Using Ring Doorbell in an Apartment? [Warning!]

Almost everywhere we go we are own on camera which is a good thing though. Everyone wants a safe feeling and a sense of security where they are currently living. However, while living in an apartment sometimes you may feel vulnerable and less secure. Security gadgets such as Ring Video Doorbell are very essential nowadays.

Is it Legal to have a Ring Doorbell in an Apartment? Yes, it is absolutely legal to have a Ring Doorbell in an apartment. But, if you are renting a place then you can’t get the one that needs to be drilled as it may damage the wall. But, Ring recently came up with a video doorbell that fits on the peephole and does not require any permission. 

Installing a ring video doorbell is quite simple. At first, you need to decide where you want to fix the doorbell. A door, doorframe, or a wall are some of the places where you put your doorbell. You need to screw the doorbell to the surface so that it’s secured. You don’t need to worry about batteries as you can still change the batteries even if the doorbell is screwed.

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell for New Owner?

A less complicated installment process is always appreciated as you don’t want any problems with your landlord. Besides easy installation, there are many more benefits of using a Ring Video Doorbell.

Why you should install a ring doorbell in your apartment?

The ring is the most popular and most used video doorbell brand in the entire world. There are many reasons why Ring is liked by most people, especially in the United States. I personally use a Ring Doorbell Pro and it is one of the most popular models.

Here are some of the interesting features of the Ring Video Doorbell.

  • Talk with people– The best feature of a ring video doorbell is that you can speak with the person near your door directly through your mobile using the Ring App.
  • Sync with mobile– Using the ring app on your mobile brings a ton of features for you. As soon as the doorbell rings you get a notification on your mobile. Also, you get a notification when someone unknown is detected on your camera.
  • Video monitoring– You can see who is on your door front from anywhere in the world just by logging in to the Ring App. You can also preview the pre-recorded videos which were recorded when some movement was seen on your camera.

Is it allowed to use a ring doorbell in my apartment?

It is absolutely legal to use the ring doorbell in your apartment. But, will your landlord allow you to install a video doorbell? This answer is quite tricky and varies from person to person. The lease agreement and rules of every landlord are different and some are very strict whereas some are very lenient.

The best thing to do is to go through the lease thoroughly. If you find out that there is a need to ask for permission then always ask your landlord. However, I installed the Ring video doorbell without asking for permission from the landlord. I didn’t find any clause in the lease that states anything about security devices such as video cameras.

After a lot of strange incidences and a very disturbing neighbor, I decided to install a video doorbell. Also, the door of our apartment was tried to be opened when my wife was alone at home. It only happened once and I guess someone by mistake did it but still, I decided to install a video doorbell for safety purposes.

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell for New Owner

I have no problem getting charged or repairing the wall while moving out from this rented apartment as I can spend a few bucks for the safety of my family. The wall where I have mounted my doorbell is made of gypsum which can be fixed by me as well.

Which doorbell is best suited for renters?

The wireless video doorbells are best suited for renters always. This is because wireless video doorbell requires a very minimal amount of drilling for installation. Less installation means less damage to the property which is best for renters. Landlords mostly do the repairing on the minimal damage you do when you move out.

These wireless video doorbells work on AAA or AA batteries which you can replace easily. These batteries are very commonly used for all the appliances in your house. Some of the models work on battery packs that also can be changed from the back of the doorbell. If your doorbell stops working you simply need to change the old battery with the new battery like you do in your AC or TV remote.

Some models come with a rechargeable battery packet which you can charge simply with a USB cable that is provided by the doorbell itself. Ring doorbells are very essential in today’s world no matter if you have a good or bad neighborhood. I highly recommend getting a ring video doorbell for your apartment as it makes a huge difference in your security. It can save you from big trouble and loss.

If you want to put your doorbell on a doorframe, wall, or door itself then Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the best choice for you. But, if you have a peephole on your door then I would suggest getting the Ring Doorbell Pro as it has zero installment damage and a lot more features than Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Video Doorbell Pro are the most used and most recommended doorbells for you as they have the best quality camera and excellent features. You can buy the Ring Doorbell from various websites such as Ring’s official website, Best Buy, Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot.

Using Ring Doorbell in an Apartment

Till now I hope you already know the benefits of the ring doorbell and you have successfully decided on the best doorbell that suits your apartment. I have been using the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for the past few years and I can definitely help you with the installation process.

Installing ring doorbell and knowing theft insurance

The ring doorbell needs to be screwed and mounted on top of a wall or doorframe. Mostly it is screwed on the top of a wooden doorframe. However, in apartments, we mostly place the doorbell in the hallway. The ways in the hallway are made up of gypsum sheathing and you can use the mounting fasteners that come with the Ring doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Not Charging

Mounting a doorbell on a gypsum wall is quite simple. Use a stud finder and decide on a location where to place your doorbell. If you don’t have a stud finder then I would suggest buying one if you do a lot of DIY stuff.

You can also use 3M double-sided foam tape to fix the ring doorbell rather than using the given fasteners. But, I would suggest using fasteners for two main reasons.

If you are thinking that double-sided tape will not damage the wall then you are absolutely wrong. These kinds of tapes are so strong that they will damage the wall while removing the doorbell and anyways you are going to damage the wall. So, why not use a more secured and sturdy option of mounting fasteners.

Also, by using 3M double-sided tape you will void Ring’s warranty. The ring has a theft replacement policy but only if the doorbell was mounted using their supplied mounting fasteners. Mounting the doorbell using any other technique will surely void the ring’s warranty. So, use mounting fasteners only.

Using the fasteners is simple and I did mounting within 20 minutes and it is a more reliable and safer option to use.

Being mindful of neighbors

Installing a doorbell is quite common nowadays but still, some neighbors have a problem with it. If your neighbor has an issue with the doorbell try to convince them to use a smart doorbell too. Getting the video surveillance of the apartment for free is a good thing.

Also, guide them about the visibility of the Ring doorbell and tell them that their privacy is not disturbed at all. Keep in mind not to spy on the neighbors as it is not a good thing to do at all.

Connecting to a WiFi network

For proper functionality of the Ring doorbell, it needs to be constantly connected to a good WiFi network. This can be sometimes quite tough if your router is far away from the doorbell. Make sure to place the router in such a way you get a good internet connection to all your rooms as well as to the doorbell.

If the physical distance between your WiFi router and doorbell is too far or due to walls the connection is poor try using a wireless network extender.

Using appropriate camera settings

The ring video doorbell has a variety of settings and you can configure the device as you want.

  • You can configure the ring doorbell to send you a notification when any kind of motion is detected at the camera. Also, you can adjust the distance according to your need. You don’t want to get a notification whenever your neighbor comes and goes out of his house. Set the distance via the distance slider to 1 or 2 feet.
  • You can also set the duration of the video to be recorded. Ring doorbell 2 allows the maximum record time of two minutes which is more than sufficient.

ring doorbell

Set the range of visibility according to your needs so that you won’t unnecessary notifications all the time. The best thing about Ring is that it allows a ton of customization according to the user’s needs.

Related Questions

Can I install a ring video doorbell on the door or wall? You cannot simply drill the wall or door as you are renting the place and you need to pay compensation fees. But, this company recently came up with a doorbell that fits right over the peephole and has zero installment damage.

Can a ring video doorbell work without a battery? No! This device needs a battery to function properly. When one battery runs out of charge the other needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If the doorbell has a rechargeable battery pack then make sure to keep a spare battery pack always charged.



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