Why Does PS4/PS5 Controller Keep Vibrating? [100% SOLVED]

On my PlayStation 4, I have just run across a problem when playing the video game “Rocket League.” My controller began vibrating immediately after I scored a goal, and it would not stop doing so until I turned off the vibration option inside the game.

I spoke about this issue with a buddy who had encountered a situation quite similar to this one on PC, but he was able to overcome it without much difficulty. On the other hand, since I was playing on a PS4, I needed to come up with an alternate method. After going through a number of different troubleshooting processes, I was finally able to identify a way that was effective in resolving the issue on consoles as well.

You may use a sim-ejector tool to press and hold the reset button located on the back of the PS4 or PS5 controller if your controller continues to vibrate excessively. The button is situated on the back of the controller. It is essential to have Steam installed on your own computer if you are having problems related to this issue. To fix the issue, go to ‘View’ > ‘Big Picture Mode’ > ‘Menu’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Controller’ > ‘Identify’.

Reset Your Controller

On a personal computer, if you have problems with your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 controller functioning wrongly, the problem is most likely caused by mismatched drivers for the device and Windows.

Why Does PS4/PS5 Controller Keep Vibrating

The good news is that using Steam, which provides in-app assistance for the majority of controllers, may assist in resolving these issues. It is essential to keep in mind that this solution is only compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. You will be required to install the most recent version of Windows if you are using an earlier version of the operating system.

If Steam is not already downloaded and installed on your computer, you will first need to download and install it. After you have downloaded and installed Steam and made a new account for yourself (which is completely free), you can go on to repairing your controller.

Take the following actions on Windows 10 or 11:

  1. Open the Steam “Home” page.
  2. Click on “View” in the top-left corner.
  3. Select “Big Picture Mode” and wait for it to launch.
  4. From the main screen, click on “Menu” in the bottom-left corner.
  5. Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  6. Scroll down to find “Controller” settings.
  7. In the list of controllers at the top, locate your PS4/PS5 controller and click on “Identify.”

The indicator that the controller has been effectively identified by the system should be a short vibration followed by a cessation of that vibration from the controller.

Hogwarts Legacy game may be the reason

During their time spent playing the newest Hogwarts Legacy game, a number of players have mentioned a problem that occurs with the PS5 controller. Following the conclusion of a classroom battle, the controller will not cease vibrating continuously and will remain in this condition until it is reset.

There is a straightforward solution available for this issue, despite the fact that the programmers who created the game have not yet distributed a patch to fix it. The problem with the controller vibration may be addressed, and once it is, the controller will no longer vibrate, if you fast travel to any of the floo network sites inside the game.

Players are able to temporarily resolve the issue by using this workaround, which will allow them to do so until the creators of the game provide an official remedy.

Update your controller software

It’s possible that a fault or an error in the software is to blame for the vibrations that your PS5 controller is experiencing on a consistent basis. In response to this, PlayStation may on occasion give controller upgrades that include fixes for problems of this kind as well as advancements to the software. In order to upgrade the controller for your PS5, follow these steps:

Why Does PS4/PS5 Controller Keep Vibrating

  • You may do this by utilising a USB connection to connect your controller to the PS5.
  • When asked, follow the on-screen instructions that are shown on your PS5 to begin the process of updating your controller.
  • It is important to remember not to turn off the console or unplug the controller while the update is running so that it may finish successfully.

You will be able to check the accessories settings on your PS5 once the update has been properly loaded. This will allow you to confirm that the controller software is up to date.

When you update the software on your PS5 controller to the most recent version, it helps minimise problems that may appear as a result of compatibility concerns with newly released games or features. Even though you have the option to put off installing the updates, it is strongly advised that you do so as soon as you are requested to do so in order to guarantee maximum performance and compatibility.

By ensuring that the software on your controller is always up to date, you can eliminate any possible problems caused by bugs or malfunctions and enjoy a more fluid gaming experience.

Contact Playstation support team

If the preceding remedies did not cure the problem with the controller, then it is probable that the issue is being caused by damage to the controller’s internal components.

If the controller is brand new, you have the option of contacting the PlayStation support team or the merchant from where you bought it in order to obtain a replacement. Both of these options are available to you.

However, if the controller is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, it is strongly recommended that you get the controller examined by a trained specialist before thinking about buying a new controller. This will assist in identifying the particular source of the problem and provide direction as you navigate the process of deciding whether to repair or replace the affected component.

Guidelines For Preventing PS4/PS5 Problems

There are a few things you can do to guarantee fluid gaming and prevent any controller problems on your PS4 or PS5:

Why Does PS4/PS5 Controller Keep Vibrating

Continually update your controller: Install the most recent firmware that the manufacturer provides after often checking for updates. This ensures compatibility and fixes any existing problems.

Keep your controller’s battery charged properly: Before playing games, check to see whether your controller has enough juice. This avoids game pauses brought on by drained batteries.

Use Steam to access controller support: Although Windows 10 and Windows 11 natively support PS4 and PS5 controllers, it is advised to access the controllers via Steam. Compared to the normal Windows driver, the drivers installed by Steam provide improved support and functionality.

Keep your game console tidy: Clean your controller often to avoid dust and grime buildup. Pay close attention to the analogue sticks since accumulation of dust might cause stick drift, which can disrupt gameplay. Any debris should be eliminated using compressed air or a soft cloth.

These recommendations will help you maximise the functionality of your PS4 or PS5 controller, resulting in a trouble-free gaming experience.

How to Disable Vibration on the PS5 Controller

You may quickly stop this function on your PS5 controller so that it will no longer produce vibrations if you find that they are distracting you while you are playing a game. Disassembling the controller is not required.

To disable the vibrations on your PlayStation 5 controller, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Access the PS5 settings menu.
  2. Select “Accessories” from the settings options.
  3. Within the “Accessories” menu, choose “Controllers.”
  4. You will find a list of controller options. Select “Vibration intensity.”
  5. From there, you can turn off the vibration completely or adjust it to a lower intensity level.
  6. It is recommended to start with a lower intensity or check for any available controller updates before completely disabling the vibrations.
  7. If the controller continues to vibrate excessively even on a lower intensity setting after updating, then your only option may be to disable the vibrations entirely.

By according to these instructions, you will be able to modify the vibration settings of your PS5 controller in order to improve your gaming experience in accordance with your own tastes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop a PS4 controller from vibrating?

To disable vibration on your PS4 controller, you can follow these steps:

  1. On your PS4 console, go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Select “Devices” from the list of options.
  3. Within the “Devices” menu, choose “Controllers”.
  4. Look for the option “Enable Vibration” and toggle it off.

By turning off the “Enable Vibration” option, you will disable the vibration feature on your PS4 controller.

Can I alter the PS4 controller’s vibration level?

If you are playing a game on a PlayStation 4, you won’t be able to modify the level of vibration directly from the console settings. However, you could discover choices to customise the level of vibration in the menu for the game you are playing.

Please seek for any choices relating to vibration inside the game’s controller settings, which you may find by navigating to those settings. If the game does not include an option inside the game to change the strength of the vibration, then you will need to either utilise the default setting for the vibration or stop the vibration entirely via the settings on the console.


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