6+ Ways to Keep Alligators out of Your Yard?

Encountering an Alligator in your yard or pool is not a very pleasant experience. If you already have been in such situations then it sounds scary!

Crossing an Alligators path is pretty dangerous as well as extremely shocking. Most people would be panicked and will have no clue what to do?

An Alligator roughly weighs around 700 pounds and its length can be as long as 12 feet.

Meeting a wild creature of this size in your yard might frighten many people especially when it’s unexpected.

In recent times big predators like Alligators and Crocodiles are seen in unexpected places which were formerly hunting areas for them.

Hence, protecting your yards as well as homes from these reptiles has become more important than ever.

The most important and initial step to keeping Alligators away from your house is to get rid of things that attract them.

How to Keep Alligators out of Your Pool and House? An Alligator will enter your house basically for food, shelter, and water. Also, protect your property with a sturdy fence (an electric fence works best)!

Pools attract Alligators so installing a pool enclosure is not a bad option!

If you live in areas where Alligators are found commonly it’s pretty essential to take precautions to keep these reptiles away from your property.

I will show you some of the common as well as the most effective ways to keep Alligators away from your house!

Putting an Alligator Proof Fence!

Fencing your yard properly will help you to get rid of alligators and it is one of the most common methods used by many.

But, if you are installing an alligator-proof fence by yourselves you must do it in the right way so that these big guys can’t sneak in!

The right way to install an alligator-proof fence starts with burying your fence at least 2-3 feet in the ground. This will ensure that the alligators don’t dig under your fence and sneak into your property.

Then, the next thing to worry about is the height of the fence. Can Alligators climb fences or trees?

Alligators can easily climb fences that are 5-6 feet tall. If you have a chained fence Alligators can easily climb it as they have something to put their legs upon.

So, avoid using chained fences and try to use overhanging fences.

Overhanging fences are those which are titled outwards at the top at an acute angle. Installing an overhanging fence that is at least 6 feet tall will prevent alligators from climbing up the fence.

Even if the alligator somehow manages to reach the top it cannot surpass the angled fence. You can also use barbed wires in the end to add extra protection!

Another option you can try out is to put a wooden or aluminum alligator-proof fence. It would be nearly impossible for them to climb the wooden and aluminum fence as there is nothing for them as support.

Also, you can try installing a thick durable glass fence which will increase your sight. The smooth glass surface will also avoid alligators from climbing upon it.

If you think that all these fences will not work then you can try installing an electric fence which is one of the most effective ways to keep alligators away.

Electric Fences

alliagtor proof fence

Single Strand electric fence is an effective option to keep alligators away from your property. Electric fences are used by many to keep domestic pets in your yard and avoid wild animals.

Proper setup of the electric fence (a couple of inches from the ground) could be a great way to keep gators out. You will need an electric fence energizer to power the electric fence.

Check out this Patriot Electric Fence Energizer Plus from Amazon!

Also, electric fences are easier and faster to install than wooden or aluminum fences.

But, the major disadvantage of an electric fence is that you need to take care that your pets don’t touch it.

Single strand electric fence is sufficient enough to keep gators away but not so effective against other predators.

Try to use a high voltage electric fence to protect your property and don’t forget to put warning signs on your fence. If in case someone accidentally touches this high voltage electric fence he/she would be alright.

Yes I know it’s not going to be a pleasant experience but it will not harm you physically.

Current runs through electric fences in pulses and they are low impedance.

This means the flow of current is not constant and is in pulses. However, those pulses are enough to keep Alligators away and if someone accidentally touches the fence they have time to go away.

Setting up electric fences is not that tough and their maintenance is also not that expensive. Most electric fences have high voltage, low amperage, and low impedance.

Because of low amperage, the animals and humans touching the fence will not be permanently harmed.

While these electric fences help us keep away Alligators they are not that effective against snakes and other predators.

Usually, electric fences are single-strand and snakes are going to go straight under them or right over them!

The electric alligator proof fence available on the market is modern with approved energizers which are pretty safe to use and very rarely damage any animal or human seriously.

No more than one or two cases are reported per year worldwide which are damaged by electric fences. But, an electric current is always dangerous don’t forget to keep toddlers away from it.

Harsh Terrains

garden sunset sunrise lens flare 13975 1 Drill Champ

If you think electric fences are dangerous for your pets or children then there is another option for you. Instead of alligator-proof fences, you can also grow heavy vegetation barriers at the edges of your pool or yard.

This prevents Alligators from crawling up and relaxing in your pool.

Shrubs such as double-edged swords are very effective in avoiding gators and protecting your property from unwanted guests.

However, this type of shrub may protect you from Alligators but they seem perfect habitat for snakes who are naturally attracted to such plant covers. You may put yourself in danger from snakes by erecting a barrier of plants on your property.

Avoid things that attract Alligators

Alligators will enter your property in search of three things food, water, and shelter. So, make sure to clean your yard and avoid keeping garbage as well as leftover food in your yard.

Always make sure to clean leftover food and garbage after you have your barbeque party in your yard.

Make sure to clean the clutter and cut down tall grass (as well as shrubs) as they become a nice shelter for gators and snakes. One of the most attractive things for Alligators in your yard is your swimming pool.

You can always use a standard pool cover to keep the little animals away from your pool but it’s pretty useless against alligators.

If you are not using your pool for days, make sure to remove all the water from it. A built-in automatic pool cover is also an option but it is quite costly and everyone cannot afford it.

Also, it is pretty difficult to set up on an existing pool and it’s tough to maintain too.

Setting up Pool Enclosure 

short coated dog standing beside swimming pool 3859375 Drill Champ

A pool enclosure also known as a pool cage is one of the safest but most expensive options for the protection of your pool.

If you have the budget to install a pool enclosure it has a lot of benefits besides protecting you from Alligators.

A cheaper option is using a pool cover which is not only effective in keeping alligators but also debris out of the pool. I found this AI Pool Cover on Amazon which is a best seller in its category and has got excellent reviews too.

A pool cage will keep bugs and debris out of your pool and make it easier to clean.

You can also enjoy swimming irrespective of the weather conditions which is another reason why you should install a pool enclosure.

You will also feel much safer which will give you a better sense of freedom and a better experience overall!

Alligator Traps

Catching up alligators using a trap is not as easy as catching a rat or a mouse.

To catch an alligator using an alligator trap you must have a permit. Without the permit catching an alligator is illegal and you may be sued for doing that.

Also, remember catching an alligator is extremely dangerous and they can attack you to protect themselves.

If in case you trap an alligator how are you going to even get him out?

If you live in southeastern parts of the United States and Alligators enter your property quite frequently then calling a professional alligator trapper is always a good choice.

The state of Flordia itself has more than 1.5 million alligators and for the safety of people, there’s a program known as the Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program.

You can always call them for help if you are facing issues with Alligators on your property.

They are professional alligator trappers and they have a ton of experience on how to catch an alligator.

Natural Repellant

There is no such thing called Alligator repellant and you won’t find Alligator repellant in any stores. But, you can always make a natural homemade repellant at home.

One of the residents of Florida suggests a recipe mixing urine with ammonia and says it does the job very effectively.

However, we haven’t tried it neither we suggest you try this as it may stink pretty bad.

Mixing ammonia with urine will lead to a bad smell in your whole yard and I don’t think your neighbors will be happy with that stinky smell.

I have used Nature’s Mace Repellant which has worked for me. It is a snake repellant and you find any alligator repellant available online. Not only it does avoid alligators and snakes but also other insects as well.

Also, remember ammonia is a very hazardous substance and it may be harmful to you as well as your loved pets.

Also, making the mixture of ammonia and urine is quite a disgusting procedure and you won’t even find any alligator repellant online.

But, if you want to give it try just spray the mixture in areas around your property from where alligators can sneak in.

The ideology behind this is that the smell of this mixture resembles the smell of other predators!


There are only a few effective as well as reliable ways to keep alligators out of your property.

I would suggest installing a sturdy alligator-proof fence around your yard or pool. This works the best and prevents gators from entering your pools and yards.

Along with fencing, you should always keep your yard clean and free of garbage. Keeping your yard neat will not only prevent you from alligators but also from snakes and other predators as well.

Pools attract Alligators a lot and they love to stay in the water. So, an automatic pool cover or pool cage will keep these big creatures away from relaxing on your property.

Even after taking the required precautions, if you are facing issues with alligators it’s better to consult with professionals for a solution!



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