Who Owns Ring? How much did Amazon pay for Ring?

Ring doorbells are getting popular day by day due to its safety and security. Smart devices such as Ring doorbell are on-trend and people want to make their easier and secured.

Recently, I purchased the Ring Doorbell Pro from Amazon and I am very satisfied by the versatility and utility of it. Within just a few days after buying this product I was wondering who created such an awesome device? Who Owns the Ring?

After doing detailed research and going through a few blogs I came to know that Ring is owned by Amazon! However, the original creator of Ring was Jamie Siminoff. In the year 2018, this device was showcased on the show Shark Tank and Amazon loved this product. In February 2018, Amazon bought the Ring for a staggering amount of $1.1 billion!

Amazon can’t just miss the opportunity of such a modern and smart device which is also compatible with its other products such as Alexa and Echo. If you want to know how did the company ring established and what are the benefits of using this device then stay tuned till the end!

The beginning of Ring

Jamie Siminoff is the actual creator and inventor of the Ring doorbell and in the year 2013, he wanted his concept to come to reality. So, he decided to showcase his creation on the show Shark Tank to raise some funds.

Initially, the name of this company was Doorbot and no one was interested to invest in his project. However, he didn’t lose hope and continued to invent more and more smart devices to make things easy for people.

But, when everyone was rejecting him his wife always supported and encouraged him to make his product more efficient and better. His wife just loved this video doorbell concept and she felt a lot more secured as she knew who was on the door without even opening it.

Jamie used to always work in his garage and it was his wife who used to address the people on the door. But, he was worried about her, and thus the idea of video doorbell potentially arouse.

In the year 2013, he wanted an amount of $700,000 but no one backed him and his magnificent concept. However, Amazon saw a big future in his product and decided to buy it. In the year 2018, Amazon bought Ring for a whopping $1.1 billion.

After getting such a large amount of money Jamie used it as an investment to build more innovative products. Ring TV, alarms, stick up cams all this were created to keep you safe and check who was on the door front.

Jamie’s Ring Video doorbell has helped many people to protect their home and loved ones. Amazon took his device a step further by integrating it with its own devices like Alexa and Echo.

Now, you don’t have to worry about burglars and strangers visiting your house. Also, it is very unlikely that your package and parcels will the stolen as this device notifies you whenever there is someone or something at the door.

Ring doorbells are trusted by thousands of people and the community of Ring is growing day by day. Nearly 95% of the doorbells in the United States are of the Ring company. From this, you would have got an idea between the relation and trust between Ring and Users.

Not only their devices but their customer support is also quite good. If you face any kind of issue setting up or if your device is faulty or stolen the Ring will send you another brand new device for free. If you still haven’t got a Ring Doorbell for you I highly suggest getting one from Amazon.

Ring doorbell


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Merits of Ring Doorbell

This is one of the most useful and efficient devices that I own. Ring doorbell has only one task of protecting your home and your family but it does its job pretty outstandingly.

One of the most attractive features of this device is that you can see your door fronts on the Ring App even if you are not at home. This is just amazing and takes your home security to another level.

Not only it shows what’s happening in your surrounding but also it does the work of recording the video as well as audio. You can see the recordings of the past 60 days on their official website or Ring App.

When someone is at your doorsteps you can not only see them but also talk to them as it has a camera, sensor, microphone, as well as a built-in speaker. If you own an Amazon Alexa then you can use this device more efficiently and Alexa will notify you whenever someone has entered your house. Not only this there are many more features which you can see in this video!


So, using this device only protects your home but also your loved ones. Jamie also invented this device as he was worried about the security of his wife.

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Ring Doorbell

Make your community Safe as well!

Now, you know how useful the Ring video doorbell is but many you don’t know that it also helps to make your community safer. The device not only was designed to protect your home and your family but also protect others.

Ring App tells you what movements are happening in your surrounding region through it’s Ring App. This App has a built-in Neighbors feature which allows you to check whether there is some kind of threats in your surroundings. If anything is wrong and there is a danger you will instantly get to know about that.

All these amazing features have led to the mass adoption of this device and indeed it has made your community safer. A recent study showed that the people using Ring doorbell have very fewer chances of burglars entering their area.

Many of the thieves have been caught taking away packages and robbing cars using this video camera. Also, the saved recordings are enough for police to find and trace them.

I like the feature of live streaming the door when I’m not at my home. From my office itself, I can check whether there is something fishy in my surroundings.

I would like to share an instance of my friend who’s package got stolen which was on his doorstep. Within a few days, only the thief was caught and he gave police the recordings as a piece of evidence.

There are numerous more benefits of using this device and if you still haven’t got one go and buy it now from here!


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