices and if you want to connect it to specific ring devices then you can simply go to that device name and click ‘Forget’. If you want to connect it again then click on the ‘Reconnect’ option.

Open Alexa App>Skills>Look for Ring>Enable>Sign In

Amazon Echo

Is Ring Alarm Compatible with Alexa?

Features available by connecting Alexa With The Ring Alarm

Everyday Ring, as well as Alexa, are trying to improve themselves and constantly add new things to do. However, currently, you can do a lot of things using Alexa and control as well as manage the Ring Alarm.

You can do different things to the Ring alarm depending on what Alexa device you are using. For instance, if you have an Amazon Echo you can just say ‘Alexa, Open the front door’ and your front door will be opened.

Not only with the Echo you can also do this with any other compatible device such as Fire Stick TV and see the front door view or manage the temperature of your house.

You just need to say the Alexa device name and your task which you want to perform. All the Ring devices which you own can be controlled using Alexa.

Not only this works with Amazon Echo or Fire Stick Tv but all the other Alexa devices as well. You can also use the Amazon Echo dot and the most impressive feature I liked about it is the two-way conversation.


Is Ring Alarm Compatible with Alexa?

Two-way conversation means if someone is at your front door and using your Echo dot you asked Who are you? then the person at the other end will be able to answer.

But, if you want to see the person as well as talk to him then you will need to use Echo Show. By simply saying ‘Alexa, answer the front door’ you will be able to speak and see with the person on the door.

You can also check whether your home is armed or disarmed by saying ‘Alexa, Is Ring armed?’. If not you can arm it from anywhere in the world by saying ‘Alexa, arm Ring’ as simple as that!

So, you can easily control and monitor your home security hassle-freely by using Alexa. If you have a smart lock that is connected through the Ring alarm you can control it as well.

If you have installed Kwikset, Yale, or Schlage locks for your doors then you can manage them using Alexa. For example, if you want to lock the door then by simply saying ‘Alexa, lock my door’ you can lock it.

To check whether the lock is properly locked before sleeping you can ask the Alexa from your bed itself ‘Alexa, Is my front door locked?’. If not you can lock the door by saying ‘Alexa, Lock my front door’.

To see the live preview of your front or back door you can say ‘Alexa, show me front/door’. Not only this you can see the saved video recoding from the past 60 days. It will show you the recording of the exact day and time!

When someone is at your door you can set the Alexa to notify you by making a noise. This comes in very handy for keeping intruders away and also when someone is trying to spy on you.

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Downsides of connecting Ring to Alexa

As you know nothing in the world is completely perfect and integrating Ring Alarm to Alexa also has some drawbacks. All these issues are not huge but still fixing this could take the experience to the next level.

The issue that I noticed as well as many other people notice is the live preview. The live feed of the door front or any other camera is very laggy and slow.

It has happened many times that I asked who is at the door and the person hearing that has left and I wasn’t even able to see him. The video feed loads too slow and this makes this live preview feature completely useless sometimes.

Many Ring customers have requested on their helpdesk to fix this issue and load the live preview automatically when someone is on the door. The ring has received these requests and we hope that they fix it as soon as possible.

Even when you connect Ring to Alexa, when someone rings your doorbell there is no chime sound on your Alexa device. Many people wish to have this feature as you know that the doorbell rang when you hear a sound from your Amazon Echo.

This feature will be specifically helpful for someone who has a large home and has a hard time hearing the doorbell when someone presses it. Having multiple Echo dots in your house would help you resolve this issue real quick and easy!

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Wrapping it up

The Ring doorbells compatible with Alexa devices are Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Ring Video Doorbell Elite and Ring Floodlight Cam. The process of connecting these devices is the same for all the Ring devices.

Having your home’s security system connected to Amazon Alexa makes your work easy and simple. With minimal efforts, without much use of hands just by your voice you can control and manage the settings of your security system.

Locking/unlocking the door, seeing the live preview, and monitoring your home becomes quicker and you save a lot of time and effort. So, if you are thinking of buying a security system and already have Alexa then consider purchasing the Ring Alarm!


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