Smart AC Controllers: The Ultimate Guide Smart AC Control!

At some point, you might have wished to manage your air conditioner with the help of your smartphone. Well, your wish has come true with the smart AC controllers. They provide you with the means to control the temperature of your place, even if you are not there.

Well, there’s a whole variety of smart switches available in the market. So, sometimes when you’re new, it gets hard to pick the one with essential features.

So, in this read, you will get to know everything about picking the perfect smart air controller, along with the five reviews of the best devices present in the market. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea about making a perfect choice for your smart air.

Here’s a brief table with the products.

Product  Price
Sensibo Sky Smart Air Conditioner Controller $95.00
Cielo Breez Plus and Smart Air Conditioner Remote Controller $109.00
Cielo Breez Eco, Smart Air Conditioner Remote Controller $68.00
Ambi Climate 2 AI-Powered Smart Air Conditioner Controller $149.00
AirPatrol WiFi Smart Air Conditioner Controller $99.00
Tado Smart Air Conditioner and Heater Controller $79.99



Smart AC Controller – What Is It?

The smart ac controller provides your feeble-minded air conditioner with some brain. These devices use infrared technology. It then connects with the air conditioner and lets you add smart commands as per your need.

You don’t have to get a whole new air conditioning system for these devices. They usually pair up with your smart home devices and technologies to upgrade your existing appliances. These smart controllers can work with any ac system that can be managed with a remote, including mini-splits, window units, and movable air conditioners.

But, in case you own a central forced-air unit, then you’ll have to buy a smart thermostat such as Ecobee or Nest

How Do These Smart AC Controllers work?

These devices imitate the infrared signals coming from your AC’s remote. They copy these signals with the help of your Wi-Fi network, and then they pair up with the application on your smartphone. 

Lastly, you can easily manage your air conditioner with your smartphone. Plus, some of them even pair up with your smart home system, which gives you complete home control.

Will Getting A Standard IR Repeater Perform The Same Thing?

In simple words, your answer is yes, kind of. You can get devices such as the Bond controller. Still, there are some restrictions while using the standard IR repeater. If you’ll be using the IR repeater, you have to create a custom plan for every function you want to add.

Whereas, with the smart AC controller, you get an application that is particularly designed to control your air conditioning unit along with fan speed, mode, and nods to temperature.

So, if you’re technically inclined, then the IR repeater might fascinate you, but for the people who want it in an easy and fast way, then the smart AC controller is the one for them.

Not only for the air conditioners, but these smart AC controllers also make the interface more user-friendly. They come with efficient troubleshooting and customer support.

Plus, they also have an in-built humidistat and thermostat to provide you with real-time information about your room’s condition.

Do These Smart AC Controllers Connect With The Remote?

There is no direct answer to this question, as the smart AC controller simply provides one-way interactions.

The controller sends a signal to the air conditioning system, however, the ac system cannot respond to the signal. This indicates that your smart ac controller doesn’t get data on what your air conditioner unit is performing at any provided time.

Like, your controller can switch on your ac, when you command it. But if someone manually switches off the power button, then the smart ac controller won’t get any information about it. Plus, the reverse is true as well.

So, if someone turns on the AC unit manually, then the controller will not receive any information about the functioning of your air conditioner. Well, this kind of disconnection can create issues with automation. Plus, it can also affect the atmosphere in your place.

However, you also have good news. The solution to this issue is pretty simple. You can simply ditch the manual commands. Rather than that, you can simply use the smart ac controller to manage your air conditioner’s settings, and then you won’t face these issues anymore.

What Happens When You Use The Remote Controls?

Well, this question purely depends on the kind of controller you pick. With some controllers, you might face a similar problem with the manual remote control. Whereas, some controllers such as controllers from Cielo and Sensibo are remote control-friendly. And this feature of devices such as Cielo and Sensibo makes them popular. These gadgets can recognize the infrared signal that your remote sends to your air conditioner unit.

This indicates that they record each time you press some button on your remotes, plus they also identify what the air conditioner is performing. This way you can have an automated and smart home in an easy manner.

If you do some automation and planning, then you can easily solve the one-way interaction issue with the coding system. 

However, a complete synchronization might not be feasible, but if you want, then you can plug your air conditioning unit into the smart plug along with energy monitoring. This helps you easily and quickly check whether or not your system is doing something.

What About Smart Home Integration Such As Smart Hub, IFTTT, And Voice Control?

Well, these smart air conditioner controllers are usually suitable with loads of smart home automation. So, if you prefer a smart home then you would want the control that suits well with the smart home integration.

Most of the smart ac controllers can depict if someone’s in the room or not. This feature is known as geofencing. So, if you frequently use large rooms such as a great room or living room, then these are the ones for you. If you’re using the room, then you can also set the controller to turn on or off your ac unit automatically.

Another cool feature is that you can set a schedule to turn off or on your ac unit. This feature is perfect for rooms like home offices or bedrooms.

Plus, even your smart home system might even let you schedule some particular routine at various times. Some cool instances could be switching your ac unit off or on as a part of your night or morning routine.

Picking a smart ac controller completely depends on what kind of automation and schedule works best for your place. Give some time, think about it and then it’ll get easy for you to pick.

Do You Have To Have a Controller For Every AC Unit?

Well, yes. So, if you’ve several AC units at your place, then you’ll have to buy a controller for all of them. As both the remote and the controller work with infrared technology, they use line-of-site to work.

This way, each controller is required to be in the immediate view of your ac unit. However, there are various alternatives for setting these devices, including setting them on a stand or attaching them to the wall. You can also set them up as per your need and space.

Here are 5 Smart AC Controllers

Sensibo Sky

The Sensibo Sky ac controller is one of the most popular ones among the smart ac controllers. Plus, there’s a reason behind these controllers receiving high impressions.

This smart ac controller has an extensive API. They also have a long list of home integration along with the Samsung SmartThings. Setting them up won’t take much time if your smart hub model is supported. Most likely, the set-up will be fast and will only take around 5 minutes. However, if your smart hub is not supported, then you can contact Sensibo support to resolve the issue. Most likely they will be able to resolve the issue for you.

Plus, the Sensibo Sky can also pair up with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. If you want to connect with the above-mentioned home integration, then all you’ve to do is command your device to learn the specific skill.

The Sensibo application also functions with iOS and Android. This indicates that it can also function with most smartphones. As the Sensibo sky doesn’t have much space for a physical screen or buttons, so it is much easier to use their app to interact with your ac unit.

But its small size isn’t the drawback. The Sensibo Sky controller weighs around 1.4 ounces which are around the size of a business card. So, this controller can be easily mounted to your wall and is also discreet.

Another positive factors of the Sensibo controller are that it is flexible with a wide range of options for personalizing how it can function for you. If you want your ac unit to work only when someone’s in the room, then you can set it up with the geofencing.

Also, it lets you set particular schedules so you can plan it to work when you’re using the space. So, for example, if you usually use a room around 2-10 pm, then you can schedule your ac unit to work during that period.

The Sensibo Sky controller also includes a Climate React Mode. This mode uses both humidity and heat to prepare a comfortable space at your place. As per the information, the controller switches on the ac unit to create a perfect temperature. So, in case the humidity rises suddenly and your place starts feeling much hotter, then the cooling system will switch on.

Even though this controller doesn’t have any motion sensor or observe the energy usage, it still provides you with the real-time reading of your room’s humidity level and temperature. This way even though you’re not at your place, you can still keep an eye on these things.

Check the latest price of Sensibo Sky

Cielo Breez Plus/Éco

The Cielo’s Breeze Eco and Breez Plus are fresh in the market of smart ac controllers. The Breeze Plus is very robust and you can also mount them on your walls. Whereas the Breez Eco provides you with a big bang for your buck. Plus, it comes even at half price. 

Just like the Sensibo Sky, the Eco also requires an exclusive app. As there are zero readouts on the physical system, it also requires an application. You can mount these devices on your wall. However, unlike Sensibo’s Sky, the Eco smart ac controller should be screwed at the spot. Even though the installation isn’t quick, it’s still easy to move around.

The Breez Plus is much more than a controller, and it also acts as a thermostat. It includes 4 physical switches that turn the ac unit off and on and manages your temperature.

Plus, if you prefer having a physical layout on your controller, then this is the one for you. It provides you with a readout of humidity level, set temperature, and real-time temperature of your room. Both the units work from the same smartphone app. So, depending on your preferences and needs for the room, you can also blend these two.

Additionally, the Cielo also comes with a web-based program that you can use from any system such as a laptop or computer. The interface is very user-friendly, and it’s extremely easy to use.

You can even add devices and manage them at the very time. As Cielo’s app provides a timely software update, it makes sure that it is bug-free and updated.

One of their likable features is the long-term tracking option. This feature lets you compare the ac usage to check in with the track trends. It also makes sure that the unit is working properly. If you want to observe how the app is functioning, then you can also monitor the log of each command the controllers send to the ac unit.

However, the biggest difference between Sensibo’s Sky and the Cielo is that Cielo’s devices do not pair up with the smart home integration. Most people don’t mind this feature. But still, it is one step ahead for some. Also, it indicates that your ac functions smartly and independently just like the other automated units.

Check the latest price of Cielo Breez Plus | Cielo Breez Éco

Ambi Climate 2

The Ambi Climate 2 smart ac controller is a fresh product in this market. It comes with various great features, but there are still many complaints about its irregular performance.

The Ambi Climate 2 works with the open API and is compatible with different integrations such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon Alexa, just like the Sensibo Sky. But the Ambi Climate 2 controller takes a step ahead and works with the blend of user feedback and machine learning to build a highly customized profile and experience for you.

This is a great concept as it takes a lot of factors into consideration to build a comfortable and personalized space for you. Apart from measuring the temperature, it also monitors humidity. It uses the weather data to help you out with wearing the needful.

Plus, it even factors in the daytime to estimate your metabolic cycle and how cold or hot you might feel.

Once it starts working smoothly, this controller will have an efficient potential. However, users still report some of its bugs. 

Another drawback is that even though it comes with all the data and sensors, it does not have a motion sensor. Having a PIR motion sensor for a small space would improve its overall functionality.

The other options in this list are compatible with the ac system that comes with a remote, however, unlike the other products, this controller works only with the remote that comes with an LCD screen. So, if the AC unit’s remote at your place doesn’t have an LCD readout, then you’ll have to look for the other options.

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Tado Smart AC Controller

Out of all the smart ac controllers in this list, the Tado Smart AC Controller is somewhat expensive in comparison to the Sensibo Sky controller. It also comes with a motion detector to depict whether or not the room is in use.

Though, this smart controller has lower reviews, particularly concerning its software. Also, it only supports the remote with the screen that records temperature settings, mode, and fan speed. All these reviews indicate that this product might not be the ideal pick for you.

Check the latest price of Tado Smart AC Controller

AirPatrol WiFi

The AirPatrol WiFi smart ac controller is a Europe-based device. It comes among one of the most popular smart ac controllers. Just like the other controllers, it is also compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

It has a user-friendly interface and is very easy and quick to set up. Users have also reported that AirPatrol’s support is very responsive. Plus, their app also offers updates regularly.

Just like the other choices, this smart ac controller also helps you with reducing cooling costs. Plus, it also keeps an eye on the atmosphere within your place.

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The smart ac controllers are just a substitute fix to fill in the gap between the new smart technology and old appliances. It won’t be much longer when these appliances integrate with the Wi-Fi, excluding the smart controllers.

This could be true as the one-way interaction between the cooling unit and the controller is a restricting factor. However, if you don’t want to get all-new appliances then these smart controllers could help you a lot with your smart home integrations.


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