Can Vivint Cameras be Hacked? MUST READ!

Whether it is your residence or workplace, Vivint cameras provide you with a great degree of security throughout different places. These cameras are deeply praised by business people and different consumers in each part of the nation.

Not only that, Vivint cameras offer you an additional layer of security. As they can hide the IP addresses of the device connected to them as well as they use the 1024-bit encryption. With the internet abilities and capacities of the Vivint camera, the consumers feel safer and more protected.

Now, the question arises, can someone hack Vivint cameras? Are Vivint Cameras hackable? As mentioned before, these cameras hide the IP addresses of the devices that are connected with them. And along with that, they work with 1024-bit-encryption. Still, in some situations, potential hackers can hack into your camera feed through some loopholes. They can take advantage of the loopholes and put you in danger.

However, I’ve mentioned some important information in this read for you to stay safe and protected. These are some essential things that one should remember before installing a Vivint camera in your office or home.


How To Know If Your Vivint Camera is Hacked?

Some of the ways to know if a person has hacked your Vivint camera are provided below. However, don’t worry, some of these could be easily solved. For that, keep reading the below-mentioned suggestions.

  • If your camera’s rotation is irregular

You should monitor the rotation movements of your camera frequently, like twice or thrice a day. If you recognize any irregularities in the rotation patterns or movements, then you should verify it to check if someone else has accessed your security camera. The irregularity in the movements of your camera could be done by someone else as well if they have hacked it.

  • If your camera is flickering LED light

You can recognize any unauthorized access quickly with the LED light present in your camera. If your camera is blinking any LED light when you are not the to switch it on, then you should be aware. The random and irregular flickering of LED light means that there are high possibilities that your camera has been hacked.

  • If there have been changes in the security settings of your camera

When someone gets unauthorized access to your camera, the first thing they will probably do is change your camera’s security settings. So, if you notice even a slight modification in your camera’s security setting, then this could be a possibility. To prevent this, you should constantly check the security settings to notice if there have been some modifications or not.

Especially, check the password settings, as you can lock out undesired access by doing this.

  • If your baby monitor or IP camera is producing some odd noises

Most of the time it happens, when someone gets unauthorized access to your camera’s feed, you will detect some odd sounds. These sounds are likely to be generated from the baby monitor or your camera. Hackers can spy on you when they hack your camera.

For that, you can prevent this by regularly checking your camera. Make sure you do it frequently, as it will prevent unauthorized access and will keep your family safe and secure.

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Ways To Prevent Your Vivint Cameras From Getting Hacked

Here are some suggestions that you can use to secure your Vivint cameras. So, let’s get started. Check the latest price of Vivint Camera from Amazon!

  • Install cameras that have high-level security encryption

When a camera gets hacked, you and your family’s privacy, as well as safety, are at stake. To make sure you all are safe, pick a camera that is advanced in nature. One such camera is the Vivint camera, they offer you high-level security encryption and keep your business and home premises protected.

  • Regularly update the firmware of your security camera

The makers of Vivint Cameras regularly ensure that their cameras provide you with an extra layer of security. As you keep upgrading the firmware, it will ensure more safety and security to your premises. This prevents anyone to get unauthorized access to your security cameras and resultantly your home.

  • Make sure you secure your camera and home interface router 

Most of the time it happens, hackers get access to your cameras by cracking the password. However, to prevent this from happening, make sure you regularly update your router and camera’s password. If you want an intensified security, then make sure you use some unique password. Along with that, you can also limit the number of devices that connect to your camera.

  • Always use antivirus and firewall software to secure your CCTV cameras

It is essential to have antivirus software for your camera. This software keeps your camera protected from the viruses and malware that hackers usually use to hack into your camera. Whereas Firewall software is necessary for locking out the hackers who want to spy in your camera’s feed.

The Efficiency Of Vivint Cameras

There are many reasons behind the popularity of Vivint Cameras, these are as follows:

  • You have limitless access to your feeds

This means that you can access your feeds from anywhere, be it your workplace or your home. Apart from that, you can also link your computer or smartphone to your camera. After which, your camera feeds would be easily available on the devices that you’ve connected. Also, you can easily control the camera with the app on your smartphone.

  • Vivint Cameras have a selective feature

These cameras can store the feeds which are recorded selectively for 14 days. Not only that, these cameras can easily differentiate between human figures, approaching individuals, cars and even dancing shadows. You can pick a particular video to watch, save or re-watch from the security feeds that have been recorded.

  • Come with advanced inbuilt speakers

Vivint cameras offer exceptional inbuilt speakers which make them highly efficient. You can easily interact with someone who is at the door, simply through these speakers. Along with that, these cameras also provide a wider view of the location they are installed in. So, this allows you to see the person who’s approaching your premises even if they are distant.

  • Top-notch customer support

They have excellent customer support for all of their clients. This support is ready to help you 24/7. If you get a Vivint camera, you can gain access to their customer support anytime on the clock. You can clear your queries in either emails or immediate phone calls. They help you quickly with your issues and try to solve them as soon as possible.

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How Can You Install The Vivint Camera?

You can always go for a DIY installation. If you are a DIY fan, then you can install your security cameras by yourself. It is quite easy. You can look for the direction from the video tutorials that are available online. You can also go for the DIY Vivint tips to install. However, before doing that, make sure you get some knowledge about making a perfect installation.

Well, if you don’t want a DIY installation then you can pick an expert installation. Once you’ve purchased all the smart home tools which are needed, you can pick the installation to be completed by the professionals.

There is no extra price for the installation. Along with that, everything is done accurately to enhance the efficiency and performance of your Vivint camera.

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Additional methods to Secure Your Home

  • Use duplicate cameras at the vantage spots

By doing this, you’re playing a psychological trick with the hackers. Duplicate cameras are helpful when you place them at an obvious spot. And after this, installing the Vivint camera at some vantage location.

  • Use a sensorial alarm system

You can pick a highly fine-tuned alarm system. This will improve the safety and security of your premises. As you will be aware when someone gets in your premises or security cameras. Make sure you regularly check alarm systems and it stays in sound condition.

  • Improve your windows and doors protection

Most of the time burglars get their way into your home through doors or windows. You will feel safe if you have sealed all the entrances through which they can enter. Along with that, you can also strengthen the windows, doors, and even the garage entrances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of the Vivint outdoor camera?

The outdoor one offers you a smart movement detection sensor, a high resolution, and even a night vision, and can cost you around $ 299. You can monitor the live feeds and even the recording it makes through the Vivint app on your smartphone.

Which ones better Vivint or Ring?

Both of the security cameras offer the same features. However, the Vivint camera can be a bit expensive in comparison to the Ring. They might charge you for the installation. Otherwise, both of them are pretty good.

Does Ring Doorbell go with Vivint?

Just like Nest Hello and Ring doorbells, Vivint also sends notifications and pictures on your smartphone. However, as it uses the 2GIG Go, it is not possible to connect it with the Ring doorbell.


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