Samsung TV Won’t Turn On? (100% FIXED!)

I’ve owned Samsung televisions for a while, and without fail, at some point there have been issues with the activation process with each one of them.

I’m not the only person going through this ordeal. Spending just a few minutes browsing the internet will turn up other Samsung TV consumers who have complained about the same issues.

Fortunately, there is a clear solution that has worked for me and is very likely to work well for you as well.

How to Turn On Samsung TV?

You must start a power cycle on your Samsung TV when it stops working. Start by unplugging your television from the outlet. Next, locate the power button on the TV, press it, and hold it for about fifteen seconds. Re-insert the power cable after another 30 seconds, and the gadget should turn on without any issues.

Troubleshooting Samsung TV

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On

Reset Samsung TV

To power cycle a gadget, all that needs to be done is turn it off and then back on. It might seem overly straightforward, but trust me, it works. Follow these detailed instructions to do so.

  1. Start by unplugging your television from the wall outlet.
  2. The power button on your Samsung TV should now be found and pressed. Hold the pressure for a total of 15 seconds.
  3. Finally, hold off re-plugging your TV into the power outlet for another 30 seconds. You shouldn’t connect your TV to a surge protector because they regularly break down and don’t provide enough electricity.

Make sure to turn on the TV by pressing the power button there, not on the remote. By carrying out this, you can help reset your Samsung Smart TV completely by removing all of the remaining power from its capacitors.

The important thing is to be patient and wait the full 30 seconds. Your Samsung TV ought to turn on without any issues after you plug it back in.

The majority of people should be able to activate their TV with this simple modification; nevertheless, inevitably, there may be a tiny percentage who cannot.

Reset Samsung TV Remote

Try these actions if restarting your TV didn’t fix the problem:

  1. Take both batteries out of your Samsung remote control after removing the back cover.
  2. Press and hold the power button on your remote control for 30 seconds while the batteries are not in. Similar to what we did earlier, doing this aids in releasing any remaining power in the capacitors on your remote. It enables a complete reset of your remote control.
  3. Replace the batteries in your remote control when the allotted 30 seconds have passed, then try to power on your Samsung TV.

To make sure that the present batteries are not exhausted, consider adding a fresh set of batteries if this strategy does not work.

Wrong Input Channel

People frequently mistakenly believe their Samsung TV is not turning on when, in fact, it is simply set to the incorrect input or source channel. The solution is as follows:

Your TV will appear to be “OFF” if you have a cable box attached to the back of it and it is linked to “HDMI 2,” but your TV is set to the “HDMI 1” channel.

Use the input/source button on your Samsung remote control to cycle through all the available inputs until you locate the right one to solve this problem.

You can change the input using the buttons on the TV itself if your TV remote control lacks an input button or if you misplaced it.

Plug Tv in different electrical outlet

  1. It’s conceivable that the outlet to which your Samsung TV is plugged in is broken. What you can do to troubleshoot is as follows:
  2. To see if it works, try plugging your TV into a different outlet. If it does, you will know that the original outlet is the cause of the issue.
    Recommendation: Try plugging your TV straight into the wall outlet if it is currently connected to a surge protector or power strip.
  3. Make sure all the switches are in the ON position by checking the breaker panel box in your home. Turn a switch ON and then back off if you discover one that seems to be partially ON or totally OFF. By doing so, you should be able to reset the breaker and test the electrical outlet.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn On

Check to verify if the original outlet is functional with a different device, such as a smartphone and charger.

Ensure HDMI cord is proper

A defective HDMI cable may be the root of your Samsung TV’s black screen of death problem. Depending on how you use them or the general quality of the cable you bought, these can eventually fail. Below are a few potential solutions for poor HDMI connections:

HDMI Connection Is Loose- Ensure that the HDMI connections are tight. It is still worthwhile to try each connection to your TV if you find that just one device is having a problem. If only one device is, however, move on to that one. The steps are as follows:

  1. Disconnect the HDMI cord from the device and your TV.
  2. For each device using HDMI to connect to your TV, repeat step 1.
  3. Check your connection after plugging in the device again.

Defective HDMI port- Try connecting to a different HDMI port if the connection is safe and you are on the right input. The steps are as follows:

  1. Disconnect the HDMI cord from the TV.
  2. Use a different HDMI port to connect it. Keep track of the HDMI port number.
  3. Using your remote, change the input channel.

To test the new connection, be sure to switch the input to the port you switched to.

Poor HDMI cable- Replace the HDMI cable you’re using and see if that solves the problem if none of the solutions mentioned above work. If you’ve had the HDMI cable for a while or have moved it around a lot, there’s a chance it’s broken and not functioning properly. HDMI cables do not last forever.

Utilising an HDMI cable that you are confident is functionally sound, you can test this. Here is a helpful buying guide to assist you in selecting the ideal HDMI cable. You can also try this highly regarded 4K HDMI cable from Amazon.

There is Hardware Problem

The black screen of death on your Samsung TV appears to be the result of a hardware problem. While diagnosing hardware problems can be fairly simple, fixing them can be difficult.

The main board or T-Con board of your TV is probably the issue if the backlights are on but there is no image on the screen. To determine which board is the problem, you must swap out all of them. It is advised to first replace the T-Con board if your TV still has audio and the backlights are functional.

Switch off all of the lights in the space and switch on your TV if your TV’s backlights aren’t working. Open the TV’s menu and place a torch between 6 and 12 inches from the screen. The T-Con board and main board are in fine shape, but the inverter or LED driver is broken if you can make out a very weak image of the menu. You may need to replace the power-supply board in versions where the inverter or LED driver is integrated into the board.

Use Samsung TV Warranty

If none of the aforementioned fixes for your Samsung TV’s problems work, you should see if your warranty is still in effect. Your TV should still be covered by warranty if you bought it within the last year. If it is found to be defective, Samsung may pay for repairs or replace the TV.

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It is advised to gather all required information regarding the problem you are experiencing and the efforts you have already done to remedy it before claiming warranty. You can also look for help and troubleshooting information for your particular TV model on the Samsung website.

Once you have gathered all the data, you can start a warranty claim by contacting Samsung customer service or going to their website. You will be required to send the TV to their repair facility for evaluation and repairs, and they may ask you for evidence of purchase in the form of a receipt or invoice.

Depending on the terms of the warranty, Samsung may issue a refund or a new TV in the event that the TV is considered to be beyond repair. It’s advisable to review the terms and conditions before filing a claim, but keep in mind that not all problems may be covered by warranty.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, if your Samsung TV won’t switch on, there are a number of things you can do. Resetting the power cord, attempting a different power outlet, power cycling your television, taking the batteries out of your remote control, and making sure you’re on the right input source are some of the most frequent cures.

If the problem still exists, a new T-Con board, main board, or power-supply board may need to be installed. If none of these fixes work, you might want to see if your TV’s warranty is still in effect or think about buying a new TV.

Overall, even though a Samsung TV that won’t turn on can be annoying, there are a number of troubleshooting techniques you can use to identify and possibly resolve the problem. Being methodical and patient is crucial.

Try each option one at a time before moving on to the next. By doing this, you might be able to fix your TV without having to shell out a lot of cash for replacement or repairs.

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