Sony TV Won’t Turn On? (100% FIXED!)

I bought a Sony television after learning about its notable reputation in the electronics sector. Of course, Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics on the market right now. Unquestionably, one of their top-selling products is televisions. My newly purchased Sony TV was flawlessly operating, and I was ecstatic with my purchase.

Unfortunately, when my Sony TV stopped turning on, something unexpected happened. The thought that I had lost my sizable investment worried me greatly. I made an effort to fix the problem by looking at the connections and power plug, but I was unable to find any anomalies.

I then turned to searching the internet and asking other users for help on online forums. When having trouble getting Sony televisions to turn on, there are fortunately a tonne of solutions to consider.

How to Turn On Sony TV?

You might want to think about using some troubleshooting techniques to fix your Sony TV if it won’t turn on. The capacitors may need to be discharged, the energy-saving mode may need to be turned off, the TV may need to be properly plugged in, and the batteries in the remote control may need to be fully charged. Additionally, it can be beneficial to look up the video’s source.

What, however, are the causes of a Sony TV’s inability to turn on? In order to prevent such problems in the future, it can be essential to understand the underlying causes. In order to address the issue at hand, we shall delve into these causes in this essay and consider various solutions.

Troubleshooting Sony TV

Sony TV Won’t Turn On

Be sure your Sony TV is connected properly

A Sony TV may frequently not turn on because of a bad connection, a problem with the surge protector, or a problem with the extension cord.

To fix this, start by making sure the power cord is connected properly on both ends. Make an effort to turn on the TV after the cord has been correctly plugged in.

If the problem continues, look for any indications of dysfunction in the power extension or surge protector. Try plugging in a known-working gadget straight to the outlet to see if the protector or extension is the problem.

Making sure that all of the connections are connected to the TV properly is also crucial. It’s important to make sure that everything is securely attached because HDMI connections may come undone and dongles or converters may malfunction.

Check Sony TV Remote

A low battery in your TV remote is a common issue that might keep your Sony TV from turning on. The TV may have all of its connections set up correctly, yet it still won’t turn on when you try to turn it on.

Remove the batteries from the TV remote and put them in another battery-operated gadget to see whether this is the case. If the second gadget stops working, it means the batteries need to be changed because they are dead.

Alternately, if you have rechargeable batteries, you can plug them into a charging device and let them run for about an hour.

Wrong Input Channel

It’s possible that an erroneous input source is to blame if your Sony TV doesn’t seem to switch on. You must choose the right input source for your TV in order to resolve this problem.

Whether you’re using a streaming device, DVD player, or cable box, check that the HDMI port number on your TV matches the source or input.

Here are two techniques for choosing the right input source:

Using a remote control, activate the input source 

    1. Turnon your television
    2. Put your remote control’s Source button into action.
    3. Choose the preferred input mode.

Change the input source without a remote 

    1. Turn on your television
    2. On the TV’s side or bottom, press the MENU button
    3. To access the source menu, use the volume button.
    4. Select the preferred input source by pressing the menu button.

You can choose your preferred input source by pressing the source button on some TVs, which are usually located on the side or rear.

Sony TV Won’t Turn On

Check if there is energy saving switch?

It’s crucial to make sure the energy-saving switch on your Sony TV is turned on. The TV cannot be turned on when this switch is in the off position, which also lowers power usage.

This feature is located close to the power button on the right side or underneath your TV.

Turn on the energy-saving switch if it’s off and then try to reset your TV by unplugging it for two minutes. Restart the TV after that.

Your issue should be solved as a result.

Sony TV is Overheating

Overheating may be to blame if your Sony TV won’t switch on; in this case, the built-in LED light may blink red eight times when you try to turn it on. In this situation, it’s crucial to make sure the TV is receiving adequate airflow.

The measures you can take to resolve the problem are as follows:

  • Disconnect or turn off the TV.
  • To remove dust from hard-to-reach areas without compromising the internal mechanism, use a pressurised air can with a nozzle attached to it.
  • So that you can see and access the air vents, turn your TV around.
  • Avoid getting the nozzle too close to or inside the ducts while using the compressed air can over the air vents. Dust will start to escape.
  • Continue doing it until you can tell there is no longer any internal dust buildup.
  • Reposition and reconnect your TV.
  • Switch on the TV.

If the aforementioned approach is unsuccessful in resolving your issue, you may require additional help from Sony’s customer service.

There is Firmware Update

A software problem occasionally makes it impossible for your Sony TV to switch on. If this is the case, you can try resetting your TV to its factory settings.

To accomplish this, use your remote’s “Home” button to navigate to “Settings.” Choose “Storage & Reset” from there, followed by “Factory data reset.” To reset your TV, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Before you reset your TV, keep in mind that doing so will erase all of your personal settings and data, so be sure to make a backup of anything crucial.

If none of the suggestions above work, your Sony TV might have a hardware problem. In this situation, it is essential to get in touch with Sony customer care or a qualified specialist to identify and fix the issue.

Sony TV Won’t Turn On

There is System Problem

It’s likely that a system issue is occurring inside the internal mechanism of your Sony TV. The LED light will blink red eight times continuously until the TV is disconnected as a sign of this.

You can unplug the TV and run a power reset to solve this problem. Simply press the power button while keeping the TV unplugged for two full minutes. This will properly reset the television and drain any remaining power stored in its capacitors.

Reconnect the TV’s power and turn it back on when the two minutes have passed. You should be able to use your Sony TV normally after doing this, as it will fix the system error.

Get Your Sony TV Serviced

It’s possible that Sony’s customer care will advise having your Sony TV serviced if none of the alternatives given in the article were successful.

Check your Sony TV’s documentation to verify if it is still under warranty before doing so, as doing so can assist reduce (or perhaps completely cover) the cost of having it serviced.

Contact a Sony authorised service centre or an official Sony service centre to have your Sony TV serviced. Avoid having your TV serviced at an unlicensed facility because doing so could void your warranty and lead to more problems.

Wrapping it up

Before making any assumptions about why your Sony TV won’t come on, it’s important to perform a comprehensive inspection. Make sure the power supply is operational and that all cords are joined properly before continuing.

If your Sony TV won’t switch on, you can also try resetting the power, getting a new remote control or replacing the batteries in your old one, looking for firmware upgrades, and wiping away the dust to prevent overheating, among other troubleshooting techniques. Additionally, make sure your TV is connected to the proper input source, and look for any energy-saving switches.

After you’ve tried all of the common problems and solutions, you can decide whether to fix the device or buy a new one. Please feel free to leave a remark below if you require any additional help.

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