Universal Remote Codes For A Samsung TV [Must Read]

Are the numerous remote controls for your entertainment system causing frustration? Your solution lies in a universal remote! But if you happen to possess a Samsung TV, you might be curious about the codes needed to harmonize it with your new all-in-one remote. Don’t worry, as we delve into the realm of universal remote codes designed for Samsung TVs. We will also examine the array of choices at your disposal.

Whether you’re well-versed in technology or simply seeking a more convenient method of managing your TV, this article is here to equip you with the necessary information to swiftly set up your Samsung TV with a universal remote.

How To Connect Samsung Smart Remote?

Samsung’s Smart Remote boasts impressive functionality and top-notch quality.

Why Won’t My TV Turn On

If you find yourself needing to sync your Samsung remote with your TV, follow these steps:

  1. Aim the remote control at the television.
  2. Hold down the Return and Play buttons for a minimum of five seconds.
  3. The TV will now initiate the pairing process with the Smart Remote.
  4. Look for a notification on your television confirming the successful pairing of the remote.
  5. To confirm the successful linkage, test the remote’s ability to control all TV functions.

In case the remote becomes unresponsive when adjusting the volume, consider replacing the batteries.

Additional Universal Remote Controls Connected

Have you ever wished for the convenience of managing your entire entertainment system using just one remote control? A universal remote is the solution you’ve been seeking! But what if there are multiple individuals in your household who wish to command the TV?

Worry not, because it’s possible to link multiple universal remotes to your Samsung TV. The process is straightforward; just adhere to the instructions provided with the remote. The majority of universal remotes include a code that you can enter into your TV to establish synchronization. However, if you happen to lack the code, there’s no need for concern. You can still connect your universal remote to your Samsung TV even without it.

Code Search

The code search method proves to be the most straightforward as the TV promptly scours its database to pinpoint the remote’s code.

This approach also stands as the swiftest since the television can process codes more rapidly than you can. Employ this technique to link your universal remote:

  1. Ensure the television is powered on.
  2. Press the TV button on the remote.
  3. Hold the Setup button until the TV’s indicator light blinks twice.
  4. Input 9-1-1. The light will resume blinking.
  5. Direct the remote at the television and press the power button.
  6. Continuously press the Channel Up button until the television powers off.
  7. Use the remote’s power button to turn the television back on.
  8. To confirm the code, press the Setup button once more.

Manual Code Entry

Ensure the television is powered on. Press the TV button on the remote to activate it. Hold the Setup button until the TV’s indicator light blinks twice. The next section provides instructions to obtain your remote’s code. When the correct code is input, the LED will flash twice. If not, repeat the previous steps until the correct code is found.

Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange Light

Press the TV button once, followed by the Setup button. When the LED blinks twice more, release the Setup button.

Once you’ve completed the pairing process using either of these methods, assess its functionality by testing its control over the TV and confirming the operation of all its features.

Samsung TV remote control codes

This section provides codes for some of the most popular universal remote manufacturers.

If you are able to determine your Samsung television’s model number, locating the code will be a simpler task.

If the automatic code search method proves unsuccessful in identifying the appropriate code for your remote, refer to the following list:

4-digit codes 4-digit codes 5-digit codes 5-digit codes
1249 0587 10408 11060
0037 1235 10178 10587
1584 3131 10329 10482
0812 0009 11632 10217
1506 0178 10766 10702
0556 0370 10030 11575
1619 1458 12051 10812
2103 0644 11959 10056
0618 1630 10427 10650
0093 2051 10060 10032
0226 0264 10814
0208 13993

Here are additional remote codes for various brands:

Philips remote codes Philips remote codes One-For-All remote codes GE remote codes GE remote codes
0309 0502 0587 0942 0080
0512 0112 0060 0358 0104
0102 0818 0019 0015 0106
0212 0209 0056 0077
0002 0110 0093 0105
0012 0437 0030 0076
0802 0302 0178 0172
0609 0103 0942
0895 0015

RCA Universal remote codes

  • 1102
  • 1194
  • 1012
  • 1009
  • 1013
  • 1124
  • 1015
  • 1056
  • 1205
  • 1065
  • 1025
  • 1207
  • 1004
  • 1069

Innovage Jumbo 3 codes

  • 105
  • 004
  • 109
  • 015
  • 172
  • 104
  • 009
  • 106
  • 005

Please note that the required code will vary depending on the model and manufacturer of your universal remote. Select your universal remote model from the list provided and test all compatible codes with it.

Unlocking the Samsung TV Remote using a Universal Remote

So, if you’ve misplaced the code for your universal remote and you’re looking to link it to your Samsung TV, worry not! There’s a straightforward approach you can follow to establish the connection without needing the code. Here’s how:

  1. Power up your Samsung TV.
  2. Press and hold the “Setup” button on your universal remote until the LED light blinks twice.
  3. Input “9 9 1” using your remote.
  4. Repeatedly press the “Power” button on your remote until your TV switches off.
  5. Press the “Setup” button on your remote once more to store the code.

That’s all there is to it! Your universal remote is now successfully paired with your Samsung TV, even in the absence of the code.

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Wrapping it up

Universal remotes offer a wealth of features that greatly enhance your TV viewing experience.

Nevertheless, my suggestion would lean towards utilizing the Samsung universal remote, particularly for individuals less acquainted with technology or those lacking the time for a somewhat intricate setup procedure.

Opting for a Samsung Smart remote eliminates the necessity of entering or hunting for a code.

Should your Samsung TV lack support for the Smart remote, it might be worthwhile to contemplate upgrading to a more recent model.

Incorporating these suggestions into your TV setup could result in a smoother and more convenient experience.

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How can I find the remote code for my Samsung television?

You can utilize the code search function to locate the code for the universal remote you’re attempting to pair. Alternatively, you can refer to relevant sections of this post to manually determine the code.

What does the enigmatic button on the One For All remote do?

If you’ve ever owned a One For All remote, you might have noticed a button that appears to serve no purpose. This button is known as the “Magic” button, and it boasts a rather fascinating feature.

When you press the Magic button, it emits a series of infrared signals that can be programmed to control multiple devices simultaneously. For instance, you can program it to power on your TV, soundbar, and cable box all with a single button press. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

How can I perform a factory reset on my Samsung TV?

Should you encounter issues with your Samsung TV, a factory reset can often provide a solution. This action erases all settings, returning the TV to its original state. Here’s the process:

  1. Power on your Samsung TV.
  2. Employ your remote to navigate to “Settings” and choose “Support.”
  3. Select “Self Diagnosis,” then proceed to “Reset.”
  4. Input your TV’s security PIN; the default is typically “0000” if you haven’t personalized it.
  5. Confirm your intent to reset the TV by selecting “Yes.”

And that concludes the procedure! Your Samsung TV will now be reset to its factory settings, allowing you to begin anew. Be mindful that this action erases all settings and data, so ensure to back up anything important prior to initiating the reset.


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