Best Web Browser Apps for Smart TV (Don’t Ignore This!)

The era of smartphones has indeed changed the whole gameplay. Besides, it has also revolutionized the way of viewing content on TV. Unlike bygone days it is easy to save your favorite show and stream it whenever free.

Moreover, you can view shows and popular movies on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and much more. The evolution of smart TV technology allows you as a user to surf the web by using other apps on many different web browsers.

Smart TVs often come with an inbuilt browser where users can view different content. Here are a few web browser apps voted among the top by users where you can download different content. Here are a few:

  • Samsung Browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Puffin TV Browser

In the coming paragraphs, we will present a detailed review of each web browser for your smart TV. Besides, this article will surely prove to be of great assistance by highlighting the benefits and disadvantages and how they differ from the traditional mode of browsing on computer internet.

Best Web Browser Apps for Smart TV

Using a Smart TV Browser vs Computer Browser

If you already own a smart TV or are involved in the market, you will be more aware of how many platforms you can stream in it like Netflix, Hulu compared to computer streaming.

On the other hand, you will have to use the TV’s default setting for web browsing in web browsing. This is because an average smart TV includes a 1.3 GHz processor, which is lower than a 2.0 GHz processor.

Hence, you may experience the interface and video lagging issues when visiting a different website from your Smart TV. For this, you will require a high processor power that will allow access. It also includes compatibility issues between glitches for navigating and changing screen sizes.

4 Best TV Web Browser

Most users contemplate their smart TV running on slow when using the web; thus, you must use an app to offer you the best experience to the web browser when using your TV. Here is a list of favorite web browsing apps that you can integrate with your TV. Check out below:

Puffin TV Web Browser

It is listed among the best Smart TV web browsers, it is available for free, wherein you can stream series, movies, and music. Moreover, it comes with an in-built native Android support for TV and presents an awesome speed for browsing compared to other browsers. Besides, it also includes additional features like JavaScript and Adobe Flash, making it easy to access the website using flash content.

Moreover, on the pro side, you can download the Puffin TV browser direct from the Play Store on your Android TV by reducing the issues raising due to sideloading.

Best Web Browser Apps for Smart TV


  • You can use VPNs
  • It is compatible with flash contents
  • Offers easy download and installation without the issue of sideloading
  • Has a well-designed interface


  • It may be not compatible with some websites
  • Has a slow browsing speed

Google Chrome TV Web Browser

Google Chrome is yet another well-known web browser. However, there is no chrome version available for smart TVs, and neither are they available for download on the Android Play Store app.

For using it, you must sideload the Chrome browser to integrate it with your smart TV. Besides, the interface is quite similar to its mobile version that does have some disadvantages.


  • It allows you to quickly and easily sync your mobile browser history, emails, passwords, and bookmarks hassle-free


  • You may find navigating around the browser difficult using your TV remote
  • The interface is not in lines compared to other UI.

Mozilla Firefox TV Web Browser

Similar to Google Chrome browse, Firefox is also not a compatible version for smart TVs. Yet you can sideload Firefox along with your smart TV to access other extension browsers. For example, uBlock is a good extension that allows you to block ads when you are surfing on the web.

Besides, you can also sync it with your mobile browser bookmark and history with your Firefox browser on the smart TV as its UI is similar to the mobile version, thereby affecting user experience.


  • Comes with an Ad-blocker feature
  • Works best when streaming videos and YouTube
  • Can explore other browsing extensions
  • You can sync with other mobile browsers.


  • There is no native Android support available for Android TVs
  • It is not compatible with remote control

Samsung Smart TV Internet Browser

One of the most opted web browser apps for your smart TVs was developed to offer services specific to Samsung Android TVs. Yet, it is now adapted to work well with other smart TV brand versions.

Best Web Browser Apps for Smart TV

The Samsung Internet browser provides a list of ad-blockers, adjustment of text size, and contrast mode. I also offer security extensions and privacy that offer secured browsing facilities.


  • Includes video assistant that makes video streaming easy
  • You can add ad-blockers to enjoy extensive streaming and browsing
  • Comes with a translation extension that allows you to translate web pages to any language as per requirement.


  • You have to download extensions from Galaxy Store only
  • You have to use sideloading for installing it with other TV brands.

Wrapping it up

There are plenty of web browser apps that are available for free and compatible with your Smart TV. Although you may not experience smooth surfing on the web using the smart TV with a seamless experience like a computer, that would surely offer a better quality viewing and a good display.

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