Does Ring Doorbell Work without Internet?

If you’re new to Ring Doorbells, then here’s a quick review for you. The Ring Doorbell lets you monitor the visitor who is at your front door. As the ring doorbell is connected to your Wi-Fi network, it notifies you of every activity, even when you’re not at home.

However, what if your Wi-Fi network is weak or not stable? Does your Ring Doorbell still run without the internet?

Yes, Ring Doorbell can still work without a stable, strong internet connection. However, it would not perform these crucial smart functions:

  • Sending notifications to your smartphone.
  • Access to live stream or video feed.
  • Setting up the doorbell with the Ring app.
  • Recording and Saving clip to the cloud.

Basically, the ring doorbell works just like a normal doorbell without an internet connection. In this read, we’ll discuss everything you should know about your Ring doorbell along with the several features that are beneficial for you, once you’ve connected your Wi-Fi with the ring doorbell. Additionally, we’ll also discuss the things you can do when your Ring Doorbell isn’t connected to the internet.

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Does Your Ring Doorbell Require An Internet Connection To Run?

If you want to use the smart features of your Ring Doorbell, then you need a stable internet connection. If there isn’t any strong internet connection, your Ring doorbell would not be able to share other data with the Ring app on your smartphone. Without the internet, you can’t access push notifications or even the live video feed, even when there’s movement detected.

Also, the doorbell’s camera only records and saves video when it is online. Other smart functions such as remote control for your device need a stable internet connection.

What To Use If You Don’t Have A Wi-Fi Connection?

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, then you can also use a movable hotspot. It is relatively easy to connect to a portable Wi-Fi hotspot in comparison to a wireless network. Your doorbell would function properly, even if it is connected to a portable hotspot.

Connecting to an internet network, whether it is Wi-fi or hotspot, provides you access to smart functions such as push notifications and live feeds. However, before connecting your doorbell to a hotspot, make sure you’ve analyzed your data usage. Connecting the doorbell with a hotspot will use loads of your mobile data if you’re going to watch your live feed frequently.

How Does Your Ring Doorbell Functions Without The Internet?

If your Wi-Fi network is too weak or you don’t have a Wi-Fi network at all, then also your Ring Doorbell can work just like a regular doorbell. Simply, connect your existing corded doorbell with your Ring Doorbell. This way, whenever someone’s ring your front doorbell, you’ll hear the “ding, dong”.

Ring Video Doorbell

If you’ve already installed a regular doorbell in your place, then you can also work with this connection to install the smart doorbell right. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Ring app on your smartphone and finish the setup.
  • Turn off the power and take off the existing doorbell. When you’re connecting the Ring doorbell to the existing one, you’ll require a transformer with a voltage of about 8-24 VAC.
  • Carefully arrange your Ring Doorbell. Fix your doorbell to its perfect height. With a pencil, mark the spots where the mounting holes will be drilled.
  • Make holes at the marked spot using a power drill. If you’re installing the Ring Doorbell at a stucco, concrete, or brick surface, then use the given plastic anchors for the wall.
  • If your existing doorbell is the digital one, then install the injected diode. If your doorbell is mechanical, then connecting the diode might damage it.
  • Use the wires coming out of your door, then combine these wires to the two screws on the bottom plate.
  • Fix the Ring Doorbell across the drilled holes.
  • Insert those wires into the wall and ensure that your Ring Doorbell is tightened with screws.
  • Lastly, tighten the two safety screws on the base plate of your Ring Doorbell using the given screwdriver.

How Would You Know If Your Ring Doorbell Is Connected With The Internet?

You could only use your Ring Doorbell smart features to the fullest once it is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. To know if your Ring Doorbell is online or not, you can go for a connectivity test on your Ring app. This will help you in making sure if the network your Ring Doorbell is using is at its best strength or not.

  • Open your Ring app, pick the device you want to examine through the test.
  • Click on “Device Health”.
  • Lastly, select the “Connectivity Test”. This will observe your device’s access to the optimal signal.

You’ll notice the following outcomes:

The doorbell to cloud tests the strength of your doorbell’s Wi-Fi network.

The likely results will be Red, which indicates various factors are intervening with a secure connection. Yellow indicates there might be a couple of other factors influencing your connection. And Green indicates a strong network and connection.

Smartphone to cloud tests the strength of your smartphone’s connection to the Wi-Fi network.

If your internet connection is low, it can create problems with your smartphone’s functions including your Ring app as well. Likely outcomes are, Red which indicates that your smartphone is having difficulties connecting to the device. Yellow indicates that the connection is extremely weak. And Green indicates that your internet connection is strong.

If you’ve lost connection to your internet and your devices go offline, there can be numerous reasons for that.

  • Some power surges might have created difficulties with your modem.
  • You momentarily lost power.
  • Might be some lines in your modem have become loose.
  • You changed your Wi-Fi password.
  • Your device might not have enough power.

If you face any of these issues, then don’t worry these are conditional and temporary. This means your device would work properly and would easily reconnect to the wireless network, once the issue is fixed.

How To Connect The Ring Doorbell To A Wireless Network?

You’ll get the fullest of your Ring doorbell features, once you’ve connected it with your home’s Wi-Fi system during setup. This cordless setup is easy and quick. It doesn’t need you to initially power your device or even connect it to a computer.

ring doorbell

Initially, when you set up the device and Ring app on your smartphone, it will attempt to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. For android users, it would automatically connect to the internet. However, if you’re an iOS user, then you must pick Join when requested to join the Ring Wi-Fi network.

If your device isn’t connecting automatically to the wireless network, then here are the steps to connect it on your phone:

  • To leave your Ring app, push the Home button.
  • In the settings, pick “Wi-Fi”.
  • Now from the list of possible networks, choose the Ring network. The ring network usually arrives as “Ring” succeeded by either the last two or six numbers of the MAC ID.
  • Once you are connected, revert to your Ring app.
  • Pick your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Insert your Wi-Fi password and then tap on Continue.

Once you’ve connected your doorbell to your Wi-Fi network, it might do some updates on its internal software. This will be indicated by a white light, which will flash at the front of your device, while the update is going on. Once the light stops flashing, you will know that update is finished. Now, you can proceed using your device as usual.

What Should You Do If Your Wi-fi Network Is Extremely Low For Your Ring Doorbell?

If you’re facing an issue of a weak network, which is not reaching your device either, then you should go for a Wi-Fi range extender. This helps in extending your home’s Wi-Fi networks reach. This is an independent unit. It is built in a way to expand your network over a vaster range. Also, it is easy to use and simple to connect.

If you put your Wi-Fi range extender close to your Ring Doorbell, then it will make a strong signal for the doorbell. Once you’re done with all the tasks and tests concerning your device connectivity with the Wi-Fi, you can test your Wi-Fi range extender too.

Simply, push the button on your doorbell to make a call. This will start the software on the device and will make sure that it is available to use.


If you’re facing other issues with setting up your doorbell, then don’t worry. Ring offers 24/7 customer support. Whenever you need any assistance concerning your device, you can call them and they will help you with resolving your device’s problem. Many companies including Ring, are building devices and tools to help us stay connected with our homes.

When we talk about wireless connectivity and home security, they provide more possibilities to grow more technology concerning the smart home. I hope this read was helpful for you!



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