Can You Use Wyze Camera Without Internet/WIFI?

One of the marvelous budget cameras is the Wyze Camera. It is affordable and works just like fancy cameras with all its attractive additional features. But you might doubt its limit and think how far you can exert the limits.

One such question that commonly arises is, Can Wyze Cam work without the Internet? And the answer to that question is, Yes. It can work without the internet and you can also work with the Wyze camera without the internet. But there are some steps that you need to complete before using it.

  • Initially, you have to complete the Wyze Camera setup. You can get the steps through Wyze’s website.
  • After that, install an SD card in your Wyze Camera.
  • Lastly, you have to change the settings to record the videos locally to the SD Card either continuously or eventually

Now, if your Wyze camera has a power source, then you can move it to any other location and it would work without the internet and will record videos.

Now, how you can watch these videos. You can either insert the SD card on your laptop and watch it or you can bring your Wyze camera to a spot where it can access the internet, afterwards it will sync the videos to your app. And you can see it on your smartphone. Isn’t it amazing?

However, there were some red flags as Wyze had some unfounded bugs that were arranged to fix this. You can also read the experience of different people provided in the forum. However, there were other users too who have resolution while the remaining people did not have.

How You Can Use The Wyze Camera Without The Internet?

Somehow, if you are still facing issues with using your Wyze camera without the internet, then here are some tips to help you.

Can You Use Wyze Camera Without Internet/WIFI

  • Make sure that you reconnect your Wyze Camera with the Internet

If you are recording without some internet connection, it is clear that you might have taken it to a different location. However, when you’ve to sync the backup, you’ll have to return it to a location with the internet. Then only you would be able to see all your recordings on your smartphone.

If your Wyze camera is unable to reconnect with the internet, go for “power cycling”. This means, you have to unplug your camera for some time, almost 5 minutes, and then connect it again. This way, it should connect to the internet again.

  • Make sure the Wyze Camera is fully charged in the new place

If you are recording on some off-site location, do ensure that your Wyze camera is fully charged. As when it dischargers, you can not connect it with your car battery, because it’ll automatically power off when your car is off.

This works best as a dashcam. However, if you are wishing to watch for the break-ins, I would suggest you find a different power source such as a battery pack or power bank. As it may power off randomly. Even though the power goes rarely, but still it is better to be charged than to miss some recording.

Also, make sure you’ve installed an SD card, it will help you in recording locally without any issues. You can install it by, unplugging the Wyze cameras and inserting the SD card in the given slot. That’s it.

And if you don’t have an SD card, then don’t worry, Wyze offers their own 32GB Micro SD card. You can get this one.

  • Verify that you’ve fixed the recording to “locally” in your SD card

If you’ve done this, then you can record anything without any issue and the internet. Since the SD card is installed in your Wyze camera, it will work without any internet connection, and will record ‘locally’.

  • You can watch the recorded videos via the app

The videos recorded locally, are stored on the SD card, and you can watch it via the app. Just pick the day and hour, and here’s your video. You can also playback, make sure you know about all of its sneaky features.

  • Make sure you update the Wyze App

Updating it regularly will help you in fixing the bugs and getting the latest features they release. So, don’t forget to miss out on the amazing features.

If you’re still facing some issues, then you should contact support. There are some issues that might need expert guidance. For that, make sure to contact them and fix it.

Wrapping it up

If you have any issues, questions, or comments, you can share them with the Wyze community. They have a wondrous community with loads of users who post regularly. Most probably, you’ll get a response from the customer first, as they are very helpful! Hopefully, it helped you.




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