Westinghouse TV Won’t Turn On? (100% FIXED!)

Being in a situation where your Westinghouse TV won’t turn on might be a frustrating and problematic scenario. It can be really frustrating to be unable to watch your favourite TV shows or films, especially if you had intended to relax and take a break in front of the TV.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to try and solve the problem independently before consulting a professional. There are numerous cases where Westinghouse TV consumers have reported coping with this particular issue, some of whom have done so for a considerable amount of time!

The good news is that there is a simple fix that might be able to turn on about 80% of Westinghouse TV sets.

How to Turn On Westinghouse TV?

Resetting your Westinghouse TV is necessary if you experience an issue with it failing to turn on. Start by cutting off your TV’s power supply, then wait for exactly 60 seconds. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds while your TV is unplugged. Reconnecting your Westinghouse TV to its power supply after the aforementioned 60 seconds should allow the device to turn on as planned.

Troubleshooting Westinghouse TV

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Reset Westinghouse TV

A TV reset may be required if your Westinghouse TV still won’t switch on despite the fact that the power source, outlet, power cord, and remote are all in working order.

The TV needs to be unplugged from the outlet and left unplugged for a while in order to execute the reset. After that, reconnect the TV’s power cord and try turning it on once more. This procedure will reset the TV and might be able to fix any software problems that are preventing the TV from turning on.

Reset Westinghouse TV Remote

The next step is to examine the remote if resetting the TV didn’t work. Make that the battery packs are properly installed and have not been completely used up.

To test whether the device will operate, try using a different set of batteries or the physical buttons located on the TV itself.

If a universal remote is being used, it is likely that the device has not been set up properly to work with the Westinghouse TV. In such a situation, it is crucial that the guidelines for setting up the remote control to work with the TV are followed.

Wrong Input Channel

If your Westinghouse TV doesn’t seem to switch on, the input source may have been chosen incorrectly. You need to select the appropriate input source for the device you want to utilise with your TV in order to fix this.

For instance, whether you’re using a streaming device, DVD player, or cable box, check that the HDMI port number on your TV matches the source or input number you’re using.

You have two options for choosing the right input source:

  • Changing Input Source Using a Remote Control
  1. Turn on TV
  2. Your remote control’s Source button should be pressed.
  3. Choose the preferred input method.

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  • Changing Input Source Without a Remote Control
  1. Turn on TV
  2. On the TV’s side or bottom, press the MENU button.
  3. To access the source choice, use the volume button.
  4. Select the preferred input source by pressing the menu button.

You can choose your preferred input source by pressing the source button on some TVs, which are usually located on the side or rear.

Plug Tv in different electrical outlet

It’s worth attempting to plug your Westinghouse TV into a different power outlet in your house if you’ve tried the previous instructions and it still won’t switch on.

There is a chance that the outlet you are using has a short or blown fuse, though it is rare. You can try plugging in a small device to check the outlet’s functionality by seeing if it turns on.

If the appliance turns on, you may rule out the outlet as the source of the issue and concentrate on other possible TV problems.

This step is a quick and simple troubleshooting procedure that is worth trying to rule out as a suspect even though it is not very likely to be the problem’s root cause.

Ensure power cord is proper

The power source should always be checked when a Westinghouse TV won’t turn on. Verify that the TV’s power cord is securely attached to both the outlet and the TV’s back. The TV won’t turn on if the cord is broken or the outlet isn’t functional.

A different appliance or device can be plugged into the outlet to verify if it receives electricity if the cord and outlet appear to be in good condition. You might need to replace the outlet or reset the circuit breaker if the outlet isn’t producing power.

The TV’s power source should be examined after confirming that the power cord and socket are functioning properly. The electricity from the cord is transformed by the power supply into a form that the TV can use. The power supply can prevent the TV from turning on if it is not operating properly.

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There is Software Issue

Your Westinghouse TV might not come on even after you’ve tried all the above solutions because of outdated firmware. The software that runs on the TV and manages its operations is known as firmware. The TV may malfunction or not come on at all if the firmware is out of date.

Visit the Westinghouse website and type in your individual TV model to check for firmware updates. Follow the steps to download and install any updates that are readily accessible on your TV. This procedure shouldn’t take too long and can assist in solving the problem.

There is Hardware Problem

If none of the above methods have cured the problem, the TV may have physical damage, such as a cracked screen, damaged ports, or other sorts of damage, which could explain the problem. In this situation, it is essential to get professional assistance from a TV repair expert who can identify the problem and choose the most effective course of action for repair.

In order to access the motherboard on the left and the energy board on the right of the Westinghouse TV, you must remove the back panelling. This will confirm your suspicions that the motherboard is dead.

In order to make sure the power board is not the problem, plug in your TV, turn it on, and then unplug the cable that runs from the motherboard to the power strip from the power board side. You can be sure that the electrical board is functioning properly and that your motherboard is broken if the display stays on.

Replaceable motherboards are typically inexpensive, but you should double-check the serial numbers on the old one before you buy to make sure you’re getting the appropriate one. Never hesitate to call a TV repairman for assistance if you don’t feel confident handling the repair yourself.

Use Westinghouse TV Warranty

When all other possible solutions have been exhausted and your Westinghouse TV still won’t turn on, it may be time to call customer service and make a warranty claim. Make sure you have your proof of purchase and any other necessary paperwork before contacting support to speed up the process.

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You can get help from Westinghouse customer service in assessing the issue and figuring out whether the limited warranty applies. If the problem is covered, Westinghouse will give you the choice between having the TV repaired or replaced. They may occasionally also provide a refund or credit towards a new TV.

It’s crucial to be aware that taking the TV to an unapproved repair facility or trying to fix it yourself can void the warranty. Prior to performing any repairs, always call Westinghouse customer service.

Wrapping it up

Don’t freak out if you’re having trouble getting your Westinghouse TV to switch on. You can attempt to resolve the issue on your own by following a few straightforward steps. Make sure the TV is not in standby mode by first checking the power supply and the remote. Checking for firmware updates and resetting the TV to its default settings may also be helpful.

But if none of these suggestions work, it might be necessary to get professional assistance. A qualified technician’s abilities and knowledge may be needed for diagnosing and resolving more complicated problems. You may rapidly fix problems with your Westinghouse TV by using this troubleshooting manual and, if required, consulting a professional, allowing you to keep watching your favourite TV shows and films.

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