Does Ring Alarm have a Siren? Ring Alarm Dome Siren!

Home security products are getting popular day by day as everyone wants to protect their house as well as loved ones from intruders. Smart doorbells and alarm systems are mostly used to protect your house and Ring makes excellent doorbells as well as alarms!

Everyone should install either a Ring doorbell or Ring alarm at their house to avoid unwanted guests. Ring alarm perfectly does its job of scaring off the burglars and preventing them from entering your property.

Many have a doubt whether the Ring Alarm has a Siren? The ring alarm does have a siren which is pretty loud. The base station can produce a loud volume of up to 104 dB. You can also use the Dome sirens which are compatible with the Ring.

Dome siren would go off when triggered and the best thing I like the fact that it is also working with the Ring App which makes things more simple.

While choosing an alarm system you should consider how loud the alarm rings as it is the only thing that matters. The volume of the alarm should be sufficient enough to scare the burglars.

I suggest you buy the Ring alarm if you still haven’t got one as it has enough loudness and its features are amazing. Check the latest price of Ring Alarm here.

Is the Ring Alarm loud enough?

The maximum volume which can be produced by ring alarm base station is 104 dB which trust me is very loud. However, the loudness of the siren can be adjusted according to your preference.

I personally suggest you keep it at maximum volume but read the rules and regulations of your region before adjusting the volume. Some areas have a restriction for the amount of sound generated from a siren as well.

104 dB is very loud enough to scare anyone and if you think that much loudness is not enough then let me tell you the loudness of the siren can be compared to any rock concert.

I still remember while coming back from the rock concert the sound was still ringing when I was driving my car. I was feeling as if the concert was still going on but everything became normal after an hour when I reached home.

rocl concert

The ring alarm does the same amount of noise as the rock concert does and your ears will also ring for a while when the alarm is triggered. There is no option for the intruders to run away when the alarm rings as it grabs the attention of many neighbors as well.

However, you don’t need to worry as 140 dB is when the ears really begin to feel pain. This figure of 140 dB is said by Steven Smith who is a Ph.D. and you can his chapter of audio processing over here.

This much amount of noise will definitely scare the burglars but don’t recommend keeping it to full volume. Slightly reduce the volume so that everybody does get aware but not be scared in their sleep.

Also, there is a chance of damaging your ears and therefore adjust the volume in such a way that it also does its job keeping your ears safe.

However, you can keep the volume of the siren at its fullest capacity when you are not at home and are going for a long vacation. Keeping it at full volume will make sure to grab the attention of your neighbors as well as scare the intruders.

Don’t do the silly mistake of reducing the volume of the siren very much as it may not help you to get out of your dreams. It should be sufficiently loud enough to drag you out of your bed as soon as possible.



Ring company has done the research and used the appropriate amount of loudness to scare the intruders. So, never hesitate to keep your Ring alarm siren volume on the higher side!

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Connecting Ring Alarm to Dome Siren 

Ring alarm has a Z wave certified device and also the Dome siren is Z wave certified so both of them integrates with each other perfectly. Both can be connected to each other and also can be connected to the Ring Application.

Its very simple to connect the ring alarm to the dome siren but before connecting initially update the ring app to avoid any kind of problem.

First of all, open the Ring app on your device and click on the menu on the application. After opening the side menu click “Set up New Device”

Then, under that click on “Security Devices” and then select “Siren” and specifically under the siren choose “Dome Siren”. After that click Ready and your device is now ready to connect to Dome Siren.

Now, you need to tweak settings on the Dome siren. Initially open the back cover of the dome siren and select Next on the App screen. By removing the battery tabs tun on the siren.

Its almost done and simply on the “Add” button and base station will automatically find the dome siren. So, at the end click on Done and your device configuration is completed.

When you add the dome siren system to the Ring alarm the potential alarm loudness increases by more than 95 dB. This takes the maximum loudness of the whole system over 200 dB. However, I don’t recommend to use it at its maximum capacity as it can significantly damage the ears.

loud noise

After setting up the dome alarm successfully you can place it anywhere in the house but I recommend placing it nearby where you sleep. Placing it somewhere in the house from where you cannot hear it is the dumbest thing you can do.

The dome siren costs an additional $30 to the ring alarm but its definitely worth it. Your overall volume of the system is increased by a considerable amount and also you get 3 volume choices to select from.

If you want to change the dome siren name or tweak the sound settings you can do that by heading to device profile settings on the app. If you use the dome siren you also get 11 different chimes to get alerts which is a good thing.

If you are on a vacation out of your town and your siren goes off you will for sure receive a call from the local cops and they can check the whole house for you. There have been many situations when these types of alarm sirens have saved the belongings of many people!

How effective is Dome Siren in providing Security?


Sirens are very effective and they improve the security of any place majorly. Siren proves to be very essential in emergency times and indeed they have saved the lives of many.

Since ages, they are being used in various fields for different purposes. In apartments as well as in schools and universities they are used for fire drill purposes.

However, I never liked the concept of sirens for safety until I saw this shocking incident. A couple of months ago at midnight, I was awakened by hearing the noise of a siren.

Then, quickly I got out of my bed to see what the actual scenario was. In the house located next to my neighbor, there was a police car and cops surrounding that house.

I quickly called my neighbor and he said that there were burglars in the house located next to his house. Then, he said he heard the alarm siren and woke up and informed the police.

As my room is soundproof I didn’t hear the alarm and was completely unaware of the situation. I had soundproofed my room as I am a YouTuber and the vehicles passing by always ruined by videos so I decided to make it soundproof.

But, I never thought that it would be so dangerous for me. However, if the incident would have happened next to my house I would still have heard the siren.

I know sirens are not very pleasant to ears but trust me it could save you from a lot of danger. So, now you must have understood why the alarm system is so essential for your home and how much safety value they provide.

If you still haven’t installed any kind of alarm system then I would recommend using it for saving your valuable things and family from danger. I personally use the ring alarm system and also have purchased the dome siren which costs only $30 but is absolutely worth it.

Also, the system not only keeps burglars away but also wild animals. I live in Florida and it has more than 1.5 million alligators.

If you live in southeastern parts of the United States such as Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina then there is a high probability that you will encounter an alligator. So, this alarm system could come handy in such situations.

Refer this article- How to Keep Alliagtors away from your Proeprty!

So, I hope that you have understood the need of home alarm siren for optimal safety and security. As far as I know, the Ring alarm system is the most used alarm security system which truly provides good security!


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