Why Are the Commercials on Hulu Played at Such a Loud Volume?

The issue of excessively loud commercials on Hulu has been a prevalent grievance among its audience. The abrupt surge in volume during a commercial break can prove to be highly vexatious and disruptive.

While enjoying content on Hulu, it can become quite bothersome when the commercials are significantly louder than the material being presented.

In numerous cases, the advertisements may even surpass the actual Hulu content by 10–20 decibels in terms of volume. Is there a feasible approach to mitigate the high volume of commercials that are broadcasted on Hulu?

This article aims to delve into the underlying causes of this phenomenon and explore potential remedies to effectively tackle this issue.

Action Brief Explanation
Opt for Hulu Ad-Free Subscribing to Hulu’s ad-free plan is a straightforward way to eliminate ads.
Install Ad Blocker You can install an ad-blocking browser plugin when using Hulu on a web browser, like AdBlock.
Utilize Auto Volume on TV Certain televisions offer an auto volume function that adjusts levels when sound variations occur.

Why Are the Commercials on Hulu So Loud?

The disparity in volume between the main content and the commercials on Hulu is not a result of your imagination. There are several reasons why this occurs:

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1. Attention-Grabbing Advertising

Advertisers aim to capture your attention and leave a lasting impression. One way they achieve this is by increasing the volume of commercials. The sudden rise in volume can startle you and draw your focus towards the advertisement, making it more likely that you’ll pay attention to the message they’re trying to convey.

2. Regulations and Loopholes

Television networks and streaming services must adhere to certain regulations regarding audio levels. While the CALM Act (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) was introduced to prevent excessively loud commercials, there are still loopholes that advertisers exploit. Advertisers sometimes compress the audio of commercials, making them seem louder than the main content, even if they technically meet the volume standards.

3. Psychological Impact

Loud commercials can have a psychological impact on viewers. Studies have shown that higher volume levels can evoke stronger emotions, leading to a better chance of viewers remembering the product or service being advertised. Advertisers use this to their advantage to create a memorable and impactful advertisement.

4. Competitive Advertising

The advertising landscape is highly competitive. When advertisements are played at a louder volume, they can stand out from the crowd and be more memorable. Advertisers are constantly seeking ways to differentiate their products or services, and higher volume is one strategy they employ.

The Viewer’s Perspective

From a viewer’s standpoint, loud commercials can be frustrating and even disrupt the overall viewing experience. It’s not uncommon to find yourself scrambling for the remote control to adjust the volume whenever commercials come on. The abrupt change in volume can be particularly annoying, especially if you’re watching late at night or in a quiet environment.

Managing the Volume Effectively

While the loud commercials might be an unavoidable aspect of watching content on Hulu, there are strategies you can employ to manage the volume effectively:

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1. Use Volume Normalization Features

Some TVs and streaming devices come equipped with volume normalization features. These features automatically adjust the volume levels, ensuring that commercials don’t play at a significantly louder volume than the content. Check your device settings to see if this feature is available.

2. Keep the Remote Handy

Keeping the remote control nearby gives you the ability to quickly adjust the volume when commercials come on. While this might not eliminate the annoyance, it can help you maintain a more consistent and comfortable audio level.

3. Explore Premium Subscription Options

Hulu offers premium subscription plans that include an ad-free experience. While this might not directly address the issue of loud commercials, it does eliminate the commercials altogether, providing you with uninterrupted viewing.

4. Provide Feedback to Hulu

Hulu values user feedback. If the issue of loud commercials bothers you, consider reaching out to Hulu’s customer support and expressing your concerns. Your feedback might contribute to improvements in the viewing experience for all users.


Q: Are loud commercials only an issue on Hulu?<br> A: No, loud commercials can be found on various television networks and streaming platforms due to similar advertising strategies.

Q: Can I mute commercials without muting the entire TV?<br> A: Yes, you can mute your TV during commercials and then unmute it when the main content resumes.

Q: Do other streaming platforms have the same issue?<br> A: Yes, this issue is not exclusive to Hulu; it’s a common phenomenon in the advertising industry.

Q: Are there any regulations against loud commercials?<br> A: Yes, the CALM Act was introduced to regulate the volume of commercials, but some advertisers still find ways to make their commercials seem louder.

Q: How do advertisers benefit from loud commercials?<br> A: Advertisers believe that louder commercials are more attention-grabbing and memorable, increasing the likelihood of viewers remembering their products or services.

Q: Can I skip commercials on Hulu?<br> A: Skipping commercials on Hulu depends on the subscription plan you have. Premium plans often offer ad-free viewing.

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The phenomenon of loud commercials on Hulu is a result of various advertising strategies and industry dynamics. While it can be frustrating for viewers, understanding the reasons behind it can provide a new perspective. By exploring options such as volume normalization features, keeping the remote handy, and considering premium subscription plans, you can better manage the volume and enhance your overall viewing experience.

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