Mortise Smart Lock Review: Ultimate Guide!

A necessary element of your smart home is a smart lock. Without it, your smart home Blueair Classicautomation plan is incomplete.

Most of the current smart locks are built for conventional deadbolt locks. In this, the lock is segregated from the deadbolt. And it’s visible that today’s market is filled with these kinds of smart locks.

However, if you want a mortise smart lock, then your choices are really limited. I’ve done some research, and made a list. Honestly, I haven’t tried any of these smart locks, so I can’t myself suggest them.

Well, in short words, a mortise lock blends the deadbolt and the latch in one single lock. After which, a rectangular opening named mortise is sliced into the side of your door. The complete lock adjustment is fixed into this mortise. Generally, they’re used in commercial usage, however, you can use them for your home as well.

Yale Nextouch AUR-NTM-62

This lock by Yale is a Z-Wave Plus approved!

It might not appear very appealing to you, however, if you’ve spent a long time researching these locks as I did, then you would agree with my emotion when I ultimately got the one.

If you know about Z-wave support, you might know that Z-Wave support indicates that it smoothly blends with the smart home ecosystem in your house. As it uses the Z-Wave protocol, it integrates easily. So, if you consider it from your place’s automation viewpoint, then this Yale mortise lock is the best one so far.

So, even if the Yale mortise lock is ideal for commercial installation, it fits perfectly for your smart home as well,( if you neglect the prices).

Yale Nextouch AUR-NTM-62

Check Price– Yale Nextouch AUR-NTM-62

Sesame Smart Lock 2nd Gen

These locks by Sesame can run with some of the mortise locks. However, being clear about it will only run for the mortise locks that come with a single rotating bar for the locking device.

It is a multifaceted modified smart lock. Plus, it is somehow similar to the August Smart lock. But, what makes the Sesame lock different is its way of attaching to your current lock.

The August locks and various locks like it need you to take off the inner cover base of your lock and change it with the fresh smart lock’s tool.

Whereas, the Sesame lock is much more adaptable as it stays over your current latch hardware. With these locks, you don’t have to replace or remove anything. All you’ve to do is stick them in a spot with the included sticky strips.

Most importantly, it’s a smart lock turner. If you want these locks to integrate with your smart home ecosystems such as Google Home or Alexa, you would have to get both, i.e., the added Wi-Fi access point and the lock. If you don’t have that access point, then you’ll be restricted only to Bluetooth access.

Sesame Smart Lock 2nd Gen

Check Price– Sesame Smart Lock 2nd Gen

igloohome Smart Mortise Lock IGM1

The Smart Mortise lock by igloohome is the most affordable and economical, you’ll find for household use.

One thing you should note is that it is a Singapore-based organization. Also, the lock is built according to European standards. Hence, if you have a door with the regular US size mortise, then you might’ve to do some work before you can install this lock properly.

Plus, you can unlock this lock either with the app using the Bluetooth connection or the keypad. It doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi bridge or Wi-Fi. Hence, the only way you can access this is with Bluetooth.

Even though the igloohome lock doesn’t come with smart home integration, but it does have some features which are unique in this list:

  • If the lock’s batteries expire, then you can use a 9v battery to quickly power your lock and get access.
  • The smart lock can detect when your door is closed and it locks again upon closing.
  • It comes with a temperature detector that observes strangely high temperatures that might symbolize a fire. And if it detects a fire, then the doors will be unlocked automatically.

igloohome Smart Mortise Lock IGM1

Check Price– igloohome Smart Mortise Lock IGM1

Schlage LE Wireless Mortise Lock

The mortise lock by Schlage LE is a wireless lock that is usually built for commercial usage. Hence, you won’t find it in your routine retail stores. Also, it isn’t sold at domestic prices.

The Schlage Mortise Lock comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you can manage them anywhere with Wi-Fi.

The cordless management software by Schlage is named Engage for commercial locks. Don’t confuse it with the Schlage Encode. This software allows you to plan and control around 100 locks and 5000 users!

Plus, it includes a door located detector built within the strike-plate and lock, which lets you observe your door’s open/close situations. But, remember it is not built to act like other regular domestic smart locks. You can’t work with your Wi-Fi to integrate it with smart home hubs such as Alexa or Google Home.

Schlage LE Wireless Mortise Lock

Check Price– Schlage LE Wireless Mortise Lock

Lockly Secure Lux

Lockly includes a series of different smart locks, which can be used for both residential and commercial usage.

One of them is Lockly Secure Lux, which will work along with the mortise lock. It is built concerning commercial usage. But, leaving the price factor, there’s no reason it won’t fit residential usage.

Well, it comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth. Plus, you can also buy it along with a Wi-Fi hub. This Wi-Fi hub unit includes the door open/close detector as well, which is helpful for more accurate monitoring.

You can also unlock it with its app, a PIN, or a fancy fingerprint. This lock has an unusual PIN code method that reduces the risk of someone else guessing your code.

Lockly Secure Lux

Check Price– Lockly Secure Lux

Lockly Lux Compact

This lock by Lockly has the same features as the Secure Lux, which was just discussed, however, it is smaller in size in comparison.

Check Price– Lockly Lux Compact

Accurate Mortise Lock SM9159E

Lastly, the Mortise lock by the Accurate. This lock is built for high-end household usage. It includes both a Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth. Plus, you can manage this lock with its SmartEntry app.

It can easily integrate with smart home hubs such as Google Home and Alexa.

You can either install it in a battery-powered method or in a hard-wired way. In both ways, there are zero visible electronics.

However, you can only find this in one place. Well, it is quite expensive. So, if you’re interested in this one, then the best way to get them is by contacting a distributor.

Check PriceAccurate Mortise Lock SM9159E

Wrapping it up

Information about these locks is pretty limited. So, I just hope this reading helped you with what you needed while saving some time. Thanks for reading!



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