Does Oculus Quest come with Pre-Installed Games?

The realm of virtual reality has made significant strides since its inception, and a cutting-edge development in this realm is the Oculus Quest headset. This device has garnered significant attention due to its wireless and self-contained design, attracting gamers who seek immersive virtual reality experiences without the constraints of being connected to a PC or gaming console.

Amidst the plethora of VR headsets available, it’s natural to harbor inquiries about the features of the Oculus Quest and whether it justifies the investment.

The reality is that the Oculus Quest arrives with a diverse array of pre-installed games and applications. Additionally, users gain access to the Oculus Store, expanding the scope of possibilities for exploration and enjoyment.

In this discourse, we’ll delve into whether the Oculus Quest includes games and what caliber of gaming experience it delivers. So, if you’re contemplating the acquisition of an Oculus Quest, proceed to learn all about its gaming prowess and potential!

What Comes With the Oculus Quest Bundle?

Upon unboxing the Oculus Quest, you’ll discover a comprehensive kit to embark on your virtual reality journey. The package encompasses the Oculus Quest headset itself, two touch controllers, a power adapter, a charging cable, and a glasses spacer.

Does Oculus Quest come with Pre-Installed Games?

The headset, notably lightweight and comfortable, boasts integrated speakers that provide an immersive audio encounter sans the necessity for headphones. The touch controllers are meticulously crafted to deliver accurate and instinctive hand-tracking, facilitating natural and intuitive engagement with the virtual realm.

Beyond the hardware, the Oculus Quest is furnished with an array of pre-installed games and applications. Among these are notable titles like Beat Saber, Vader Immortal, and the Oculus Browser. These pre-loaded offerings present an exceptional avenue to initiate your Oculus Quest experience and unleash its full potential straight out of the box.

However, it’s essential to recognize that while these bundled games and apps offer a delightful add-on, they might not fully satiate ardent gamers seeking diverse and profound VR encounters. Should you fall into this category, you’ll find it necessary to procure additional games and applications from the Oculus Store.

Is it Possible to Play Games Without Buying Anything Else?

A remarkable aspect of the Oculus Quest is its immediate accessibility to gaming and virtual reality experiences, requiring no further purchases. Right out of the box, the device provides a collection of pre-installed games and applications, enabling users to embark on their VR journey promptly.

These initial games serve as an excellent gateway for newcomers to explore the device’s capabilities and features. Moreover, the Oculus Store presents an assortment of complimentary games and apps that can be downloaded and enjoyed without any monetary investment. Titles like Rec Room, Bait!, and First Contact, among others, are part of this selection. Although these free offerings may lack the same level of refinement and complexity as some premium games, they still offer abundant enjoyment and prolonged entertainment.

However, should your aspiration encompass a broader range of gaming experiences, procuring additional content from the Oculus Store becomes necessary. This store presents a diverse array of games and applications across various price points, granting you the freedom to opt for those that seamlessly align with your budget and personal preferences.

What Games Come With the Oculus Quest Pre-Installed?

The Oculus Quest arrives with a selection of pre-installed games and applications, presenting users with a diverse array of experiences right from the moment of unboxing. Among the standout titles that come pre-loaded on the device are:

Does Oculus Quest come with Pre-Installed Games?

Beat Saber: An engaging rhythm-based game that tasks you with slicing through blocks using a virtual lightsaber, all while maneuvering through obstacles in sync with the music’s rhythm.

Vader Immortal: A captivating three-episode narrative adventure that thrusts you into the role of a smuggler navigating the treacherous terrain of Mustafar, the fiery planet featured in the Star Wars universe.

Oculus Browser: A dedicated web browser tailored for virtual reality, enabling you to explore the internet, watch videos, and view images within a virtual reality setting.

Sports Scramble: An entertaining and whimsical game offering a twist on traditional sports like tennis, bowling, and baseball, injecting an element of fun and unpredictability.

Beyond these highlights, the Oculus Quest boasts a selection of additional apps and experiences. The Oculus TV app, for instance, provides a virtual cinema-like environment for watching TV shows and movies, enhancing the entertainment experience. Meanwhile, the First Steps app serves as a guided introduction to the device and its capabilities, ensuring a seamless initiation for users.

Collectively, the assortment of pre-installed games and apps offers a robust foundation for anyone venturing into the realm of virtual reality gaming.

Which Games You Can Purchase on Oculus Quest?

Here’s the information presented in an organized format:

Game Title Price
Beat Saber $30
Superhot VR $25
Vader Immortal: Episode I-III $10 each

The Oculus Quest’s library offers an extensive array of games and experiences available for purchase via the Oculus Store. Irrespective of your gaming preferences – be it action, adventure, puzzle-solving, or immersive narratives – the options are diverse. Here are some highly regarded games that you might consider acquiring:

Does Oculus Quest come with Pre-Installed Games?

Superhot VR: A first-person shooter that challenges you to eliminate enemy waves using only your hands, with time progressing solely when you move. This gameplay mechanic delivers an exhilarating, action-rich encounter, effectively showcasing the Oculus Quest’s capabilities.

Moss: Immerse yourself in this visually stunning adventure as you steer a diminutive mouse named Quill on a mission to rescue her realm. Melding platforming, puzzles, and combat, the game’s enchanting world unfolds before you.

Job Simulator: Step into a quirky, comedic world set in the future, where robots have taken over all vocations. Assume the role of a human trying to comprehend the pre-robot era’s various professions in this engaging, satirical game.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Immerse yourself in a harrowing zombie apocalypse with this immersive and gripping game. Navigate through a world teeming with the undead, scavenging for supplies, and grappling with moral dilemmas crucial to your survival.

From action-packed thrillers to charming adventures and even satirical simulations, the Oculus Quest’s game offerings cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Wrapping it up

The Oculus Quest stands as a remarkable device that delivers a genuinely immersive virtual reality encounter. Its provision of pre-installed games and applications, coupled with access to the Oculus Store, creates a wealth of opportunities for users to explore and relish. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a newcomer eager to venture into the realm of virtual reality, the Oculus Quest caters to a broad spectrum of individuals.

From gripping action-packed shooters to engrossing puzzle-solving escapades, the device offers an assortment of games suited to diverse preferences. Like any gaming platform, expenses associated with games and accessories can accumulate swiftly. However, the Oculus Quest presents an appealing gateway into VR gaming, accommodating a range of budgets.

Boasting an intuitive interface, wireless functionality, and striking graphics, the Oculus Quest guarantees not only hours of entertainment but also a series of awe-inspiring experiences.

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  1. Does the Oculus Quest come with pre-installed games?
    • Yes, the Oculus Quest includes a selection of pre-installed games and apps, allowing users to start experiencing virtual reality right out of the box.
  2. What types of games are available on the Oculus Quest?
    • The Oculus Quest offers a diverse range of games, including action-packed shooters, adventure games, and puzzle-solving experiences, catering to various gaming preferences.
  3. Are there any free games available on the Oculus Quest?
    • Yes, there are free games and apps available on the Oculus Store that users can download and enjoy without any cost, such as Rec Room, Bait!, and First Contact.
  4. Can I purchase additional games for the Oculus Quest?
    • Absolutely, the Oculus Store provides a variety of games and apps at different price points that users can purchase to expand their gaming library and experiences.
  5. Is the Oculus Quest suitable for beginners in virtual reality?
    • Yes, the Oculus Quest is a great option for both newcomers and experienced gamers. Its user-friendly interface, wireless capabilities, and a range of game options make it accessible to users with different levels of experience and budgets.


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