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We cannot deny that the evolution of smart home technology has changed how homeowners use the devices. It has revolutionized the way it has made you safeguard and manage your homes. However, whenever you are going ahead to rent a new apartment or a house, you may not get the chance to access the smart home devices as the owners. But there is nothing to fret over here. Because you are renting a house doesn’t mean you have left the smart home technology anywhere.

Thus, now let’s look into the best doorbells that best fit people who live in apartments?

Arlo, Ring, RemoBell, Vtech, and Yale are some of the top options for smart doorbells for people who live in apartments and as renters.

Herein, we are presenting you top options for smart doorbells to your apartment backed by few installation tips to ensure you do not cross the compliant with the property manager’s needs.

Top 5 Smart Doorbells for People Living in Apartments

While living in an apartment on rent, it is obvious that you may not have that freedom with using smart home technology, unlike homeowners. While you may not be able to drill walls and share walls with fellow tenants, it automatically reduces access to other devices. Yet, that doesn’t take away the chance of installing a smart doorbell in your unit. So, here we are presenting a few of our top favorites.

Ring Peephole Cam

ring peephole cam

One of the best options suggested by us for people living in apartments is Ring Peephole Cam. There is no need to drill or screw the wall beside the front door; you can install the device above the existing peephole. It makes it an amazing option for renters to install smart devices without making any major changes like drilling on walls on their apartments.

It is a battery-operated device designed similarly to Ring Video Doorbell Pro. However, it comprises two lenses instead of the traditional peephole. One is used as a conventional peephole viewer and another for the camera. Also, it works wonders similar to a regular Ring Doorbell. Whenever someone presses the button or detects any motion, the user is sent an instant alert on the Ring app installed on the smartphone. It can be installed with ease and comes with a high resolution of 1080p, and compatible with other Amazon Alexa devices.

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Arlo Audio Doorbell

First, Arlo Audio Doorbell is cost-friendly for installing it in your house, taken for rent, or living in an apartment. Second, compared to the conventional smart doorbell, this device also includes a camera wherein it records and transmits audio communication gained from visitors. 

The Arlo Doorbell device’s battery need not be charged for a year and works well with a single charge on keeping the camera off. It makes it a great option for renters as you only need to install it once and need not charge it again and again or change the settings when living in an apartment on the lease.

The device will notify you on your smartphone whenever any guest visits your home, as the device can detect motion by sending alerts whenever a visitor approaches your home, even before they press the button. Besides, you can also customize your chime choice, adjust the volume, or turn off the sound, making it a perfect option for avoiding any disturbance to neighbors or tenants.

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Vtech Audio/Video Doorbell Answering System

Another best alternative is the VTech Audio-Visual Doorbell Answering System using advanced options for working. It consists of a cordless phone system that works best for surveillance to the front door. In addition, it is cheap and doesn’t require you to spend loads of money on your apartment.

It consists of two telephone headsets and a doorbell unit that includes a built-in camera and microphone for smooth communication with visitors at the doorstep. The VTech Doorbell System offers clear communication to double as a walkie-talkie. Besides, you can view the live feed from the front door, take snapshots. You can install it easily, allowing easy access for the conventional doorbell system with the routing wiring. 

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Remobell Wireless Video Doorbell

Another reliable device is the RemoBell Wireless Video Doorbell which can be easily using WiFi.

It works wonderfully with AA batteries, and thus there is no need to install any power outlets or wires for its fitting. You will be sent alerts as soon as you approach the door, along with the ability to view the live feed or opt for recording the video later.

The device comes with multiple features similar to other smart doorbells that include motion detection, two-way communication, HD video recording, and night vision. It is easy to carry out with simple installation by fitting a base plate to the wall and snap the video doorbell to its place.

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Yale Look Door Viewer

Yale Look Door Viewer makes a good option for smart peephole device which can be installed easily and connect with your present door’s existing standard slot for the peephole. Moreover, it makes an ideal option for apartment residents considering its wireless option, and it runs on a battery.

You can know if someone is approaching your front door using Yale Look app using your smartphone. The system can detect motion up to a distance of six feet, send notifications and allow communication from both ways with any person at the door. Besides, it allows you to take snapshots or even record video from your door itself. The Yale Look Door viewer includes an SD slot, which allows you to save photos and videos for later viewing.

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Top Tips to Install a Smart Doorbell in your Apartment

Smart doorbells prove to be ideal tools for your home irrespective of whether you live in an apartment or on rent. It will allow you to know about visitors approaching your home, communicate with anyone moving nearby to your door, and record burglary. Besides, you can customize the features whether you are close or far away from home and assist you when you do not feel like opening the door.

While you can install smart doorbells at your apartment, few limitations exist based on your landlord or the property company. Most smart doorbells tend to be wired to the property attached to power, requiring you to drill and carry out electrical work. Therefore, it may not be allowed by landlords. On the other hand, few installations also require professional assistance that may cost you high burning your pockets every time you move to a new place.

Do you wish to install a smart doorbell in your apartment? Well, you can do so without any need to drill wirelessly, as listed above. 

Wireless installation does prove to be These can make the process easier because they are powered by batteries and don’t require any electrical work. You need to attach the device to your door or wall frame without leading to any damage to the property you have rented. 

Here’s another tip: Do ensure to notify your neighbors when installing a video device. It is better to let them know if any recording is happening and ensure them you would be deleting videos captured on the device. Also, do check your apartment complex to know if there are any embargos against installing video doorbells.

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Living in an apartment may seem like a limited option, but it isn’t true. Smart doorbells prove an ideal option for choosing your smart home technology. It is easy to install and remove devices in your rented house or apartment similarly as you connect it in your home.

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