Can a Ring Doorbell be hacked? Ring Doorbell Security Issue!

Ring doorbell is one of the best smart devices which I have in my house and I really like its functionality. The ring is the device that is owned by Amazon and I also have Alexa which integrates with Ring very well.

The ring doorbell helps me to protect my house and my loved ones and it gives a feeling of security. There is no doubt that Ring doorbell is one of the best video doorbells available in the market and more than 97% of the doorbell in the United States are of Ring.

I’m a big fan of Amazon of its products may it be Amazon Echo, Alexa, or Ring. But, once I came across this post on which claims that Ring is very vulnerable to hack.

Reading this I was shocked! A doorbell is meant to keep us secured and integrated instead of leaking our own privacy. I was very disappointed and decided to do detailed research about it.

So, can a Ring doorbell really be hacked? The quick answer to this is- Yess! Ring Video doorbells can be hacked very easily. In fact, there are several such incidences when people are complaining that their doorbell is hacked. The hacker can spy for videos after hacking the device either by changing the password or by hacking your Wifi!

I know hearing this answer is not very encouraging and many of you will be seriously disappointed by this. I have done the proper research just keep reading further to know whether the Ring has taken this feedback and done something about it.

Ring Doorbell Security Issue

Ring doorbells are on trends and everybody wants to protect their house and family from danger. Everyone wants to know who is on their door without opening it and it gives us a lot of privacy and security.

But, hacking these doorbells has become very easy and hackers can breakthrough your system and spy you. They can see your camera recordings and also see your live motion. Yes, I know hearing this is scary but you don’t need to worry as I have given some useful tips to prevent your doorbell from being hacked.

The whole and sole purpose of using smart devices like doorbell are to protect your privacy which helps us feel safe. But, in the year 2018, there were some speculations that many of these devices are hacked and leaking information.

However, Amazon rolled out an update soon and said that your private information is safe now. But, again in three months, there were cases from the users where their privacy was leaked. And, I’m sure that still some of you are facing this kind of problem-related to security.

In January of 2019, Amazon brought another update saying that now even if someone had the access to your system they are not being kicked out. And, from customer’s feedback, this proved to be legit. Although, they have increased their security still there are chances of the device being hacked again.

Not only Ring but each and every company may it be software or hardware has to tackle these disgusting hackers. Ring suggested using the shared feature on the Ring App for connecting new devices rather than by entering passwords. This will decrease the chances of being hacked.

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Is it easy to hack Ring Doorbell?

People were very satisfied with the result of the Ring doorbell and feeling safer and secured. But, in the year 2016, there was this article that just changed the mindset of people towards smart doorbells.

There were speculations regarding the safety of this App and this increased even more when a tutorial of how to hack Ring doorbells easily went viral. This was a stepwise guide by which people could easily hack these doorbells using the WiFi.

The most dangerous thing about this hack was it didn’t need expert coding or hacking and simply using your phone you could perform it. Simply by connecting to their WiFi connection and running an URL you would access their recording and keep an eye on them.

People were very disappointed and Amazon also was very concerned. But, within a few weeks, they rolled out an update and increased their security so that no one could access your private information. However, some people still are facing these issues!

Ring doorbell security issue

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How to Check if your device is hacked?

Now, when you have understood how easy it is to hack a Ring doorbell then I’m sure you would have a doubt that is my doorbell also hacked? There are several signs which will tell you if your doorbell is hacked.

  • If your doorbell is blinking white light
  • Check if there is an illuminated blue ring
  • Make sure that your camera lens doesn’t rotate automatically
  • Ensure that there is no noise coming from the doorbell
  • Check if your Ring App is working properly

If any of the above things happen with your device then there are pretty high chances that you have been hacked. Sometimes the device shows flashing white light because either has lost internet connection or its battery is low. If your device is flashing white light make sure to refer this article- Ring Doorbell flashing white light (How to Fix?)

But, if there is some kind of noise coming out from your doorbell then it is not very common and you have been hacked. If the camera lens is rotating and following wherever you go just like any a movie scene then there’s someone spying on you for sure.

Whenever you feel there’s something fishy you straight away need to head to the Ring App and open the Security option. Check if all the settings are normal and there is no change made here and there. Also, check for your password and if in case you feel the need to change it do is as soon as possible.

If your device is properly connected to the Wifi and the connection status in the Ring App is showing VERY GOOD or GOOD and if your device is also charging and then too flashing light I guess you are hacked. The Led light in the doorbell flashes only for adjusting motion and indoor cameras and sometimes for charging and network issues.

The best thing to do is to check the Ring App whenever you feel like you are not safe and spied by someone. Changing your password can sometimes work for you as changing the password can deny access to your system.

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How to avoid hacking of your Ring Doorbell?


Wireless doorbells are easy to hack as they work on the transmitter-receiver system. The doorbell acts as a transmitter and sends rays to the receiver which in turn rings the bell. But, sometimes the frequency of these rays can match with other wireless devices causing an issue and someone can hack your system.

But, you don’t need to worry as I will tell you some tips which will prevent your device from hacking.

The first step which is very important and a lot of people ignore is to keep a strong password. Never keep your phone number as your password for your device as it is fairly easy to guess. Try to keep the password as complex as possible with the use of symbols, specials characters, numbers, and lower as well as upper case alphabets.

The ring is a very secure company and it has an encryption code for their devices. Having encryption code makes the hacker’s life much harder and he has to do a lot of work to hack through the system.

However, in the Ring App, there is the customization option available for encryption which is actually bad for us. If someone has access to your application he/she can change it to make things worse for you. I personally think this is more of a negative feature than a positive one.

Always update your system as soon as the Ring sends a new version of the system. Keeping your system updated will increase your privacy and security. Never ever allow any third-party software to gain access to your system!

Your WiFi is your weak link and mostly hackers hack smart devices such as doorbells through the internet connection. All these smart devices are very easy to hack through the WiFi and always install a good firewall on your system.

So, if you are planning to add more smart devices in your house and then be sure to add a firewall and take necessary precautions so that your information is not leaked.

Not only wireless but also wired doorbells can be easily hacked. There are majorly only two ways hackers can hack you. One is remotely and the other is locally.

Mostly devices are hacked locally by joining your Wifi connection. The hackers either guess your password or sometimes even jam the whole network to get access to your connection. This method of local hacking is very common and a lot of doorbells are hacked this way.

Always ensure that your wifi is connected to a secured port and prefer using a WPN connection as it the most secure and hard to breakthrough. If you don’t use a WPN connection then someone can easily join your Wifi connection if they have a rooted phone.

On the other hand, remotely hacking is not so common and very difficult to do. They can only hack you if there is some kind of data breach.

So, from now onwards be very careful and take the necessary precautions to prevent hacking of your device and if unfortunately your device has already been hacked I would suggest you contact Ring customer care.



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