Does Shiplap Go over Drywall? How to Hang Shiplap on Drywall?

Many people have the question of whether the shiplap go overs drywall and I had the same while renovating my house. Shiplap has many advantages over drywall and there are numerous reasons to install a shiplap.

But, if like me you also have drywall installed already in your home removing it and installing shiplap is a tough task to do. Another, thing which we can do is put shiplap over drywall.

So, can we really install shiplap over drywall? The quick answer to it is that- Yes you can install shiplap over drywall. If you have existing drywall in your home then there is no need of tearing it apart to install a shiplap. It is a really simple alternative but you need to take some care and precautions for doing so.

There are many ways you can shiplap in your house while renovating. It can be used in the interior for walls and sometimes also for ceilings. Shiplap is very versatile and you can use it solely to make walls or install it on drywalls.

Installing Shiplap over drywall

Shiplap after installation gives a perfectly clean, warm, and comfortable look and feel. Also, it is very versatile and can be designed as well as customized as per your choice.

The use of shiplap takes the room’s feel to the next level and I love the texture and charm of it. Due to all this, the use of shiplap has been increasing day by day and many homeowners are preferring shiplap rather than drywall.

At first, installing shiplap in your room make look like a major task for you but trust me it’s not that hard. And, putting shiplap over drywall doesn’t make work harder, in fact, I feel it makes the job easy as you have the wall as a guide.

From my experience installing shiplap becomes easier if you have existing drywall rather than starting from scratch. And, by reading this article your job will become much easier and you will save a lot of time.

Before starting the step by step guide on installing a shiplap over drywall make sure you have the required materials to do so. The basic things that you will need are nails, a nail gun, a strong adhesive, shiplap materials, a stud finder, a pencil, and a coin.

Before actually starting you will decide whether you want your shiplap board to hang horizontally or vertically. Another thing which you need to do is to find the studs behind the drywall.

I suggest placing the shiplap horizontally as it makes it easy to find the studs behind the drywall using a stud finder. Using a pencil and stud finder mark all the places where studs are present.

Shiplap vs drywall

Initially find the studs and mark the centre of all your drywall so that you exactly know where the put the nails. Th next step is to stick the shiplap to the walls using a strong adhesive. Make sure to add some extra adhesive for the base piece as it will make it stronger and tougher.

Then, by using a coin you will know where to stick the next piece of shiplap. The crucial thing to take care of while installing the shiplap is the even level of shiplap. A level and coin will help you to check whether the surface is even and completely flat or not. Using a coin is perfect as it allows you to give a 1/8 inch look which looks amazing.

While putting the gaps in the shiplap make sure that the colour of your drywall matches that of the shiplap. Having a different colour shiplap and drywall will ruin the game and the gaps you leave will look ugly.

If your drywall is white and you are putting a darker colour shiplap then consider colouring the drywall first. Use the exact colour of the shiplap and paint it over the drywall.

Always use a nail gun for nailing purposes as it makes the work quite easy and if you don’t have one rent it from someone. Ensure that the length of the nails you use is big enough to penetrate through the shiplap as well as the drywall.

After installing shiplap you can leave it as it is (with nails) giving it a more authentic and natural look or you can just hide by them. To get a smooth finish it’s not that difficult you can refer to any video which gives instructions about the finishing process.

Installing shiplap is not a very difficult process and you can do it on your own without the help of any professionals. It will save a lot of your money on labour charges and you can utilize that money to renovate other stuff in your home. The only things you need to take care of is even levelling and finding the exact location of studs.

Is Shiplap more expensive? Drywall or Shiplap? Which one is best suited for you?

hang shiplap over drywall

How to Install Shiplap solely (Without Drywall)

Installing a shiplap without the drywall is very easy and hassle-free work to do. You don’t need to worry about studs or the colour of the existing drywall. If you are planning to build a new house or a wall from shiplap then don’t worry it is quite simple and I’m here to make your job even simpler.

When you are building a wall from scratch with shiplap you have a lot of freedom of designing and customizing. Also, you will save the cost of buying both shiplap and drywall. Building the wall from scratch will not only save money but also a heck lot of time.

Be very sure about how you want your wall to be as renovating or repairing it again will be tough as well as costly. When compared to drywall installing shiplap on a bare frame is very uncomplicated.

The things which you will need are basic such as nails, nail gun, strong adhesive, shiplap materials, saw, paint, pencil and tape measure. Installing it is a very straightforward process you just need to line level and then nail the starter board in the frame. If you don’t have a nail gun check out this Amazing Ryobi battery operated Nail Gun from Amazon.

The downside to this method is that you will not get that gap to look as you don’t have any drywall behind but it also looks very clean with minimal efforts. Both methods are as simple and which one to choose depends on whether you are building a brand new house or just renovating.

You can take a look at this video if you want the exact steps to install a shiplap however they are similar to the steps I mentioned above for installing shiplap over drywall!


Different people have different tastes and some people even remove the existing drywall and make walls just out of shiplap. Shiplap is very versatile, tough, as well as it gives a clean look and feel. It pretty easy and hassle-free to install when compared to drywall and you can do this process on your own without professionals saving some bucks.

Installing a shiplap over drywall has the benefit that you have protection from water and air leakage as you have a barrier of drywall behind the shiplap. Installing shiplap over drywall will indeed increase the durability and reliability of the shiplap and your walls.

I would like to end up by saying that whether you are installing shiplap over drywall or on studs take time and carefully do every step. And, choose the method which you personally like and don’t get influenced by other’s opinions. Anything once done with shiplap will look sleek, modern and clean giving your room a personal touch.

If you are confused between Shiplap and Drywall and which one to use then refer this article.


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