Sonos Roam Bluetooth Pairing: The Ultimate Guide

In the world of wireless audio, the Sonos Roam stands out as a versatile and compact speaker. One of its key features is Bluetooth pairing, which allows you to connect your device and enjoy high-quality sound without the need for Wi-Fi. Whether you’re a new owner of the Sonos Roam or looking to refresh your pairing knowledge, this guide will take you through the process step by step, along with troubleshooting tips and answers to common questions.

Sonos Roam Bluetooth Pairing: Getting Started


To make the most of your Sonos Roam’s Bluetooth capabilities, follow these simple steps to pair it with your device:

  1. Power On: Turn on your Sonos Roam by pressing the power button.
  2. Activate Bluetooth Mode: Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the back of the Sonos Roam until you hear a chime. The LED light will start flashing blue, indicating that the speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode.
  3. Access Your Device’s Bluetooth Settings: On your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device, navigate to the Bluetooth settings.
  4. Select Sonos Roam: Look for “Sonos Roam” in the list of available devices and tap on it to initiate the pairing process.
  5. Confirm Pairing: Once connected, you’ll hear a sound indicating successful pairing, and the LED light on the Sonos Roam will turn solid blue.

Benefits of Sonos Roam Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing your Sonos Roam via Bluetooth offers several advantages:

  • Portability: Bluetooth pairing frees the Sonos Roam from the confines of your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to take it wherever you go.
  • Easy Setup: The pairing process is straightforward and doesn’t require in-depth technical knowledge.
  • Quick Switching: You can seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes to suit your preferences and situation.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection Issues

Encountering issues with your Sonos Roam Bluetooth pairing? Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Bluetooth Not Discoverable

If your device can’t find the Sonos Roam during pairing:

  • Ensure the speaker is in pairing mode (flashing blue LED).
  • Make sure the speaker is within the Bluetooth range of your device (typically around 33 feet).
  • Restart Bluetooth on your device and try again.

Intermittent Connection

Experiencing disconnections or stuttering playback? Try the following:

  • Keep the Sonos Roam away from potential sources of interference, such as other electronic devices.
  • Move your device closer to the speaker to improve signal strength.
  • Check for firmware updates for both your device and the Sonos Roam.



How do I reset the Bluetooth pairing on my Sonos Roam?

To reset Bluetooth pairing, press and hold the Bluetooth and volume down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. The LED light will flash amber, indicating a successful reset.

Can I use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes simultaneously?

No, the Sonos Roam can only be connected to one source at a time. If you switch to Bluetooth mode while connected to Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi connection will be disabled.

Is the Sonos Roam compatible with all Bluetooth devices?

The Sonos Roam is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Can I use voice assistants in Bluetooth mode?

Voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are not available in Bluetooth mode. You can use them when connected via Wi-Fi.

How do I switch back to Wi-Fi mode after Bluetooth pairing?

Press and hold the Wi-Fi/Power button until you hear a chime. The LED light will turn white, indicating that the Sonos Roam is in Wi-Fi mode.

What is the battery life in Bluetooth mode?

The Sonos Roam offers up to 10 hours of continuous playback in Bluetooth mode, depending on usage and settings.


Unlock the full potential of your Sonos Roam by mastering the art of Bluetooth pairing. With its portable design and seamless connectivity, the Sonos Roam is your ideal audio companion for any situation. Follow the steps outlined in this guide, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and enjoy high-quality sound on the go.

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